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  • "So You're on a Stamp?!"

    Portraits on Stamps~Briefmarken~Postzegels~Timbres-poste* EN: People that were/are on stamps for various countries* FR: Personnalités figurant sur un timbre-poste, (For French stamps See dedicated Project ).* DE: Bekannte Leute auf Briefmarken* NL: Profielen met een afbeelding op postzegels in diverse landen* Musicians on stamps This subject has fascinated me for years. How do people end up on ...

  • "So You're on a Coin?!"

    "So You're on a Coin?!"EN: People that were/are on coins for various countries, for all times.

  • People on French Stamps

    En 1852, la première personne réelle à être représentée est, de son vivant, le président de la République Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte. Le premier défunt honoré est Louis Pasteur sur une série d'usage courant en 1923, inaugurant les premiers timbres sur des personnages célèbres.* Dernière mise-à-jour le 26 octobre 2017 Année en cours 2017 (ref. et remerciements à Bernard Le Lann )== A ==* Claude de...

  • Notables on Israeli Stamps

    Project photo: King David of Israel by Marc Chagall . Israeli stamp, 1969======Biblical Heroes===* אדם הראשון, Adam & חוה, Eve , 'Adam & Eve stamp1 ' ; '2 ' (c.4004 BCE — 3070 BCE ) According to the Genesis creation narrative, the first human couple to inhabit Earth, created by the God of the ancient Hebrews. Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, causing their ...

  • Norwegians on Stamps

    Norske Frimerker= "Posten Norge AS" >avbildede merker fra , er gjenngitt med tilatelse fra Posten Norge AS.>merkene må ikke bearbeides,eller manipuleres på noen måte.>frimerker hentet ifra , merkes med dette som kilde.*med Norske personligheter avbildet.*enten som fotografi,eller som illustrasjon.* Liste over personer på norske frimerker, wikipedia * norgeskatalogen, oslofilatelistklubb ===list...

  • Canadians Featured on Stamps

    {under construction}(The purpose of this project is to complement it's sister project: Francophones sur timbres canadiens , for all Canadien)* Sir-John A. Macdonald, 1c, 1927

  • People on British Stamps

    People on British Commemorative Stamps The policy followed by the Royal Mail is that the only identifiable living people depicted on British stamps are the monarch and other members of the Royal Family (or people imminently marrying into it). This policy has only occasionally been broken. In the 1967 issue commemorating the solo round the world voyage of Gipsy Moth IV a person appears as an uni...

  • Kystruten Bergen Kirkenes. Hurtigruten. Norwegian Coastal Express.

    The Norwegian Coastal Express is a Group of Ship sailing With passengers and cargo and post along the Norwegian coast. This Project is written in Norwegian Language. Profilbildet viser MK "Morild 1" erstatnings hurtigrute (7.27).===Kystruten Bergen Kirkenes (Hurtigruten)=== ble opprettet 1893 som passasjerskip og frakt av gods og frakt av post langs norskekysten. Postføringen var viktig da hurt...

  • People on South African Stamps

    People on South African Stamps==The following list has been compiled from my stamp collection which stops in 2006. Please join the project if you wish to add people from years after that date. CJB. People in the list below who have Geni profiles have bold links. Other links are to biographical pages on-line - mostly Wikipedia. It would be good to link as many of the people as possible to profil...

  • Postzegel ‧ portretten ‧ Nederland

    Postzegel ‧ portretten ‧ Nederland—A—* Tobias Michael Carel ASSER ‧ jurist ‧ y:1991 ‧ —B—* Willem BARENTS ‧ explorer ‧ y:1996* Beatrix of the Netherlands ‧ queen ‧ y:1946‧1980‧1981-6‧1990‧1991-5‧2001 ‧ * Nicolaas BEETS ‧ theoligan & writer ‧ y:1939 ‧ * Hendrik Petrus BERLAGE ‧ architect ‧ y:1954 ‧ * Prince BERNHARD of the Netherlands ‧ y:1971‧1987 ‧ * Willem Jansz BLAEU ‧ cartographer ‧ y:1983 ...

  • People on Chilean Stamps

    People on Chilean Commemorative stampA commemorative stamp is a postage stamp, often issued on a significant date such as an anniversary, to honor or commemorate a place, event or person. The subject of the commemorative stamp is usually spelled out in print, unlike definitive stamps which normally depict the subject along with the denomination and country name only. Many postal services issue ...