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Wives of Keightuqua Cornstalk/1710 Wife 1734 - TN

Shawnee Heritage II By Don Greene page 255

People: Abraham Ailstock, Sunfish Ionoca, Cornstalk, Peter Cornstalk, II and 10 others.

Wives of Keightughqua Cornstalk/1710 wife 1729 PA


Pennsylvania, United States

Shawnee Heritage II By Don Greene. Page 254

People: Aracoma "Sky" Baker, "Young Peter," Sachem Cornstalk, Blue Sky "Mary" Cornstalk and 9 others.

VANDERPOOL newsletter. Page 1.

Greenbrier, West Virginia

1763 - Muddy Creek Massacre at Greenbrier 1774 - Death of Hokoleskwa at Ft Randolph

People: Elizabeth Shoemaker, Catherine Vanderpool, Hokolesqua, Sachem Cornstalk and 4 others.

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