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April 30, 1945

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Eva Braun in entry for Adolf Hitler, "United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014" Ansehen | Bearbeiten | Verk...

People: Eva Anna Paula Hitler and Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler's Baptismal Record

April 22, 1889

Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria, Austria

Baptized Roman Catholic. This shows Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl's family information as well as Adolf Hitler's bi...

People: Alois Hitler, Sr., Klara Hitler and Adolf Hitler


This is a unique and distinctive combination of artwork with a transcription of his medal citation on being awarded t...

People: Adolf Hitler

William Patrick Hitler's Birth Certificate

March 12, 1911

Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

People: William Patrick Stuart-Houston

Alois Hitler and Bridget Dowling's Marriage Record

June 3, 1910

Greater London, UK

This is the official document of Alois and Bridget's marriage.

People: Bridget Elizabeth Stuart-Houston and Alois Hitler, Jr.

Alois Hitler, Jr. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alois Hitler, Jr., born Alois Matzelsberger (January 13 1882 in Vienna – May 20 1956 in Hamburg), was the son of Aloi...

People: Alois Hitler, Jr.

People: Adolf Hitler

GERMANY: Hitler v. Hitler - TIME

With some angry talk, Adolf Hitler last week launched a boat at Wilhelmshaven. On the previous day, another Hitler ...

People: William Patrick Stuart-Houston

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