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Census of England and Wales 1911

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

People: David Perkins, Dr, Victor Harold Perkoff, Benjamin Perkoff and 8 others.

זרע קודש מחצבתה - צאצאי רבינו הבעל שם טוב - חמשה דורות.pdf

May 29, 2020

New Square, Rockland County, NY, United States

By Rabbi Shmiel Gruber. Source:

People: Rabbi Yaakov Moneles of Karlin, Sheina Rachel Olinov, BESHT Gd.Dau., Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Hirsh of Tiberias, Besht Gt.Gd.son and 1 other.

XXX-15-03-2019 copie.ged

People: Remi Hakim, Private, Private and 131 others.

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