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HermannKahlenberg... Index cards from the Amst...

People: Dr Hermann Kahlenberg, Selma Kahlenberg, Fritz Dietrich Kahlenberg and 1 other.


Index cards from the Judenrat file in Amsterdam

People: Fritz Dietrich Kahlenberg, Ruth Elisabeth Kahlenberg and Dr Hermann Kahlenberg

RuthElisabethKahl... Index cards from the Juden...

People: Ruth Elisabeth Kahlenberg and Fritz Dietrich Kahlenberg

Ruth Elisabeth Kahlenberg - Joods Monument

What would you like to contribute

People: Ruth Elisabeth Kahlenberg

Hermann Kahlenberg - Bremen military list

Source Information Bremen, Germany, Military Lists, 1712-1914 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ances...

People: Dr Hermann Kahlenberg, Adolph Kahlenberg and Laura Kahlenberg

Emilie Freising - Historische Studien - Familie Jordan

Historische Stadtfuehrungen durch das jüdische Regensburg

People: Emilie Freising, Karl Freising, Isidor Freising and 3 others.

Carl Stolle-Immigration.jpg

November 1, 1894

Hamburg, Germany

Residence Place Aschersleben, Provinz Sachsen Departure Date 1 Nov 1894 Departure Place Hamburg, Deutschland Destinat...

People: Friedrich Carl Stolle, Alwine Stolle and Robert Stolle

Ursula Hesse

People: Levi Wahl, Bertha Wahl, Leifmann Wahl and 107 others.

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