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Somerton Man Image Restoration. Neural-Network assisted reconstruction… | by Daniel Voshart | Forensic VR | Oct, 2020 | Medium

WARNING: The end of this article contains images of a deceased man. There will a second warning at the bottom of this...

People: Somerton Man

The Somerton Man Mystery - Adelaide

This December 1st will mark the 70th Anniversary of the unknown man who was found dead on Somerton Beach in Adelaide....

People: Somerton Man

Unknown Somerton Man (Unknown-1948) - Find A Grave Memorial

Six months after his body was discovered at Somerton Beach, the funeral of the Somerton Man took place on 14 June 194...

People: Somerton Man

The Body on Somerton Beach |History | Smithsonian Magazine

December 1, 1948

Somerton Park, City of Holdfast Bay, SA, Australia

People: Alfred Boxall, Somerton Man, Jessica Ellen Thomson and 2 others.

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