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Cornelius Quick (1783-1864) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 5 Jan 1783 and died in 3 May 1864 Wilmot, Pennsylvania Cornelius Quick

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Life Story of John Quick (ca. 1781 - ca. 1855).jpg

The life story of the second son of John and Elizabeth Quick. John was one of three sons of John Quick Senior who ret...

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War Record of John Quick (1781-1855).jpg


John Quick Junior served with the Canadian militia on several occasions in the War of 1812.

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Cornelius Quick - LifeStory.pdf

The Life Story half of the profile of Cornelius Quick (ACQ, E31) from "The John Quick Extended Family" tree on ancest...

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Death of Cornelius Quick.jpg

Somerset Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States

The cemetery in Pigeon Creek, Pennsylvania, in which, we think, the two Cornelius Quicks were buried.

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The Two Cornelius Quicks on the 1790 Pennsylvania Census.jpg


Pennsylvania, United States

The proof of the existence of the two Cornelius Quicks (ACQ, E31) and (ACQ, E21).

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The Estate Package of Cornelius Quick.jpg


Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States

A description of the extraordinarily detailed estate package of Cornelius Quick (ACQ, E31) preserved in the Washingto...

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The Land of Cornelius Quick.jpg


West Virginia, United States

The survey of Cornelius Quick's land in Virginia (West Virginia) in 1784.

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Evidence in Proximity.jpg



The lands occupied by Cornelius Quick (ACQ, E31) and John Quick (ACQ, E401) lay a short horseback ride apart.

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Cornelius and Elizabeth Move to Virginia.jpg


Now married 8 years and having settled their accounts, Cornelius and Elizabeth migrate to western Pa.

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Cornelius and Elizabeth Settle Accounts.jpg

December 1779

Cornelius and Elizabeth settle remaining accounts on the estate of Elizabeth's former husband.

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Last Words About Origins.jpg


Essex County

The proof the name "Tunis" was used by family members well into the 19th century.

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The Quick Family Cemetery.jpg



The family cemetery on the farm John Quick cleared in Colchester, Ontario, Canada. John Quick and his wife Elizabeth ...

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John Quick's Will.jpg

August 12, 1820

Essex County, Ontario

The will of John Quick that proves the names and order of birth of his children.

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John Quick's Second Marriage.jpg

July 3, 1808

Essex County

John Quick's second marriage to Mary (Squire) Baldwin, 1808.

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Epitaph for Elizabeth.jpg


Essex, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

A poor attempt at an epitaph for Elizabeth Quick.

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Petitions for Land and Correspondence.jpg


Essex, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

A list of the surveyor's correspondence and of John Quick's letters and petitions in his pursuit of land, 1797-1812.

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Attitudes of Neighbors.jpg


Essex, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

The story of John Quick's early struggles to gain legal title to the land he and his boys had cleared in Colchester.

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Settlement of the Quick Family in Colchester.jpg


Essex, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

The events leading up to the family's settlement in Colchester in 1795

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The Ledger of Thomas Smith.jpg


Ohio Territory

Extract from the ledger of Thomas Smith in the Maumee Country showing proof of Elizabeth Quick's captivity.

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Cornelius Quick's Marriage Bond.jpg

July 2, 1772

New Jersey

The marriage bond taken out by Cornelius Quick at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth (Hall, Holliday) Quimby 2 Jul...

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