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Hume, Earl of Marchmont (Page 4)

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People: Sir James Schaw, of Sauchie & Greenock, Sir Andrew Kerr of Ferniehirst, Kt., Janet Home and 3 others.

The Patch - Sinclair.pdf

People: Josephine Phillips, Private User, Phillipa Robertson and 10 others.


c. 1895

Titus County, Texas, United States

People: William Forist Sinclair

Person Details for Francina Bedelia Martina Maryaritha, "South Africa, Free State Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1848-1956" —

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People: Francina Bedelia Martina Margaritha Crafford


October 1, 1904

Glasgow City, Scotland, United Kingdom

Death record of Agnes Sinclair, maiden surname Turner, who died, aged 78, of chronic bronchitis and senile decay, on ...

People: Agnes Sinclair


January 12, 1894

Renfrew, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Although there are citation errors, this is the death record of Elizabeth McLaren, maiden surname Sinclair, who died,...

People: Elizabeth Sinclair, born Falkirk


October 30, 1852

Polmont, Falkirk, Scotland, United Kingdom

Birth register of Elizabeth Sinclair, who was born on the 30th of October 1852 and baptised on the 28th of November 1...

People: Elizabeth Sinclair, born Falkirk

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: Hilton

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs is a four-volume set covering nine counties in the Hudson Valley / Moha...

People: Mary Hilton, Theodore Hilton, Ens. Joseph Hilton and 1 other.


October 28, 1881

Glasgow City, Scotland, United Kingdom

James McLaren and Elizabeth Sinclair were married on the 28th of October 1881 at 29 Hill Street, Springburn in Glasgo...

People: James McLaren, born Bonhill and Elizabeth Sinclair, born Falkirk

Death Certificate James Drummond Tarbet Sinclair.pdf

February 17, 2015

Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

People: James Drummond Tarbet Sinclair

Death Certificate Bessie Drummond Tarbet Sinclair.pdf

September 1, 1970

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

People: Bessie Drummond Sinclair

Wells, Alexander Simpson, b 1875 family the Wells page of

People: Alexander Simpson Wells, Shirley Sinclair, Stanley (Pat) McClure Sinclair and 2 others.

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