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1891 Census Comben Elizabeth Amelia b 1878.jpg


Newport, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom

Census Year: 1891 Address: Newport, Isle of Wight Name: Christopher Byatt Comben Relation to head of the family: Head...

People: Elizabeth Amelia Hutt, Christopher Byatt Comben, Deborah Comben and 2 others.

Watson Family History 1820s - 1970s.jpg

Historical note about this document: This document was compiled by Margaret Ann Pritchard Watson (1923-2016) [wife o...

People: Lucinda C Watson, Sarah Ann Knight, John Thomas Watson and 19 others.

1910 Letter to Asa and Sallie Watson.jpg

July 24, 1910

Kentucky, United States

1910 letter to Asa and Sallie (Sarah E) Watson from Daniel Stone (Sallie's brother).

People: Daniel Stone, Sarah Etta Watson and Asa Chester Watson

First Afghan campaign and Maharajpoor star

This is a photo of the First Afghan campaign medal (Candahar, Ghuznee, Cabul) 1842 and the Maharajpoor star, awarded ...

People: James Stone

1910 Census, James L Eastham, "HOH —


Texas, United States

Discover your family history. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and reso...

People: Martha "Mattie" G Duncan, Shirley E Eastham, Adele M Rutherford and 2 others.


April 6, 1817

Radstock, Bath and North East Somerset, England, United Kingdom

April 6, 1817 Baptismal Record of William Aylesbury Stone, son of Joseph Stone and Hanna Aylesbury

People: Joseph Stone, Hannah Stone and William Aylesbury Stone

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dravosburg

In the early 1800s, the area was divided into two halves of roughly 320 acres each. In 1817, the northern half was so...

People: William Aylesbury Stone

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