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Danziger, Abraham._Nat.pdf

August 29, 1940

Kings County, New York, United States

Details of children's births. Norman B. Jacobowitz is witness.

People: Renae (Reizel Necha) Weiner, Ralph Danziger, Jacobowitz (Danziger) and 7 others.

Leah Weiner Small Footstone

June 27, 1990

Laval, Laval, Québec, Canada

Ruchel Leah bat Yoel Leah Weiner Small Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister 1912-03-15 / 1990-06-27

People: Leah Small


January 2, 1920

760 So. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

People: Ruth Krakow, Abe Krakow, Bessie Krakow and 1 other.


April 6, 1940

232 Monticello, Bexar, Tx

People: Elaine Krakow, Minerva Krakow, Alfred Krakow and 2 others.


April 4, 1930

1921 Third, Spokane, Washington

People: Alfred Krakow, Jean Krakow, Lillie Krakow and 4 others.

1922-11-07 MARRIAGE Miksa FAJT m Antonia MARTZ (linked)

November 7, 1922

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Marriage Record - Miksa FAJT (born 7 March 1892 Upjest, son of Gabor FAJT and Szidonia WEINER) married Anto...

People: Miksa Fajt, Antonia Steiner - Fajt, Therese Terez Märtz and 3 others.

1922-11-07 MARRIAGE 1922-11-07 Miksa FAJT m Antonia MARTZ (linked)

November 7, 1922

Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Marriage Record - Miksa FAJT (born 7 March 1892 Upjest, son of Gabor FAJT and Szidonia WEINER) married Anto...

People: Antonia Steiner - Fajt, Miksa Fajt, Therese Terez Märtz and 3 others.


May 2, 1713

Jihlava, Jihlava District, Vysocina Region, Czech Republic

People: Joseph Österreicher and Rosina Österreicher

Kiva and Jennie Weiner Gravestones


Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

People: Jennie Weiner and Kiva Weiner

Jennie Weiner Footstone

May 2, 1944

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Shaina bat Baruch Mother Jennie Weiner Adied 1944-05-02 Aged 76 yrs. [1868]

People: Jennie Weiner

Kiva Weiner Footstone

January 4, 1934

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Akiva bar Eliahu Arieh Husband, Father Kiva Weiner Died Jan. 4, 1934 Aged 65 Years [1869]

People: Kiva Weiner

Matilda Eisner ( - 1936) - Find A Grave Memorial


Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Found at Find a Grave website, via -- Mark Melmed, October 2016

People: Matilda Eisner

Skolnick-Weiner Marriage

March 8, 1923

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Montreal 1923-03-08 Samuel Skolnick, 25 [1898], native of Russia sonof Joseph and Sarah Skolnick Hettie Winer, 22 [19...

People: Samuel Skolnick and Hattie Skolnick

Kiva Winer Naturalization

October 3, 1910

194 Dorchester St. West, Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

The Naturalization Act Certificate Montreal 1910-08-16 Kiva Winer, 39 [1871], tailor formerly of Svesloch, province ...

People: Jack Burnett Weiner, Hattie Skolnick, Julius Weiner and 2 others.

Max Seakwood Celebrates 102nd Birthday

Max Seakwood, the last of seven children born to Polish immigrant parents, for many years was regarded as the baby of...

People: Ann Helene Erving, Carol Weiner, Doris Adele Wasserman and 4 others.

5 relatives serving in WW II

October 4, 1943

Winnipeg, Division No. 11, Manitoba, Canada

People: Louis Weiner, William Weiner, Sid Weiner and 1 other.

Герб рода Петра Вейнера

Герб рода Петра Вейнера внесен в Часть 14 Общего гербовника дворянских родов Всероссийской империи, стр. 115

People: Peter Petrovich Weiner

Петр Петрович -герб.JPG

November 28, 1883

признание потомственного дворянства

People: Petr Petrovich Weiner, Arkadij Petrovich Weiner, Zinaida Petrovna Tiesenhausen and 2 others.

1910-12-20 MARRIAGE Jozsef ELSAS and Zsofia EPSTEIN (Linked)

December 20, 1910

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Marriage Record - Jozsef ELSAS (born 26/7/1849, son of Abraham ELSAS and Maria BAUMHOV) married Zsofia EPST...

People: Zsofia Elsass, Jozsef Elsas, Borbala Epstein and 3 others.

1891 Canadian Census (Image 30953_148155-00014)

April 28, 1891

Stephen Sub-District, Middlesex North District, Ontario, Canada

People: Elmer Richard Sims, Levina Victoria Sims, Henry Garnet Sims and 6 others.

1881 Canadian Census (Image e008202512)


Stephen Sub-District, Huron South District, Ontario, Canada

People: Isabella Sims, Emma Sims, Robert J. Sims and 3 others.


January 1920

Mount Vernon, Westchester County, New York, United States

People: Benjamin Birnbaum, Shirley Birnbaum, Abraham Birnbaum and 8 others.

1921 Census Weiner


1319 St. Urbain, Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Weiner, lines 3-7, 1319 St. Urbain, all from Poland Kiva immigrated 1899, others 1906, all naturalized 1908 Kiva, [...

People: Hattie Skolnick, Jack Burnett Weiner, Jennie Weiner and 2 others.

Weiner-Kofsky Marriage

June 23, 1923

Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario, Canada

Julius Weiner, Salesman, 24, born Montreal son of Kiva Weiner (born Poland) and Jenny Esner Rose Kofsky, 18, born E...

People: Julius Weiner and Rose Weiner

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