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Name: Harry H Wright Residence Year: 1958 Street address: 32 Eui Residence Place: Huntington, West Virginia, USA Occu...

People: Harry Hamilton Wright

Pearl Glenas Wright Dillie (1875-1951) - Find A Grave Memorial

Pearl Glenas Wright married William Dillie on Jan. 7,1893. We find they had two children: Mildred Fern Dillie on Apr....

People: Pearl Glenas Dillie

Papers Past | MARRIAGE. (Lyttelton Times, 1876-03-25)

March 22, 1876

Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand

MARRIAGE.Ziesleb—Weight.—March 22, at S. Mary’s Church, at 'limaru, by the Ven, Archdeacon Harper, J. W. S. Ziesler t...

People: Lucy Emma Wright

Discover your family history. Explore the world’s largest collection of free family trees, genealogy records and reso...

People: Maggie Wright


April 4, 1940

Devol, Cotton County, Oklahoma, United States

People: Virginia Louise Jones, Allie Luize White Baker, Ellen Pauline Hedene and 4 others.

Fanny Wright Wade (1805-1847) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 12 Jan 1805 and died in 7 Jan 1847 Smiths Grove, Kentucky Fanny Wright Wade

People: Fanny Wade

Jacob Wright, II (1774-1857) - Find A Grave Memorial

He was known as Jacob II as his father was Jacob I and his nephew (George's son) was Jacob III. From a letter wrirre...

People: Jacob Wright, II

1764 - will probated for James Wright

March 4, 1764

Frederick County, Virginia, United States

Hopewell Friends History, 1734-1934, Frederick County, Virginia: Records of ... By Joint Committee of Hopewell Friend...

People: James Wright

1759 - death of Elder James Wright

May 15, 1759

Elder James Wright U.S., Quaker Meeting Records, 1681-1935 Name Elder James Wright Birth Date 1676 Death Age 83 Dea...

People: James Wright

Walter Morris Wright (1902-1969) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 10 Apr 1902 and died in 4 Jan 1969 Milledgeville, Georgia Walter Morris Wright

People: Walter Morris Wright

Mamie Transier Wright (1874-1958) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 10 Sep 1874 and died in 1 Sep 1958 Butler, Georgia Mamie Transier Wright

People: Mamie Wright

Melvin Earl Wright (1899-1969) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 30 Mar 1899 and died in 6 Nov 1969 Macon, Georgia Melvin Earl Wright

People: Melvin Earl Wright

Alberta Wright Jordan (1859-1928) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 1859 and died in 1928 Live Oak, Florida Alberta Wright Jordan

People: Lucy Alberta Jordan

William Hamilton Wright (1851-1925) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 7 Jun 1851 and died in 25 Jan 1925 Butler, Georgia William Hamilton Wright

People: William Hamilton Wright

Everline Hamilton Wright (1830-1895) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 22 Jun 1830 and died in 1 Dec 1895 Butler, Georgia Everline Hamilton Wright

People: Everline Wright

John B. Wright (1821-1861) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 30 Mar 1821 and died in 4 Jul 1861 Butler, Georgia John B. Wright

People: John Byrd Wright

Sarah Georgia Wright Chapman (1861-1940) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 27 Jul 1861 and died in 1 Dec 1940 Butler, Georgia Sarah Georgia Wright Chapman

People: Sarah Georgia Chapman

Florence Wright Vickers (1885-1964) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in 1885 and died in 25 Apr 1964 Federalsburg, Maryland Florence Wright Vickers

People: Florence Vickers

1870 United States census


Kansas, United States

People: Hertha A Wright, Gertrude Anna Powers, Forest Shoemaker and 8 others.

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