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Jao Tsung-i 饒宗頤 MP (1917 - 2018)

Jao Tsung-i (Chinese: 饒宗頤; pinyin: Ráo Zōngyí) is a Chinese-born Hong Kong scholar, poet, calligrapher and painter. A versatile scholar, he contributes to every field of humanities, including archaeolo...

Rao Shi of Li Geng ) 饒氏(李賡妻) (deceased)

Rao Shi of Li Geng ) 饒氏(李賡妻)

饒氏 (deceased)

Homer G. Brown (deceased)

Muriel J. Brown (Hockey) (deceased)

Y. C. Jao 饒引之 (c.1899 - 1951)

Tsing Hua, 1922* Univ. of Missouri, B.J. '24, Journalism* Univ. of Pennsylvania, B.B.A '26, Finance & Banking AP honors journalist executed in 1951 by Chinese officials

Yu-Tai Yao 饒毓泰 (1891 - 1968)

《中國大百科全書 物理》(宋增福 戴念祖 撰)中國物理學家。1891年 12月1日生於江西省臨川縣。1913年赴美留學﹐1918年獲芝加哥大學學士學位﹐1922年獲普林斯頓大學哲學博士學位。同年回國﹐應聘到南開大學創建物理學系﹐擔任系主任。1929~1932年到德國進行研究工作。1933年起任北京大學物理學系系主任﹐後又任理學院院長。抗日戰爭期間﹐在昆明西南聯合大學任物理學系系主任。1944~194...

Rao Yixin 饒一新 (deceased)

Rao Yixin 饒一新 [24235] Fuzhou FZ, 17.13a. — RMH

饒之麟 (deceased)

Rao Boda 饒伯達 (deceased)

Rao Boda 饒伯達 [19133] Jiangxi TZ, 21.35a. CBD, 5, 4494. — RMH

Rao Wei 饒偉 (deceased)

Rao Wei 饒偉 [27404] He died when his son was still quite young. Zhu Xi, WJ, 91.8a-9a (wife, born Lu(9), who died in 1175 at age 56). CBD, 5, 4493. — RMH

Rao Keming 饒克明(字) (deceased)

Rao Keming 饒克明(字)

【(江西宜黃)】 饒增紱 (deceased)

Rao Menglu 饒夢呂 (deceased)

Rao Menglu 饒夢呂 [25973] Fuzhou FZ, 17.13b. — RMH

Rao Shi 饒奭 (deceased)

Rao Shi 饒奭

Rao Haoyu 饒好裕 (deceased)

Rao Haoyu 饒好裕 [19134] Jiangxi TZ, 21.41a; Fuzhou FZ, 17.17b. — RMH

Rao Wei 饒威 (deceased)

Rao Wei 饒威 [25966] A Han dynasty ancestor of the Chongren Rao(1). He was noted for good government. Year a wild guess. Renming Da cidian, p. 1799. — RMH

Rao Ziyi 饒子儀 (deceased)

Rao Ziyi 饒子儀

Rao Ziyong 饒子庸 (deceased)

Rao Ziyong 饒子庸 [25974] Fuzhou FZ, 17.12b. — RMH

Rao Songying 饒宋英 (deceased)

Rao Songying 饒宋英 [25971] Fuzhou FZ, 17.14b. — RMH

饒宗栻 (1921 - 2007)

Rao Zonglu 饒宗魯 (deceased)

Rao Zonglu 饒宗魯 亦據元人傳記資料索引電子版14455

饒寶球 (1887 - 1992)

饒寶瑚 (deceased)

Rao Shizhuan 饒師傳 (deceased)

Rao Shizhuan 饒師傳 [19131] Jiangxi TZ, 21.24a. — RMH

Rao Gan 饒幹 (deceased)

Rao Gan 饒幹 [27406] Fujian TZ, 149.12a. CBD, 5, 4492-3. — RMH

Rao Yannian 饒延年 (deceased)

Rao Yannian 饒延年 [25968] CBD, 5, 4494. — RMH

饒廷妹 (deceased)

Rao Tingzhi 饒廷直 (deceased)

Rao Tingzhi 饒廷直

Rao Siyong 饒思永 (deceased)

Rao Siyong 饒思永 [19137] Jiangxi TZ, 22.2a. Not listed by Hymes, p. 229, as a member of either Linchuan Rao(1) families, but probably a nephew (or son) of Wendu [19132], who seems to have given his sons ...

恬英 饒 (deceased)

Rao Huiqing 饒惠卿 (deceased)

Rao Huiqing 饒惠卿 [19135] Jiangxi TZ, 21.41a; Fuzhou FZ, 17.7b. — RMH

Rao Yingzi 饒應子 (1206 - 1262)

Rao Yingzi 饒應子 [25970] Liu Kezhuang, WJ, 162.11a-15b; Fuzhou FZ, 17.14a. CBD, 5, 4495. — RMH

Rao Yinglong 饒應龍 (deceased)

Rao Yinglong 饒應龍 [25972] CBD, 5, 4495. — RMH

Rao Huaiying 饒懷英 (deceased)

Rao Huaiying 饒懷英

Rao Minxue 饒敏學 (deceased)

Rao Minxue 饒敏學

Rao Wendu 饒文度 (deceased)

Rao Wendu 饒文度 [19132] Jiangxi TZ, 21.33b. — RMH

Rao Changling 饒昌齡 (983 - 1046)

Rao Changling 饒昌齡 [19853] Three of his son-in-laws, born Wu(3), Chen and Gui, were jinshi ju, probably indicating that they were juren at at least. Another son-in-law, Li(2) so-and-so, was probably Li(...

Rao Jingxian 饒景先 (deceased)

Rao Jingxian 饒景先 [19854] Li Gou, 'menren lu,' 3a. — RMH

Rao Cai 饒材 (deceased)

Rao Cai 饒材 [27919] CHECK funerary inscription of father-in-law, Cheng Jufu [27853]. — RMH

饒氏 (deceased)

饒氏 (deceased)

Rao Yan 饒炎 (deceased)

Rao Yan 饒炎 Index year algorithmically generated: Rule 15;

Rao Zhuo 饒焯 (deceased)

Rao Zhuo 饒焯 [25969] See also documentation for son, Yingzi [25970]. CBD, 5, 4494. — RMH

Rao Gong 饒珙 (deceased)

Rao Gong 饒珙 [19129] Jiangxi TZ, 21.17a. — RMH

Rao Qi 饒琦 (deceased)

Rao Qi 饒琦 [19130] Jiangxi TZ, 21.17a. — RMH

饒瑀 (deceased)

Rao Dangke 饒當可 (deceased)

Rao Dangke 饒當可 [19136] Jiangxi TZ, 21.42b. Not mentioned in Hymes, p. 229, as a member of either Linchuan Rao(1) family, but probably a nephew (if not son) of Wendu [19132] based on address and chronol...

Rao Song 饒竦 (deceased)

Rao Song 饒竦

Rao Jie 饒節 (deceased)

Rao Jie 饒節 [24830] He was a retainer (ke) of Zheng(1) Bu, but after they differed on the value of the new laws (xinfa), Jie became a Buddhist monk, whose religious mingzi was Rubi. He must have entered...

Rao Mei 饒美 (deceased)

Rao Mei 饒美 [25967] Friendly and filial. See documentation for great grandson, Yingzi [25970]. — RMH

饒興侗 (子梧) (1847 - d.)

Rao Zhixiang 饒芝祥 (1861 - 1912)

Rao Zhixiang 饒芝祥 《清代人物生卒年表》定其生卒年為咸豐11年~中華民國1年。 【參考《清代人物生卒年表》#17137.】

Rao Meng 饒蒙 (deceased)

Rao Meng 饒蒙 [7112] Chen(1) Yi's [55] grandson-in-law. Jiangxi TZ, 21.25b. — RMH

Rao Huchen 饒虎臣 (deceased)

Rao Huchen 饒虎臣 [19139] Anhui TZ, 155.5a; Xianchun Linan zhi, 50.11b. CBD, 5, 4494.From Hartwell's ACTIVITY table:1256: Apt. Liangzhe yunfu1257: From Liangzhe yunfu, apt. Libu shilang1258: Apt. Qianshu ...

Rao Jianxian 饒見先 (deceased)

Rao Jianxian 饒見先 [19855] Li Gou, 'menren lu,' 3a. — RMH

Rao Bangxiu 饒邦休 (deceased)

Rao Bangxiu 饒邦休 [19138] Jiangxi TZ, 22.3b. Identification, otherwise, based on same criteria as Rao(1) Siyong [19137]. — RMH

饒鍔 (純鈍) (1891 - 1932)

饒阿孟 (deceased)

Rao Lu 饒魯 (deceased)

Rao Lu 饒魯 [10743] He set up the Shidong shiyuan. CBD, 5, 4493. — RMH