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Anne Ellyot (Barham) MP (1619 - c.1700)

Mother of Elizabeth Ellyott, Ann (Elliott) Ashdowne, Constance (Elliott) Wood, Constance Ellyott, Mary (Ellyott) Gilbert, Eleanor (Ellyott) Golden, Frances (Ellyott) Ovenden and Elizabeth (Elliott) Dow...

Anthony Barham MP (1595 - c.1641)

In 1626 Anthony Barham had a patent of 100 acres next to Capt. Nathaniel Basse's on the James River in Isle of Wight, (V.M., 7, p. 218) In March, 1629-1630 he was a member of the House of Burgesses fro...

Elizabeth Barham MP (1620 - d.)

Elizabeth Jackson / Barham (Pierce) MP (1623 - d.)

•Immigration: aboard the "William and Thomas" 1618 Jamestown, James, Virginia Colony Sources: 1.Author: John Bennett Boddie Title: Southside Virginia Families - Vol 1 Publication: Name: John B...

Hartwell A Barham MP (c.1759 - 1846)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A210393

John Barham, Sr. MP (1500 - 1555)


Joseph Foster-Barham (Foster), Esq. MP (1729 - 1789)

About sixty sugar estates were operating in Westmoreland parish at the western end of Jamaica in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, staffed by some thirteen thousand slaves. Mesopotami...

Margaret Veazey (Barham) MP (1915 - 2003)

Birth: Jul. 23, 1915 Death: Sep. 24, 2003 Margaret Barham Veazey, 88, of Coldwater, died Wednesday, September 24 at DeSoto Healthcare Center in Southaven. Mrs. Veazey was a retired beautician and a...

Mary Ann Barham MP (1620 - 1671)

Mary's brother, and possibly Mary and her husband Thomas, was on the Abigail that arrived in Virginia in 1621

Mary Katherine Veazey (Barham) MP (1917 - 2006)

Birth: May 23, 1917 Death: Nov. 17, 2006 Katherine Barham Veazey, 89, of Coldwater, MS died November 17, 2006 at the DeSoto Health Care Center in Southaven, MS. Services were held November 18 at Br...

Nicholas Barham MP (c.1450 - 1502)

SAC Vol26 pg93 SAC pg 130 note46 - Nicholas Berham was Churchwarden of Wadhurst during the incumbency of "Sir John Broun, preest vicar of the seid chirch" As appears by a Chancery suit (undated) a copy...

Nicolas Barham MP (c.1498 - d.)

NN unbaptised child Barham MP (1622 - d.)

Richard Barham MP (1425 - c.1480)

1453 SAC pg123 - Court held 20 Feb 1453 when John Bakere and Juliana his wife surrender 40 acres in Cumden wiste formerly belonging to William Cumden to the use of Richard Berham and Anne his wife and ...

Thomas Barham, Sr. MP (c.1537 - 1595)

a) Birth record abt 1537 son of John of Buttes per SAC pg 140. 1555 SAC pg 140 - his father bequeathed "certeyn Landes and tenements lying in Pepynbery and Tunbridge call springells and Southlandes"....

Barham (c.1807 - 1871)

BARHAM (deceased)

(Unknown) Barham (deceased)

? Barham (deceased)

? Barham (deceased)

? ? Barham (deceased)

Aaron Barham (deceased)

Ada Barham (Whitehead) (deceased)

Ada Elizabeth Barham (c.1864 - 1886)

Ada Mae Barham (deceased)

Adeline Barham (deceased)

Adeline Emily Ada Barham (1870 - 1871)

Adrian St Clair Barham (deceased)

Adrian H St. Clair Barham (deceased)

Adrianna Barham (Williams) (deceased)

Agnes Barham (Markwicke) (1572 - d.)

Albert Barham (deceased)

Albert Edward Barham (1901 - 1972)

Albert Barham (deceased)

Alexander Barham (deceased)

Alexander St. Clair Barham (deceased)

Alexander St Clair Barham (1895 - d.)

Alexander Barham (deceased)

Alexander Barham (1799 - d.)

Alexander St.Clair Barham (deceased)

Alexander Barham (deceased)

Alfred Barham (1840 - d.)

Alfred Barham (deceased)

Alfred Barham (deceased)

Alfred Garratt Barham (1829 - 1901)

Barham Alfred Garratt - 1886 mayor of Bridgwater

Alfred Foster Barham (b. - 1939)

Alfus Elbert Barham (1906 - d.)

Alice Lilly (Barham) (deceased)

Alice barham (Isted) (deceased)

Alice Magdalene Barham (1909 - 1938)

Alice Barham (deceased)

Alice Barham (deceased)

Alice Barham (Stidham) (deceased)

Alice Barham (1909 - 1987)

Alice Amanda Barham (1874 - 1945)

Alice B Perrine (Barham) (1871 - 1947)

Alkman Henryson Foster Barham (1843 - 1899)

TITLE: Genealogy of the descendants of Roger Foster of Edreston, Northumberland [microform] : with appendix / AUTHOR(S): Foster-Barham, Alkman Henryson, 1843- (Main) PUBLISHED: London : A. and C. Black...

Allan Edward Barham (1920 - 2000)

Sue Johnson (1903 - 2005)

Listed as Alice in the 1920 census. Listed as Allie S. in the 1910 census.

Alma Odessa Kibler (Barham) (deceased)

Alma K. Barham (1886 - 1916)

Alpha Melinda Barham (Bailey) (deceased)

Alphanso Barham (1954 - 2013)

Alphra Barham (1609 - d.)

Alta Barham (deceased)

Amanda Barham (deceased)

Amanda Lovett (Barham) (deceased)

Amy Barham (Lyon) (deceased)

Amy Ann barham (deceased)

Andrew Jackson Barham (1844 - d.)

Andrew Jackson Barham (c.1844 - 1928)

Andrew Allen Barham (deceased)

Ann Barham (Mohun) (deceased)

Ann Day (Barham) (1775 - 1844)

Ann Barham (Honywood?) (deceased)

Ann Marie Barham (King) (1572 - c.1640)

Per her will there is a Shrubsole connection - was a Mr. Shrubsole her mother's second husband? She left a significant bequest to a Mr. Charles Shrubsole (nuncup will 21 June 1640).

Ann Barham (Budden) (deceased)

Ann Barham (c.1835 - d.)

Ann Barham (Arrington) (deceased)

Ann Barham (1636 - d.)

Ann Haslen (Barham) (deceased)

Ann Barham (Latter) (deceased)

Ann Barham (1620 - 1695)

Ann Barham (c.1724 - d.)

Ann Barham (1843 - d.)

Ann Barham (1686 - d.)

Ann BARHAM (1823 - d.)

Ann Barham (1778 - 1810)

Anna Joanna Foster Barham (1756 - 1833)

Annah Barham (deceased)

Annah Barham (1643 - d.)

Anne Richard Lancaster (Barham) (1620 - 1690)

Anne Barham (1665 - d.)

Anne Bennett (Barham) (c.1625 - c.1682)

Richard Bennett, son of Thomas, is mentioned as "brother-in-law," in the will of Anthony Barham of Mulberry Island, 6th of Sept.,1641. Implication: she was old enough to be married by 1641. Furth...

Anne Barham (c.1625 - 1682)

Anne Hogben (Barham) (1810 - d.)

Anne Barham (Gibbon) (1586 - 1678)

Anne Barham (c.1625 - 1682)

Anne Barham (Rust) (c.1620 - d.)

Anne Pilbeam (Barham) (1752 - 1791)