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Aemilia Lanier (Bassano), Writer and Poet MP (1569 - c.1645)

Emilia Bassano Lanier==From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Born Aemilia Bassano 1569 Bishopsgate* Died 1645 London, England* Movement English Renaissance* Parent(s) Baptiste Bassano; Margret JohnsonE...

Alvise / Alvixe Bassano MP (b. - 1554)

Alvise Bassano served the Pope in Venice (the Doge) as a sackbut (an early trombone) player in the San Petronio Basilica until March 1521. He was one of six sons of Jeronimo Bassano recruited to become...

Angela Holland (Bassano) MP (1554 - 1578)

Baptisa de Bassano and his first wife Katherine/Caterina Bassanye (de Bassan), eldest daughter Angela Bassano married the antiquarian Joseph Holland on 16 May 1574

Anne King (Bassano) MP (1604 - c.1633)

St Leonards Baptism Index 1558-1640 Anne Bassano dau of Jeronimo Bassano 2 SEP 1604

Antonio Bassano MP (c.1511 - 1574)

The BASSANO surname did not change from de Bassan until the second and third generation Bassano's in England. Before that, they were called Bassani or Bassany or 'de Bassan ' from their original Hebrew...

Arthur / Arturo Bassano MP (1547 - 1624)

In 1584 n 1584, Arthur, Edward I and Jeronimo II were arrested by the City of London authorities. The Bassanos were watching the 'murring up of a gate lately forced out of the place called Christchurch...

Augustine Bassano MP (1584 - d.)

Son of Jeronimo Bassano and Dorothy Symonds Baptised 20 Dec 1584 at Waltham Abbey Died by 1634

Baptista Bassano MP (c.1512 - 1576)

Baptista did not become a denizen like his brothers, but remained a native of Venice.The Bassanos, were court musicians who had come to England from Venice at the end of Henry VIII's reign. It has been...

Charles Bassano MP (c.1588 - bef.1634)

Dorothy Bassano (Symonds) MP (1563 - 1631)

Edward Bassano MP (1615 - d.)

Edward Bassano MP (1636 - 1636)

Edward Bassano MP (1588 - 1638)

Edward, son of Jeronimo Bassano and Dorothy Symonds, baptised 28 Dec 1588 at St Helens Bishopsgate London died 22 Oct 1638 and buried in Waltham Abbey see . I think it this Edward Bassano who married J...

Edward Bassano MP (1551 - 1615)

Musician to Elizabeth I (1576). Of Hoxton and WalthamstowArms Pedigree - copy held by Gaye Strand (Bassano descendant) === GEDCOM Source ===@R1403650864@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Prov...

Elena Bassano (de Nasi) MP (c.1515 - 1571)

Daughter of Benneditto da Nasi and his wife Elena MaseyWife of Antonio Bassano (da Bassan); mother of Elizabeth (Grasso), Mark Anthony Bassano, Isabella (Fusieco), Arturo/Arthur Bassano, Nicholas Bassa...

Elena Bassano (Gambale) MP (b. - 1585)

Elizabeth Lupo / Chandler (Bassano) MP (bef.1593 - c.1635)


Elizabeth Frigera / Grasso (Bassano) MP (c.1545 - c.1571)

Frances Metcalfe (Bassano) MP (1590 - d.)

St Leonards Baptism Index 1558-1640 Francis Bassano dau of Jeronimo Bassano 3 FEB 1590

'Jasper' Bassano MP (b. - 1577)

Son of Jeronimo Brother of Antonio, Giavanni, Alvixe, Jacomo and Baptista1540-1552 Lived at the Charterhouse London 1552-1577 Lived at the Mark Lane Property LondonJasper bequeathed his house to the Lo...

Giavani / John Bassano MP (b. - c.1570)

3 Feb 1552 Granted passport John shared a business in Venice with his brother Jacomo which must have necessitated some travel. By 1566 he was back in Venice.14 Feb 1568 John describing himself as 'at p...

Henry Bassano MP (c.1597 - 1665)

St Leonards Baptism Index 1558-640 Henry Bassano son of Jeronimo Bassano 8 APR 1597

Isabella Fusieco (Bassano) MP (1544 - 1582)

Baptised 13 March 1544 Died about 1582

Jacomo Bassano MP (c.1515 - c.1566)

Italian musician. Bassano, born in Bassano del Grappo, Italy,was one of six sons of Jeronimo Bassano--Anthony, Jacomo, Alvise, Jasper, John and Baptista--who moved from Venice to England to the househo...

Jeronimo Bassano, I. Esq. MP (1559 - 1635)

Of Walthamstow musician to Elizabeth I (1579) James VI and Charles ISon of Antonio Bassano and Elena de Nasi, husband of Dorothy Symonds Baptised 20 March 1559 at All Hallows Barking London Buried 22 A...

Jeronimo / Hieronymus di Bassano (Piva) MP (c.1480 - 1545)

Alternate birth and death years (need to resolve): 1490-1559==Jeronimo Bassano==Hieronymus was his Latin name meaning 'Jerome' yet he went by the Spanish name 'Jeronimo'In English = Jeronimo Bassano al...

Jeronimo Bassano MP (c.1625 - 1632)

Baptised 11 Aug 1625 Buried 16 April 1632 in St Leonards Churchyard

Jeronimo Bassano, II MP (1596 - 1596)

Johane Bassano MP (deceased)

Julia Bassano (de Nasi) MP (deceased)

Julia de Nasis, Jacomo's widow, had given her daughter Orsetta all the property left to Julia by Jacomo in his will. By 24 November Orsetta had lost a legal case in which she had apparently claimed par...

Leopold Joseph Anton Schlick Graf zu Passaun und Weisskirchen MP (1663 - 1723) ;* Leopold Anton Joseph Schlik zu Bassano und Weißkirchen, auch Schlick oder Šlik (* 10. Juni 1663; † 10. April 1723) war ein österreichischer Generalkriegskommissar, Botschafter, F...

Lucreece Lanier (Bassano) MP (1633 - 1665)

Lucretia / Lucreece Lanier (Bassano) MP (1553 - 1634)

The name of Lanier's first wife is unknown (he married her some time before 1565), but following the custom that at court, marriages were arranged or at least approved by the Queen, Nicholas Lanier was...

Ludovico Bassano MP (1554 - 1593)

Musician to Queen Mary IDescribed as 40 in death registerDeath : Near the Minories treesThe register also ascribes his death to 'a thought'This was a description of 'serious depression, anxiety, or con...

Margaret Bassano (Lothbury) MP (1554 - 1620)

Margaret Bassano MP (1593 - d.)

St Leonards Baptism Index 1558-1640 Margaret Bassano dau of Jeronimo Bassano 10 JUL 1593

Mark Anthony Bassano MP (1546 - 1599)

musician to Elizabeth I (1564)

NN Bassano MP (deceased)

NN Bassano MP (deceased)

It is not known who the parents of Lucreece Lanier were

Nowell Bassano MP (1591 - 1651)

St Leonards Baptism Index 1558-1640 Nowell Bassano son of Jeronimo Bassano 27 JAN 1591

Philadelphia Bassano MP (1602 - 1629)

Daughter of Jeronimo Bassano and Dorothy Symonds Died by 1634

Santo Baptista di Bassano del Grappa (Piva) MP (c.1440 - c.1492)

Alessio Ruffatti believed that Jeronimo Bassano was actually a 'Piva' who originated from Crespano del GrappaHe discovered a lease of land from a monastery with a Zanantonio Piva, and father Bapltista ...

Scipio Bassano MP (1586 - 1613)

Musician to James VI (1609)Baptised 11 December 1586 at St Helens Bishopsgatesee died intestate but administration of his estate, valued at 54.12.6 was granted to his wife the following 23 May

"Lucy" Napolitano (Bassano) (c.1881 - 1961)

Lucia Naples, nee Bassano, of Melrose Park, beloved wife of the late Joseph Naples; loving mother of Anthony, John, Joseph, Mike, Mrs. Marie (Roy) Conley, Mrs. Frances (Charles) Bart, Paul, James, Mrs....

(sister of Andrea) Bassano (deceased)

Abigail Bassano (1602 - d.)

Abraham Bassano (c.1633 - 1685)

Ada Constance Court (Bassano) (1874 - d.)

Ada Kuriel (Bassano) (deceased)

Affortunata Bassano Cassuto (1769 - d.)

Notizie inserite da Andrea Cassigoli:-(“La comunità ebraica di Firenze nel censimento del 1841”, Roma 2010, pp198-45 p195 pp217-194-43-44)

Agnes Bassano (Chandler) (1890 - 1965)

Agnes Bassano (Allen) (1871 - 1948)

Agnes Irene Williams (Bassano) (1895 - d.)

Gräfin Agnes Schlik zu Bassano und Weisskirchen (Herzogin von Oels) (c.1415 - 1448)

Alaric Julian Bassano (deceased)

Alba Felicia Mandara (Bassano) (deceased)

Albert Bassano, Sr. (deceased)

Albert Ernest Bassano (1901 - 1983)

Alessandra Beatrice Pia Bassano (deceased)

Alessandro Bassano (1824 - d.)

Alessandro's wife in Bassano (deceased)

Alexander Bassano (1891 - 1961)

Alfred Ernest Bassano (1860 - 1887)

Lieut Alfred Ernest Bassano Born in Douglas he was the only son of the late Major-General Bassano. He served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Battalion of Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry & was accidentally...

Major-General Alfred Matthias Bassano (1826 - 1882)

Educated at The Philological School (later St Marylebone Grammar School), at Gloucester Place 32nd Regiment for 26 years In the 2nd Sikh War (Mooltan seige); Indian Mutiny, wounded at Chinhat 30 Jun 18...

Alfred Francis Bassano (1855 - 1890)

Alfred Bassano (1839 - 1919)

Alfred Charles Hill Bassano (1899 - 1984)

Alfred Bassano (1912 - 1983)

Alfred Bassano (deceased)

Alfred Hill Bassano (1862 - 1946)

Alice Bassano (Austen), of St Leonard Shoreditch (Hoxton) (1564 - 1616)

GEDCOM Source ===@R1403650864@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. === GEDCOM Source ===Ancestry Fam...

Alice Bassano (1882 - 1912)

Alice Dill (Bassano) (1875 - 1963)

Alice Bassano (1608 - d.)

Alice Bassano (1904 - 1982)

Allegra Cava (Bassano) (1810 - d.)

Allen Bassano (1619 - 1656)

Almerie Gräfin von Schlik und Bassano und Weisskirchen (1856 - 1942)


Alyce Bassano (c.1615 - 1616)

Amy Bassano(Stephenson) (1728 - 1802)

3rd Daughter of Samuel Stephenson of Nottingham, Attorney at Law

Amy Elizabeth Bassano (1886 - 1953)

Amy Bassano (Reynolds) (1875 - 1926)

Andrea Bassano (1554 - 1626)

Musician, shawn & sackbutt to Elizabeth I (1572) sometime after he had been appointed a Court musician he served briefly as a captain in the British forces. Between about 1586 and 1588 he was a water b...

Andrea Bassano (1589 - 1638)

Of London, signed pedigree in 1633 He left bequests totalling 3,050 pounds to be paid from the proceeds of the sale of his lands.

Andrea Bassano (1576 - 1576)

Andrea Bassano (1648 - 1660)

Andrea Bassano (c.1637 - d.)

Andrea Bassano (1621 - d.)

Andreas Oswald Franz Heinrich Josef Sigmund Antonius Maria Schlik-Bassano-Weiskirchen (1917 - 1942)

Andrew Bassano (1641 - d.)

Ange Bassano (deceased)

Angela de Caracciolo (Bassano) (c.1491 - d.)

Angela X EPOUSE BASSANO (deceased)

Angelica Slostchan (Bassano) (1537 - 1574)

Angelica Bassano Ventura (1870 - 1902)

Documentazioni e fotografie in: ; ; ; ;

Angelica in Bassano (deceased)

Angie May Bassano (BAldissero), Hicks (deceased)

Ann Eliza Court (Bassano) (1834 - 1901)

Ann Bassano (Burton) (1765 - d.)

Ann Bassano (Morice) (deceased)

of Wanstead