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Aimé Bergeron MP (1888 - 1976)

André Bergeron, IV MP (1727 - 1801)

Antoine Rene Bergeron d'Ambroise (Bergeron) MP (1643 - 1700)

Barthélémy Bergeron dit d'Amboise, Sr MP (c.1663 - 1765)

There has been much controversy/confusion about the birth/ baptism of our ancestor, Barthelemy Bergeron D’Amboise. For years we were under the false impression that he was born/baptized in the y...

Charlotte Bergeron MP (c.1764 - c.1838)

Notes Lieux info: L'Isle-aux-Coudres (naissance,mariage), La Malbaie (décès) Lieu et date de naissance ne sont pas confirmé par PRDH.

Claudette Bergeron d'Ambroise (Scarron) MP (1645 - 1712)

Élisabeth Bergeron dite Damboise MP (c.1752 - 1774)

Notes Location info: Kamouraska (mariage,décès)

Francis (also Francois) Xavier Bergeron MP (c.1819 - d.)

Francis (or Francois) Xavier Bergeron (Full name from ) does not have a numbered entry in the 1907 Wooster Roll but has been identified as the 3rd husband of Watseka and 3rd great grandfather of Jaquel...

Henry Bergeron MP (1879 - d.)

John Baptiste (Bat) Bergeron MP (deceased)

John Baptiste Bergeron (also known as Bat Bergeron) is not listed on the 1907 Wooster Roll but his mother, Watseka Bergeron (daughter of Chief Sabbona) was prominent in Illinois until she was forced we...

Joseph Bergeron d'Ambroise MP (1510 - d.)

Joseph Bergeron dit d'Amboise MP (c.1745 - c.1780)

Joseph Bergeron MP (1881 - d.)

Joseph-Augustin Bergeron MP (c.1730 - 1765)

Laurette Bergeron MP (1900 - d.)

Madeleine Bergeron MP (c.1616 - 1687)

Notes En 1607, Quierzy se trouvait dans le Soissonnais, Isle de France, non pas en Picardie (voir Picardie et Isle de France pour plus de détails). Location info: Soissonnais, Isle de Fran...

Madeleine Bergeron MP (1748 - c.1795)

Marguerite Bergeron dite d'Ambroise MP (1723 - 1786)

Marguerite Bergeron MP (1688 - 1730)

Marie Eu Tourainne Bergeron d'Ambroise MP (1520 - d.)

Marie Madeleine Bergeron MP (1724 - 1757)

Marie-Charlotte Bergeron MP (1717 - 1797)

Marie-Claire Bergeron MP (1686 - 1767)

Marie-Claire-Charlotte Bergeron MP (c.1696 - c.1768)

Michel Bergeron d'Amboise dit Nantes MP (1702 - 1764)

Moved to Louisiana from St. Anne, New Brunswick. AKAN: Michel Damboise Stephen White semble croire (P. 26) que Jeanne Hébert, qui épousa Michel Bergeron, était la veuve de Jean...

Ovila Bergeron MP (1894 - d.)

Pierre Bergeron (Bergereau dit Bergeron) MP (c.1606 - c.1681)

Date of death is unknown. He died before the census of 1681. He came to Nouvelle France with his son André, without his wife, known to be in Ville fe Quebec in 1666. He was a domestic servan...

Simon Bergeron MP (1795 - d.)

Tom Bergeron MP

Thomas "Tom" Bergeron (born May 6, 1955) is an American television personality and game show host, best known as the host of America's Funniest Home Videos (2001–2015) and host of the ABC realit...

Victor Bergeron MP (c.1853 - d.)

Victorine Bergeron MP (deceased)

Watchekee aka Zozetta aka Josetta aka Josephine aka Watchiki aka Watchekee MP (c.1810 - c.1871)

Watseka Bergeron, (formerly Watseka Hubbard and Watseka Levasseur from her first 2 marriages which each ended abruptly, making her a "grass widow") is not recorded on the 1907 Wooster Roll since she wa...

Very Reverend Mother Élisabeth Bergeron MP (1851 - 1936)

Overview En 1865, elle souhaite entrer dans les sœurs de la Charité de Saint-Hyacinthe, mais il est estimé qu'elle est encore trop jeune. Louis-Zéphirin Moreau, év&...

bergeron (deceased)

"Scrappy" Bergeron (deceased)

(?) Bergeron (deceased)

(Anne) Marie-Clemence-Annie Bergeron (Loiselle) (1931 - 1982)

(UNK) BERGERON (deceased)

(Unknown) St-Pierre (Bergeron) (deceased)

? Bergeron (deceased)

? Bergeron(Grenier) (deceased)

? Bergeron (deceased)

?? Olivier (Bergeron) (deceased)

??? Bergeron (deceased)

??? Malette (Bergeron) (deceased)

Abel Bergeron (deceased)

Abraham Bergeron (c.1641 - d.)

Abraham 6 Bergeron (deceased)

Abraham Bergeron (deceased)

Abraham Bergeron (1795 - 1870)

Achille Bergeron (1892 - 1980)

Achille Bergeron (deceased)

Achille Bergeron (deceased)

Adaile Bergeron (1801 - 1864)

Adalore Bergeron (1889 - 1963)

Adam Joseph Bergeron (1875 - d.)

Adam J Bergeron (1872 - d.)

Adam Alidor Bergeron (1870 - d.)

Adam Alidor Bergeron (deceased)

Adelaide Lesperance (Bergeron) (deceased)

Adélaïde Claire Thibodaux (Bergeron-D'Ambroise) (1801 - 1833)

ADELAIDE BERGERON (Cayer) (c.1831 - d.)

Adelaide Della Trahan (Bergeron) (1882 - 1954)

Adelaide Bergeron (deceased)

Adelaide Bergeron (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Adelard Bergeron (deceased)

Adeld Bergeron (Lebeau) (deceased)

Adele BERGERON (DUCHESNE) (c.1862 - d.)

Adele Marie Champagne (Bergeron) (c.1820 - 1860)

Adele Bergeron (1813 - d.)

Adelina V. Bergeron (Gilbert) (1880 - d.)

I dressed well and wore make up and was considered by the family to be a cry-baby. My husband and I lived in Haverhill for a while but eventually moved to New Jersey.

Adelina Bergeron (1827 - d.)

Adelina (Edna) D'a,broise Maillet (Bergeron) (1877 - d.)

Adeline Bergeron (deceased)

Adeline Bergeron (c.1825 - d.)

Adeline Bergeron (deceased)

Adeline Henriette Gros (Bergeron) (1810 - 1844)

Adeline Bergeron (Lebel) (deceased)

Adeline Mathew (Bergeron) (1897 - 1973)

Adelore Bergeron (deceased)

Adelphine Bergeron (deceased)

Adelphine Bergeron (1807 - 1853)

Adjutor Bergeron (c.1875 - d.)

Adolph Bergeron (c.1868 - d.)

Adolphe Bergeron (deceased)

Adolus "A. D." Dennis Bergeron (1879 - 1945)

Birth: May 19, 1879 Church Point Acadia Parish Louisiana, USA Death: Apr. 1, 1945 Oberlin Allen Parish Louisiana, USA Children of Adolus & Elia: Johnnie Mae, Delores, Agnes, Irene, Paul McGuffey,...

Adrian Joseph Raymond Bergeron (1911 - 1977)

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Adrien Joseph Bergeron (1882 - d.)

Adèle Bergeron (Giroux) (deceased)

Adèle Bergeron (deceased)

Adèle Bergeron (1843 - d.)

Adélard Bergeron (1868 - 1868)

Adélard Bergeron (1904 - d.)

Adélard Joseph Bergeron (1876 - d.)

Adélaïde Bergeron (deceased)

Adélaïde Harvey (Bergeron) (c.1825 - d.)

Adélaïde Bergeron (1830 - c.1914)

Adélaïde Lajoie (Bergeron) (c.1840 - d.)

Adélaïde Bergeron (c.1845 - d.)

Adéle Bergeron (deceased)