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Princess Catherine Napoléon MP (1950 - d.)

Charles Napoléon Bonaparte MP

Charles, Prince Napoléon (Charles Marie Jérôme Victor Napoléon) (born 19 October 1950) is a French politician, and is, himself or, the father of the head of the Imperial House of France, Jean Chris...

Françoise Murat (Bonaparte (?)) MP (1741 - 1818)

There is an unproven claim this Francoise is of the Napoleon Bonaparte of France family. Claim not proven yet and... Sourced info needed for this couple as the parents of Cecile Murat.

Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte, König von Westphalen MP (1784 - 1860)

Name:Girolamo Buonaparte Known as Jérôme Youngest brother of Napoleon King(König) von Westphalen on 8 July 1807. Deposed as King of Westphalia on 26 October 1813. Prince de Montfort [Wurttemb...

Joseph I Bonaparte, king and lawyer MP (1768 - 1844)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Espanol King of Spain and the Indies: Reign 6 June 1808 – 11 December 1813 Predecessor: Ferdinand VII Successor: Ferdinand VII

Jérôme Napoléon Bonaparte MP (1805 - 1870)

Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte (July 5, 1805 – June 17, 1870) was a son of Jérôme Bonaparte (brother to Napoleon I) and Elizabeth Patterson, an American. He was born in 95 Camberwell Grove, Camberwell, Lo...

Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte, II MP (1830 - 1893)

Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II (November 5, 1830 – September 3, 1893) was a son of Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte and Susan May Williams. Biography He was the grandnephew of Emperor Napoleon Bonapar...

Princess Laure Clementine Genevieve Bonaparte MP (1952 - d.)

Louis I Bonaparte, koning van Holland (King of Holland) MP (1778 - 1846)

Bonaparte From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, Prince Français, King of Holland, Comte de Saint-Leu (Lodewijk Napoleon in Dutch) (2 September 1778 – 25 July 1846) was the f...

Louis, Prince Napoleon MP (1914 - 1997)

Louis, Prince Napoléon, (Louis Jérôme Victor Emmanuel Léopold Marie; 23 January 1914 – 3 May 1997) as Napoleon VI was the claimant to the Imperial throne of France of the Bonaparte dynasty from 192...

Lucien Bonaparte, I. prince de Canino MP (1775 - 1840)

Prince de Canino et de Musignano Président du conseil des cinq cent Ministre de l'intérieur Ambassadeur à Madrid Membre du Tribunal Sénateur Lucien (Luciano) var Napoléons bror. Han h...

Elisa, Princess of Lucca MP (1777 - 1820)

Maria Anna (Marie Anne) Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Princesse Française, Duchess of Lucca and Princess of Piombino, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Countess of Compignano born January 13, 1777, at Ajaccio, Co...

Maria Annunziata Carolina Buonaparte (Bonaparte), Queen of Naples MP (1782 - 1839)

Maria Annunziata Carolina (Marie Annonciade Caroline) Murat (née Bonaparte) (25 March 1782 – 18 May 1839), better known as Caroline Bonaparte, was the seventh surviving child and third surviving daught...

Maria Letizia L. Ramolino, Madame Mère de l'Empereur MP (1750 - 1836)

--------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- Nobile Maria Letizia Bonaparte née Ramolino (Marie-Lætitia Ra...

Princess Marie Clothilde de Witt MP (1912 - 1996)

Marie Bonaparte, princesse de Grèce et de Danemark MP (1882 - 1962)

Princess Marie Bonaparte (2 July 1882 – 21 September 1962) was a French author and psychoanalyst, closely linked with Sigmund Freud. Her wealth contributed to the popularity of psychoanalysis, and enab...

Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria MP (1791 - 1847)

Marie Louise of Austria (German: Marie Louise von Österreich 12 December 1791 – 17 December 1847), born Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria (German: Erzherzogin Marie Louise von Österreich), became...

Marie Létizia Laetitia di Savoia (Bonaparte), Duchess of Aosta MP (1866 - 1926)

Full name French: Marie Laetitia Eugénie Catherine Adélaïde Princess Maria Letizia Bonaparte, Duchess of Aosta (20 November, 1866 – 25 October, 1926) (full name in French: Marie Laetitia Eugénie ...

Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte, 3rd Prince de Montfort MP (1822 - 1891)

Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte, Prince Français, Count of Meudon, Count of Moncalieri ad personam (commonly known as Prince Napoléon) (9 September 1822 – 17 March 1891) was the second son of Je...

Louis II of Holland MP (1804 - 1831)

Napoleon I, Emperor of France MP (1769 - 1821)

Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century...

Napoleon III, President of French Second Republic and 3rd Emperor of France MP (1808 - 1873)

Napoleon III , ne Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, born in Paris, France, 20 April 1808, died 9 January 1873, Chislehurst, Kent, England, age 64. 1st President of the French Second Republic, term 20 Decembe...

Napoleon II, King of Rome MP (1811 - 1832)

Nascimento: no Palácio das Tulherias. Morte: no Palácio de Schönbrunn. Napoleon II, Emperor of the French, King of Rome, Duke of Reichstadt. Reign 22 June-7 July 1815 Coronation 22 June 1815 ...

Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, prince imperial MP (1856 - 1879)

Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph, Prince Imperial Born: 16 March 1856, Paris, France Cied: 1 June 1879, Zulu Kingdom Father: Emperor Napoleon III of France Mother: Empress consort Eugénie de M...

Victor, Prince Napoléon MP (1862 - 1926)

Victor, Prince Napoléon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Victor, Prince Napoléon (Napoléon Victor Jérôme Frédéric Bonaparte; 18 July 1862 – 3 May 1926) was the Bonapartist pretender to the Frenc...

Duchess Paulina Bonaparte MP (1780 - 1825)

Pauline Bonaparte (20 October 1780 – 9 June 1825) was the first sovereign Duchess of Guastalla; a Princess of France; and the Princess consort of Sulmona and Rossano. She was the sixth child of Letizia...

Sophie Catherine Bonaparte MP

Abe Bonaparte MP (1925 - 2007)

Abraham Bonaparte 82, MacKinnon's Harbour Abe Bonaparte, 82, of MacKinnon's Harbour, passed away Friday, June 1, 2007, at the CapeBreton Regional Hospital, Sydney, surroundedby his loving family.He...

Abel Quiroga Bonaparte MP (1881 - d.)

Abelardo César Bonaparte Atencio MP (1866 - d.)

Agnes Brooks (Bonaparte) MP (deceased)

Albert Bonaparte MP (1843 - 1847)

Albertine Bonaparte MP (1842 - 1842)

Alexandrine Marie Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Alexandrine Bonaparte MP (1826 - 1828)

Alfredo Lucas Villagra Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Alfredo Oscar Villagra Belascoain MP (deceased)

Alice Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Almita Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Aloïse Bathilde Léonie Bonaparte MP (1840 - 1861)

Amanda Inés Bonaparte Monain (Monain Pereau) MP (1909 - d.)

Amy Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Amália Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Ana Bonaparte (Titiana) MP (deceased)

Anfiloquio Villagra Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Angelina Ciardi Bonaparte MP (deceased)

angerene bonaparte MP (deceased)

ANGUS L. BONAPARTE MP (1914 - 1992)

Ann Tomar Bonaparte (Rains) MP (deceased)

Anna Bonaparte (Dlugatch) MP (1869 - 1919)

Anna Gailīte (Bonaparte) MP (c.1818 - d.)

anna mae bonaparte MP (deceased)

anna mae bonaparte MP (deceased)

anna mae bonaparte MP (deceased)

Annie MacNeil (Bonaparte) MP (b. - 2000)

Annie Bailey (Bonaparte) MP (deceased)

Annie Kennedy Bonaparte Thigpen MP (deceased)

Annie Mae Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Annie Rebecca Bonaparte MP (1892 - 1969)

Annie-May "Anna" Bailley ((MacSween) Bonaparte) MP (1907 - 1986)

599 Alexander St., Sydney, N.S.

Anora Bonaparte (Mombourquette) MP (1887 - 1912)

Antoine Bonaparte MP (1816 - 1877)

Aníbal César Bonaparte Monain MP (1915 - d.)

Arthur Bonaparte MP (1950 - 2008)

Arturo Villagra Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Augusta Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Augusta Amélie Maximilienne Jacqueline Bonaparte MP (1836 - 1900)

Barbara Ree Bonaparte MP (1946 - 1946)

Barbie Ree Bonaparte MP (1944 - d.)

Belinda Quiroga Bonaparte MP (1884 - d.)

Belindo Asencio Quiroga Bonaparte MP (1870 - 1870)

Bella Bonaparte Huggins MP (deceased)

Benjamin Bonaparte MP (1899 - 1981)

Benjamín Bonaparte Atencio MP (1878 - d.)

Bertha Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Bertha McLeod (Bonaparte) MP (1909 - 1985)

bertha bonaparte MP (deceased)

Betty Ruth Eberly (Bonaparte) MP (1944 - d.)

Betty Ruth Eberly (Bonaparte) MP (1947 - 1995)

Blanche Bonaparte (Pierce) MP (1872 - 1950)

Bruce Bonaparte MP (deceased)

c Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Carlo Giuseppe Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Carlo Napoleone Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Carlos Julio (Carlitos) Lopez Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Carlos Leonardo Bonaparte Alustiza MP (1903 - d.)

Carlota Antonia López Bonaparte MP (1883 - 1884)

Carlota Quiroga Bonaparte MP (1881 - d.)

Carlota Luisa Bonaparte Lacroix (7/16) MP (1906 - d.)

Carlota de los Angeles Bonaparte Atencio MP (1852 - 1939)

Carlotta Filistina Bonaparte MP (deceased)

Carolina Bonaparte Atencio MP (1844 - d.)

Carolina Bonaparte Murat MP (deceased)

Caroline Bonaparte, Princesse Napoléon MP (1980 - d.)

Caroline Le Roy Le Roy-Bonaparte (Appleton) MP (1841 - 1911)

Catherine (Kathryn) Bonaparte (MacLellan) MP (1923 - 2007)

Cecilia MacNeil (Bonaparte) MP (deceased)

Cecilia Bonaparte MP (1913 - 1914)

Celina Rosa Bonaparte Monain MP (1911 - d.)

Charles Joseph Bonaparte, U.S. Secretary of the Navy and Attorney General MP (1851 - 1921)

Charles Joseph Bonaparte (June 9, 1851 – June 28, 1921) was an American lawyer and political activist from Maryland who served in the Cabinet of President Theodore Roosevelt. Bonaparte was Secretary ...