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Arthur Algernon Capell, 6th Earl of Essex MP (1803 - 1892)

He was given the name of Arthur Algernon Capel at birth. He succeeded to the title of 6th Earl of Essex [E., 1661] on 23 April 1839. He succeeded to the title of 6th Viscount Malden, co. Essex [E.,...

Juliana Capel MP (c.1424 - d.)

Richard Capel, Esq MP (deceased)

Sir William Capel, MP, Lord Mayor of London MP (c.1446 - 1515)

Family and Education b. by 1448, 2nd s. of John Capell of Stoke Nayland, Suff. by Joan. m. by 1485, Margaret, da. of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Cornw., 1s. 2da. Kntd. 6 Jan. 1487. d. 6 Sept. 1515...

Lady ? Capel (deceased)

Ada Capel (1874 - d.)

Addie Beth Capel (Benson) (deceased)

Adelaide Capel-Cure (deceased)

Agnes Capel Cure (c.1860 - d.)

Ahazuerus (Zwier) Capel (deceased)

Albert Capel (b. - 1917)

Albert H Capel (deceased)

Albert Capel (1876 - d.)

Colonel Alfred Capel Cure (1826 - 1896)

Alfred Capel-Cure From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia Colonel Alfred Capel-Cure (8 December 1826 − 29 July 1896) was an officer in the British Army and a pioneer of photography. He was th...

Major Alfred Capel Cure (c.1863 - 1912)

Major, Royal Field Artillery.

Alice Clara Capel (Grant) (1900 - d.)

Alice Mary Capel (1892 - 1971)

Alida Drieman (Capel) (deceased)

Amy Louisa Capel (1864 - d.)

Amy Capel (NN) (deceased)

An Capel (1927 - d.)

André Capel (1927 - c.1963)

André Capel (deceased)

Angelina Capel (1856 - 1938)

Ann Capel (Linden) (deceased)

Ann Lucas (Capel) (deceased)

Ann Tripp (Capel) (c.1783 - d.)

Ann Hanbury (Capel) (deceased)

Anna Jane Capel (Baldwin) (1789 - 1841)

Anna van Capel (deceased)

Anna Maria Capel (1856 - d.)

Anna Andriesdr van Capel (deceased)

Anna Diana France Ayesha Capel (1919 - 2008)

Anna Maria Capel (Feidel) (c.1735 - d.)

Anne de CAPEL (deceased)

Hon. Anne Ward (Capel) (1919 - 1983)

Anne Capel (Linden) (deceased)

Anne de CAPEL (deceased)

Anne Capel (Linden) (deceased)

Anne R Capel (1894 - c.1977)

Annicka Elisabet Capel (c.1709 - 1775)

Annie Capel (1874 - d.)

Antoine Capel (c.1400 - 1470)

vers 1400 julien : Naissance - Noto, Provincia di Siracusa, Sicile, ITALIE 20 mai 1422 : Acte - Marseille, 13000, Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, FRANCE,

Antonio Capel Garcia (deceased)

Arend Christiaan Capel (1795 - d.)

Arthur Bernard Capel (deceased)

Arthur Capel-Cure (c.1857 - d.)

Arthur Edward Capel, Captain (1881 - 1919)

Arthur Joseph Capel (deceased)

Arthur Ridson CAPEL (deceased)

Augusta Elizabeth Capel-Cure (Smith) (deceased)

Beatrice Mary Capel-Cure (Good) (deceased)

Beatrice Capel (deceased)

Beenie Capel (1886 - d.)

Bele Capell Capel (deceased)

Ben McAuley Capel (deceased)

Berend Capel (c.1867 - 1867)

Bernardine Capel,Capelli (Capel, Capelli) (deceased)

Bertha Mary Capel (1888 - 1966)


Betty Capel (Sless) (1932 - d.)

Bitrone CAPEL (deceased)

Boeteus (Bo) Jensen de Capel in Kialdbrunne (deceased)

Carmen CAPEL/SANCHEZ (deceased)

Caroline Anne Capel-Cure (Mills) (deceased)

Cathatina Finneman (Capel) (deceased)

Catherine Olivier Couton (Capel) (b. - 1496)

Catherine von Magnus (Capel de Crowe) (1856 - 1939)

Heirat mit Paul von Magnus 1880 in Berlin.

Cecil Hedley Capel (1890 - 1893)

Charles Capel (deceased)

Charles Laurence Capel-Cure (deceased)

Charles Capel (deceased)

Charles Capel (1700 - 1776)

Charles C Capel (1904 - 1999)

Charles Capel (deceased)

Charles Garland Capel (1910 - 1953)

Charles Drummond Capel-Cure (1946 - 2004)

Charles George Capel (b. - 1954)

Charlotte Capel (Curtis) (deceased)

Christina Wegner (Capel) (c.1761 - d.)

Christine Capel (deceased)

Claire DE CAPEL (deceased)

Claire DE CAPEL (deceased)

Commerina Capel (deceased)

Commerina Capel (1802 - 1837)

Cornelia Wilhelmina Capel (deceased)

corrie Capel-van Oostveen (deceased)

Daniel Capel (deceased)

Daniel Capel (deceased)

Daniel Capel (deceased)

Daniel George Capel (1877 - d.)

Derk Jan Capel (deceased)

Dirck Thonissen van Capel (deceased)

Dirk Capel (deceased)

Dirk Jansz. van Capel (deceased)

Doc Capel (deceased)

Donald Capel (deceased)

Dora Capel (Pearcy) (deceased)

Dorotea Margareta Capel (c.1713 - d.)

Dorothy Capel (deceased)