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Natalina 'Lina' Cavalieri MP (1874 - 1944)

Lina Cavalieri Born Natalina Cavalieri at Viterbo on 25 December 1874, she lost her parents when she was fifteen and was sent to live in an orphanage as a ward of the state. A vivacious young girl, s...

? Cavallari, Cavalleri o Cavalieri (deceased)

? Cavallari, Cavalleri o Cavalieri (deceased)

? Cavallari, Cavalleri o Cavalieri (deceased)

Abramo Avraham Cavalieri (1745 - d.)

Adele di Pacifico Cavalieri (1831 - d.)

Adele Anna Cavalieri (1882 - d.)

Adolfo Cavalieri (1851 - d.)

Alfonse Al Cavalieri (c.1903 - c.1974)

Alice Libert Cavalieri (deceased)

Alicia Cavalieri (deceased)

Allegra Cavalieri (1837 - d.)

Amedio Cavalieri (deceased)

Amelia Mariani (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Amelia Cavalieri (deceased)

Ana Luisa Cavalieri (deceased)

Anetta Ottolenghi (Cavalieri) (1889 - d.)

Angela Maria Cavalieri (deceased)

Angelna Badaracco (Cavalieri) (1900 - 1986)

Angelo Cavalieri (deceased)

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Anita Cavalieri DeCarli (1923 - d.)

Anna Cavalieri (Anau) (1811 - 1898)

Antonio Cavalieri (deceased)

Antonio Cavalieri (deceased)

Antonio Cavalieri (deceased)

Assunta Gulino (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Asteria Cavalieri (deceased)

Augusto Cavalieri (deceased)

Ayde Lins Cavalieri (b. - c.1996)

Bella Cavalieri (c.1897 - c.1986)

Bellina Finzi (Cavalieri) (deceased)

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Benjamin Cavalieri (deceased)

Bettina Cavalieri (deceased)

Bice Cavalieri (deceased)

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Cacilda Cavalieri (deceased)

Caos dei Cavalieri del Monferrato (deceased)

Carl Baron de Cavalieri (deceased)

Carmelo Cavalieri (deceased)

Carmen Beneventi (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Carmen Cavalieri Pomares (deceased)

Carmen Bice Cavalieri (1884 - d.)

Carolina Cavalieri (deceased)

Carolina Cavalieri (deceased)

Cesare Cavalieri (deceased)

Cesare Cavalieri (deceased)

Clarice Cavalieri (1842 - 1899)


Dante Cavalieri (1924 - 1994)

dario cavalieri (deceased)

dario cavalieri (deceased)

Davide Cavalieri (deceased)

Delia Cavallieri de Frione (deceased)

Domenico Cavalieri (deceased)

Ed Cavalieri (deceased)

Edgardo Cavalieri (deceased)

Edward Cavalieri (deceased)

Elvira Cavalieri (1839 - d.)

Elvira Cavalieri (deceased)

Elvira Cavalieri (deceased)

Enea Cavalieri (1848 - d.)

Enrico Cavallari, Cavalleri o Cavalieri (deceased)

Felice Cavalieri (1810 - 1873)

Felice Cavalieri (deceased)

Fioravante Cavalieri (deceased)

Flora Pavone (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Florence Cavalieri (Lewis) (deceased)

Florinda Cavalieri (deceased)

Frances Cavalieri (Galione) (deceased)

Frances Cavalieri Delmonte (deceased)

Francesca La BOLLITA (CAVALIERI) (deceased)

Francesco Cavalieri (deceased)

Francisco Cavalieri (deceased)

Francisco Cavalieri (deceased)

Frank Cavalieri (deceased)

Gabriel Cavalieri (deceased)

Galle Cavalieri (1791 - d.)

gavino Cavalieri (deceased)

gavino cavalieri (deceased)

geatano cavalieri (deceased)

Geltrude Cavalieri (deceased)

giglio Cavalieri (deceased)

Gina Cavalieri (Soliani) (deceased)

Ginevra Cavalieri (deceased)

Gino Cavalieri (deceased)

Giorgio Cavalieri (deceased)

Giovanina Capozza (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Giovanna Cavalieri (deceased)

Giovanni Cavalieri (deceased)

Giuliana Tesoro (Cavalieri) (deceased)

Giuseppe Cavalieri (deceased)

Giuseppe Davide Cavalieri (1834 - 1932)

Giuseppe Cavalieri (deceased)

Giuseppe (Pino) Cavalieri (deceased)

Grace M Salleme (Cavalieri) (1914 - 1988)

guido cavalieri d'oro (deceased)

Irene Cavalieri (deceased)

Irma Isolina Cavalieri (deceased)

Itala Cavalieri (deceased)

Jacob Raffaele Cavalieri (1844 - d.)

John Cavalieri (deceased)