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Anne West Claiborne (Fox) MP (1684 - 1733)

Anne Fox was born 20 May 1684 in New Kent County, Virginia. Parents: Henry Fox (1750-1715) & Anne West. Married 1673 in New Kent County, Virginia as his 3rd wife to Thomas Claiborne (Clybor...

Catherine Elizabeth Claiborne (Wilkes) MP (1638 - 1665)

Elizabeth Anderson (Claiborne) MP (c.1700 - 1759)

Elizabeth Claiborne (Dandridge) MP (1675 - 1706)

Elizabeth Claiborne (Ludman) MP (1662 - 1740)

Elizabeth Castleberry (Claiborne) MP (1745 - 1846)

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Elizabeth Dandridge "Betsey" Kennon (Claiborne) MP (1808 - 1832)

ELIZABETH DANDRIDGE CLAIBORN was the daughter of William Dandrige Claiborn, and his wife, Fanny Taylor. She was born on 17 June 1808 Pedigree Resource File, FamilySearch and Pedigree Resource File2, Fa...

Elizabeth Hoomes (Claiborne) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mary Jackson (Claiborne) MP (1723 - c.1817)

Elizabeth was a young widow. Her father was Captain William Claibourne, a descendant of the William Claibourne of "Claibourne's Rebellion" fame. The 1630-1640 rebellion was aganist Lord Calvert, Govern...

Jane Elizabeth Claiborne (Boteler) MP (c.1610 - bef.1675)

The Royal lineage of Elizabeth Butler nonied39added this on 25 Nov 2009 DANIELPREISSoriginally submitted this to Preiss Family Tree on 22 Mar 2009 Elizabeth Butler was the sister of John Boteler. E...

Jane Brereton (Claiborne) MP (c.1636 - 1671)

John Claiborne (Clyborn), of Bermuda Hundred MP (c.1650 - 1739)

According to DNA testing by the Cliborn family, this John Claiborne/Clyborn of old Henrico Co, VA (1650/58-1685) was NOT the son of William Claiborne of Virginia (1600-1676) Any suggestions as to his p...

John Cliborn of Dale Parish MP (aft.1703 - bef.1766)

This John is the third generation in the account below (see highlights). The National Society of the Claiborne Family Descendants JOHN CLYBORN of old Henrico Co, VA (1650/58-1685) Many Cliborn ...

Katherine Reveley MP (c.1531 - 1580)

Leonard Claiborne MP (c.1630 - 1694)

Lucy Herbert Goode (Claiborne) MP (1760 - 1823)

Daughter of DAR patriot Augustine Claiborne, #A022034

Martha Napier (Claiborne) MP (1717 - 1784)

Mary Whitworth (Claiborne) MP (c.1680 - 1763)

Mary Elizabeth Rice (Claiborne) MP (1630 - 1722)

There has been much speculation about "Mary" Elizabeth Claiborne. Some researchers claim she never exists, some claim she is not a daughter of William Claiborne, others claim she was never married to R...

Mary Claiborne (Sheppey) MP (c.1661 - 1688)

Mary Harrison (Claiborne) MP (1745 - 1775)

Rebecca Coleman (Claiborne) MP (c.1593 - 1650)

Sarah Claiborne - Bray (Fenn) MP (1660 - 1716)

Birth: Mar. 22, 1660 Death: Oct. 18, 1716 New Kent County, Virginia, USA Married (1) Lt. Col Thomas Claiborne. (2) Capt. Thomas Bray Saint Peters Episcopal Church, Putneys Mill, New Kent Co...

Captain Thomas Claiborne (Clairborn), Jr. MP (1680 - 1732)

Thomas Claiborne Jr was said to have had 27 children between his three wives. According to the Sons of the American Revolution records, the wife of Captain Thomas Claiborne is Anne Fox. His parents are...

Thomas Claiborne MP (1560 - 1607)

Died the same day as his wife, and buried on the same day. There was a plague epidemic that year. Probably that's what killed them? --------------------------------

Lt. Colonel Thomas Claiborne MP (1647 - 1683)

Son of Secy William Claiborne and Elizabeth Butler. Thomas married Sarah Fenn and had one son, Thomas who married Anne Fox, and a daughter Agnes Frances Claiborne who married Thomas West. He inherite...

Unity Jones (Claiborne) MP (deceased)

Ursula Avent (Claiborne) MP (1725 - 1756)

Ursula Gooch (Claiborne) MP (c.1662 - c.1720)

Ursula Claiborne Birth: 1662 in King William, VA Death: ABT 1720 in King & Queen, VA Father: William CLAIBORNE b: 1636 in King William, VA Mother: Elizabeth WILKES b: ABT 1636 Marriage ...

Lieut. William C. Claiborne, Jr. MP (1636 - 1683)

Name William C. Claiborne Claiborne, Jr. Families Claiborne family, C. family, Claiborne family Gender Male Born 1636 at Kent Island,New Kent,VA Died around 1682 at Romancoke on Pamonkey River, Ki...

Col. William C. Claiborne MP (c.1600 - c.1677)

William Claiborne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Secretary of State for the Virginia Colony In office 1626–1634 Parliamentary Commissioner and Secretary of the Virginia Colony In office 1648...

Claiborne MP (c.1920 - 1920)

Claiborne MP (deceased)

(SUSANA)?? (CLAIBORNE)?? MP (deceased)

???? claiborne MP (deceased)

A Russell Claiborne MP (deceased)

abram claiborne MP (deceased)

Agnes Frances West (Claiborne) MP (c.1670 - 1720)

Agnes Frances Claiborne was born in 1670 in ,King William,Virginia. She died in 1720 at the age of 50 in ,King William,Virginia. Spouse: Thomas WEST. Agnes Frances "Claiborne" THOMAS and Thomas WEST ...


Alfred M Claiborne MP (deceased)

Alfred Taylor CLAIBORNE MP (1847 - 1929)

Alfred Claiborne MP (1870 - d.)

Alfred Antoine Claiborne MP (1870 - 1926)

Algernon Sidney Claiborne MP (deceased)

Alice Claiborne MP (deceased)

Amanda Claiborne MP (1836 - d.)

Amelia Matthews (Claiborne) MP (deceased)

America Claiborne (Monday) MP (1826 - 1872)

Amélia Claiborne (du Fossat) MP (deceased)

Anastasia Claiborne MP (1825 - d.)

Andrew Jackson Claiborne/Cliburn MP (b. - 1929)

Ann Claiborne MP (deceased)

Ann Elizabeth Freeman (Claiborne) MP (1726 - d.)

Ann Elisabeth "Liz" Jane Claiborne, (Fashion Designer) MP (1929 - 2007)

Married 1: Ben schultz in 1950; married 2: Arthur "Art" Ortenbert in 1957. In addition to Mr. Ortenberg, she is survived by a son from her first marriage, Alexander G. Schultz, a jazz guitarist who l...

Ann Claiborne (Cole) MP (1760 - d.)

Ann Claiborne MP (1765 - d.)

Ann Claiborne (White) MP (1815 - d.)

Ann Claiborne (Spencer) MP (deceased)

Anna Jones (Claiborne) MP (1747 - 1812)

Anna Maria Claiborne (Dandridge) MP (1760 - 1799)

Anna Marie Butts (Claiborne) MP (1822 - 1863)

Anna Claiborne (Cain) MP (1850 - 1891)

Anna Claiborne (Freeman) MP (c.1775 - c.1850)

Anna Claiborne (Freeman) MP (1770 - 1850)

Anne Claiborne MP (c.1837 - d.)

Anne Claiborne (Layton) MP (c.1510 - d.)

Anne Claiborne (Robinson) MP (deceased)

Anne Armstrong Claiborne (Maxwell) MP (c.1828 - c.1902)

John Overton owned the 3,500-acre estate, which was worked by 50 to 60 slaves. When the war began, Overton helped outfit a company of volunteers for the Confederacy and was elected a militia office...

Anne Jane Claiborne (Butler) MP (c.1610 - 1688)

anne claiborne MP (1610 - 1670)

Anne Claiborne (Fox) MP (1684 - 1733)

Anne (?) Claiborne (Layton) MP (deceased)

Annie Pell (Claiborne) MP (1830 - c.1916)

Annie Cocke (Claiborne) MP (1749 - 1774)

Annie MaClin (Claiborne) MP (deceased)

Annie Claiborne Hawthorne (Claiborne) MP (deceased)

Annie Bell Claiborne (Wilson) MP (deceased)

Annis Claiborne MP (deceased)

Aroney Claiborne / Cliborn MP (deceased)

Arthur Richard Claiborne MP (deceased)

Arthur Claiborne MP (c.1845 - d.)

Asa Watts Claiborne/Cliburn MP (1857 - 1858)

Ashley Claiborne MP (1950 - 1998)

Aubrey Leslie Claiborne MP (1898 - 1954)

Aubry Claiborne MP (deceased)

Augustine Claiborne MP (deceased)

Augustine Claiborne MP (1720 - 1787)


Augustine Claiborne MP (1787 - 1839)

Augustine Claiborne MP (1748 - aft.1796)

Augustine Claiborne MP (deceased)

Col. Augustine Claiborne lived in Greenville Go., VA.


Bailey CLAIBORNE MP (1882 - 1882)

Barbara Denney (Claiborne) MP (1732 - 1777)

Barber Claiborne MP (c.1739 - d.)

Barber Claiborne MP (1739 - 1783)

Bernard Claiborne MP (deceased)

Betty Claiborne MP (deceased)

Blanche Claiborne (Clayborne) MP (1605 - 1626)

Buller Claiborne MP (1755 - 1804)

Burnell Claiborne MP (1727 - d.)