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1st Wife Of Ermenfroi MP (c.854 - bef.888)

Sources# Weis, Frederick Lewis, Walter Lee Shepard, William R. & Kaleen E. Beall, Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700 - 8th and Earlier Editions, (Genealogical...

Adelaide Gâtinais de Gastinois MP (c.872 - d.)

notes==Curt Hofemann wrote in a post-em:>"Moriarty, Paget & Watney give father of Adele as Geoffrey Count de Gastinois (Gatinais). Christian Settipani in "Counts of Anjou and their alliances X and XI c...

Adelaide d'Amiens MP (c.1004 - 1093)

Adele de Vendome?

Adila de Ponthieu (D'Amiens) MP (c.1047 - c.1066)

ADILA [Ada], daughter of ---.=Adila (Ada) parentage unknown married Guy de Ponthieu Issue:Enguerrand, Agnes, Ida and Mathilde From FMG Medlands: [Guy de Ponthieu] m secondly ADILA [Ada], daughter of --...

Arnoul De Amiens De Picquigny MP (1035 - 1085)

Arnoul De Amiens De Picquigny was born in 1035 in Amiens, France. He died in 1085. He had the following children: * F i De Picquigny * F ii Melisinde De Picquigny * M iii Vidame De Picquigny was born i...

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Ermenfroi d'Amiens, comte d'Amiens, de Vexin et de Valois (c. 895-919) MP (c.872 - c.919)

Ermenfroi d'Amiens, comte d'Amiens==* Born: of Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France* Died: 919 of Amiens, Somme, Picardy, France* parents: unknown (see notes) Another name for Ermenfroi is ErmenfriedMarried ...

Fulk II, Bishop of Amiens MP (c.981 - 1058)

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Hildegarde d'Amiens, héritière d'Amiens et Gozdert MP (bef.880 - bef.992)

Hildegarde d'Amiens* Birth: before 880 - Amiens, Picardy* Death: - Normandy* Father: Ermenfried D'Amiens* Married: Raoul de Gouy (Raoul Ier de Vexin)Children # Raoul II, tué en 943, comte de Vexin, d'...

Liégarde, countess of Mantes MP (c.902 - 991)

Medlands : "The primary source which confirms her title and second marriage has not yet been identified." ———————————————————— Parents are unknown for certain, although she has been posited as Daughter...

NN d'Amiens, hereditiere d'Amiens MP (c.775 - 805)

historical [modern] place name:Austrasia, Kingdom of the Franks [Picardy, France] Picardy is one of the 27 regions of France. It is located in the northern part of France. ...From the 5th century the ...

Richard d'Amiens (de Lommois), comte d'Amiens MP (c.755 - 825)

unsure; various trees have him as son of * Waudbert VIII, comte de Lommois and Richarde de Ponthieu * Godefroid Le Danois

Roger, count of Montreuil MP (c.922 - 957)

Amiens (deceased)

Amiens (deceased)

Ada of Amiens (c.1035 - d.)

Ada of Amiens (c.1035 - d.)

Adam d'Amiens (1073 - 1124)

Ade d'Amiens (de Picquigny) (c.1130 - d.)

Adelaide of Amiens (c.985 - d.)

Adèle d'Amiens (de Corbie) (1027 - 1089)

Adelelme Chatelain D'Amiens (deceased)

Adelesme I d'Amiens (c.1045 - 1101)

Adrien d'Amiens (deceased)

Ahamad Amiens (deceased)

Ahmed el de Amiens (deceased)

Alaide d'Amiens (867 - d.)

Alaide d'Amiens (867 - d.)

Alaides d'Amiens (deceased)

Alaides D'amiens (deceased)

Alaïdis de Flanders (d'Amiens) (c.870 - d.)

Another profiles seems to be here: Alaides d'Amiens Birth: circa 865 Wife of Raoul, comte de Cambrai Mother of Bertha de Cambrai, countess of Cambrai; Isaac Rémi, comte de Cambrai and Baldwin, comte de...

Alaïdis de Cambrai (d'Amiens) (c.870 - aft.909)

Alaïdis d'Amiens (vers 870 - après 909) épousa Rodolphe, comte de Cambrai (vers 865 - 896) (Gen. 33,35) translated:Alaïdis Amiens (circa 870 - after 909) married Rudolph, Count of Cambrai (circa 865-89...

Alaïdis d'Amiens, comtesse de Mantes et de Meulan (c.888 - c.939)

Aleaume d'Amiens (c.1128 - 1176)

Aleaume d'Amiens (deceased)

Aleaume d'Amiens (c.1120 - 1176)

Aleaume d'Amiens (c.1120 - 1176)

Aleaume d'Amiens (c.1120 - 1176)

Ann Farman (Amies/Amiens) (deceased)

Auguste AMIENS (1833 - 1915)

BATISSE amiens (deceased)

Béranger I d'Amiens de Cambrai (bef.820 - aft.840)

Catherine d'Amiens (deceased)

Catherine d'Amiens, dame de Bachimont (deceased)

Clémence D'Amiens (1878 - d.)

Colart d'Amiens, seigneur de Regnauville (deceased)

Dreux d'Amiens (1151 - 1195)

Drogon d'Amiens (1020 - 1069)

Drogon d'Amiens (996 - 1035)

Eghard Héchiard D Amiens (840 - d.)

Eghard D Amiens (844 - d.)

Eghard d'Amiens (bef.840 - c.870)

Flandrine d'Amiens (1145 - d.)

François d'Amiens de Bachimont, seigneur de Moncheaux (deceased)

Frédéric AMIENS (deceased)

Geneviève Pappin (d' Amiens) (deceased)

Gilles d'Amiens (Amiens) (c.1250 - 1284)

Guy Adelme d'Amiens (c.1108 - 1147)

GUY AMIENS (deceased)

Habiba Amiens (El Tenconre) (deceased)

Habiba el de Amiens (Beaux-Ppette) (deceased)

Henri Constant D'AMIENS (1856 - d.)

Hermelindis De Amiens (deceased)

Hiltrude de Corbie (dite d’Amiens de Vexin) (964 - d.)

Jacqueline d'Amiens (deceased)

Jean d'Amiens, seigneur de Regnauville (deceased)

Jean d'Amiens (b. - 1748)

Jean Heroguelle d'Amiens (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amiens (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amiens (deceased)

Jeanne d'Amiens (c.1225 - 1243)

Jeanne d'Amiens, dame de Regnauville (deceased)

Ledgarde d'Amiens (860 - d.)

Ledgarde deFlanders Amiens (deceased)

Louise Gabrielle Joséphine Macron (D'Amiens) (c.1776 - 1817)

Louis AMIENS (1878 - 1938)

Lucette AMIENS (deceased)

Marguerite d'Amiens (deceased)

Marie Catherine d'Amiens (deceased)

Marie d'Amiens (deceased)

Marthe Jeanne ou Marie d'Amiens (c.1290 - 1338)

mm d'Amiens (d''Amiens) (c.800 - d.)

Muhammed el de Amiens (deceased)

Pierre d'Amiens (c.1215 - 1279)

Pierre d'Amiens, seigneur de Regnauville (deceased)

Reinette AMIENS (deceased)

REPEAT Ponthieu/d'Amiens (deceased)

Richard (Count) of Amiens (NO NAME) (c.800 - d.)

Richard van Amiens (780 - 825)

This profile has been added the past year more research needed - it is a tree branch of literally y doubles of Mastered profiles and others Richard van Amiens * Gender: Male* Birth: 780* Death: 825 (45...

Richard D. Amiens (755 - 801)

Richard De Amiens (deceased)

Richard Amiens (de Meaux) (c.765 - 831)

Richeut D Amiens (800 - d.)

Richilde d' Amiens (c.806 - c.883)

Richilde of Amiens (c.810 - c.867)

Robert d'Amiens (deceased)

Samuel Amies/Amiens (deceased)

Seraphine AMIENS (1913 - 1962)

Silahla el de Amiens (bin Jihada bin Mohamad) (deceased)

Thibault d'Amiens (c.1190 - 1252)

Walbert Ou Gauzbert d'Amiens, Comte d'Amiens (800 - aft.838)