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Adélaïde d'Aquitaine, reine des Francs MP (950 - 1004)

Adélaïde de Poitou d'Aquitaine Parents: Guillaume 'Tête d'étoupe' III d'Aquitaine & Geirlaug Adela de Normandie Spouse: Hugues Capet, Roi de France Children: 1. Gis&...

Inés de Aquitania MP (c.1052 - c.1078)

NOTE: She was one of TWO daughters of Guillaume VIII d'Aquitaine named Agnès (each by a different mother). Dates: c1059-Mother: Mathilde ???. Aka Inés. Married (1) Alfonso VI King of Cast...

Baldwin d'Aquitaine, of Aquitaine MP (760 - 811)

Baudouin Baldwin of Aquitaine ‎(P1371891408)‎ Birth about 760 30 -- Aquitaine, France Death 811 ‎(Age 51)‎ -- Aquitaine, France

Blanca, Infanta d'Aquitània MP (b. - 989)

Beatrix de Aquitania, Reina consorte de León MP (b. - c.1109)

Childébrand d'Aquitaine MP (c.645 - d.)

Clémence de Poitou MP (1060 - 1142)

Clementia of Aquitaine from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Clémence d'Aquitaine (1060 – 4 January 1142) was a daughter of Pierre-Guillaume VII, duke of Aquitaine, and his wi...

Ebles Seigneur d'Aquitaine, De Roucy MP (c.977 - c.997)

From: "Todd A. Farmerie" Subject: Mathieu: Parentage of Ebles, Count of Roucy Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 16:28:09 -0700 Jean-Noel Mathieu, La succession au comte de Roucy aux environs de l'an mil. Les or...

Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France and England MP (1124 - 1204)

Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine in French), Duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and Countess of Poitou (1122[1] – April 1, 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women i...

Ermengarda d'Aquitània (d'Aquitaine), Comtessa consort de Provença MP (c.910 - d.)

Ermensinda d' Aquitaine, Duquessa consort d'Aquitània MP (1030 - 1068)

Eudes I, Duke of Aquitaine MP (c.670 - 735)

Odo the Great From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the later duke of Aquitaine, and also Gascony, with the same name, see Odo of Gascony. Odo the Great (also called Eudes or Eudo) (died c. 7...

Guillaume IX le Troubadour, duc d'Aquitaine MP (1071 - 1126)

NOTE: Please keep his name as Guillaume "le Troubadour" IX Duke of Aquitaine, VII Comte de Poitou From Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME d’Aquitaine, son of GUILLAUME VIII Duke of...

Guillaume d'Aquitaine MP (1127 - 1130)

died at the age of four Source: The book, 'Eleanor of Aquitaine' died at the age of four with his mother at Talmont died at the age of four with his mother at Talmont

William V, duke of Aquitaine MP (c.969 - 1030)

Guillaume le Grand, William the Great, Duc d'Aquitaine V, Comte de Poitou III. Parents: Guillaume IV "Fier-à-Bras" Duc d'Aquitaine & Emma de Blois Spouses: Adalemode of Limoges 1. Wi...

Guillaume 'Tête d'étoupe' d'Aquitaine, III Duc d'Aquitaine, I Comte de Poitou MP (c.915 - 963)

Guillaume (William) III (915–3 April 963) was called Towhead (French: Tête d'étoupe, Latin: Caput Stupe) from the colour of his hair. Son of Ebalus Manzer and Emilienne. ...

Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffrey) d'Aquitaine, VIII duc d'Aquitaine et Vl comte de Poitou MP (1023 - 1086)

GUY d'Aquitaine, son of GUILLAUME V "le Grand" Duke of Aquitaine [GUILLAUME III Comte de Poitou] & his third wife Agnès de Mâcon [Bourgogne-Comté] (1023-Chizé near Nio...

William X, Duke of Aquitaine MP (1099 - 1137)

Foundation for Medieval Genealogy: GUILLAUME d'Aquitaine (1099-Santiago de Compostela 9 Apr 1137, bur Santiago de Compostela). The Chronicle of Saint-Maxence records the birth in 1099 of "Willelmo co...

Hildegarde of Burgundy MP (c.1056 - 1104)

From his second wife, Ermengarde of Anjou, daughter of Fulk III of Anjou, he had one daughter: Hildegard (c.1056–1104), married Duke William VIII of Aquitaine William VIII, Duke of Aquit...

Hildegarde d'Aquitaine, Abbesse de Saint-Jean-de-Laon MP (c.802 - 860)

2nd wife of Gerard, Count of Auvergne, who married first Rotrude, daughter of Louis the Pious (they had 3 children). Then he married her sister Hildegard (they had no children). It cites as it's so...

Hugues, infant d’Aquitaine MP (b. - c.1126)

Idite d'Aquitaine MP (deceased)

Judith of Bavaria MP (c.805 - 843)

Sharon's Note: Alternative data from merges: Birth date: 800/806 - please check sources to verify whether this is more correct than the 795 on the MP? From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy pag...

Lampade d'Aquitaine MP (c.700 - d.)

Louis I, The Pious MP (778 - 840)

Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne & Hildegard Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details Wikipedia * English Louis the Pious

Odo of Gascony, Duke of Gascon, Duke of Aquitaine, Count of Poitou MP (1012 - 1039)

Odo (French: Eudes or Odon, Latin: Odonis; c. 1010 – 10 March 1039) was Duke of Gascony from 1032 and then Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou from 1038. He was a member of the House of ...

Petronilla (Alix) (Pernelle) d'Aquitaine MP (1126 - 1193)

Sources: The book, 'Eleanor of Aquitaine' The book, 'An Autobiography of Eleanor' Petronilla of Aquitaine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Petronilla of Aquitaine (c. 1125 – 1193)...

Philippa de Toulouse, comtesse de Poitiers MP (b. - 1117)

Philippa Maude of Toulouse (c. 1073–28 November 1118), also known as Philippa de Toulouse or Philippa de Rouergue, was the Duchess Consort of Aquitaine, and Countess of Toulouse. She is also...

Pierre Guillaume 'l'Aigret' ou 'le Hardi' d'Aquitaine, VII Duc d'Aquitaine, V Comte de Poitou MP (1023 - 1058)

Wilhelm VII. (Aquitanien) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Wilhelm VII. (getauft als Peter) genannt der Adler (Guillaume l’Aigret) oder der K&...

Ranulf I d'Auvergne, Comte de Poitiers Duc d'Aquitaine MP (820 - 866)

Ranulf I (also Ramnulf, Rannulf, and Ranulph; 820 – 866) was a Count of Poitiers (from 835) and Duke of Aquitaine (from 852). Ranulf is generally considered to have been the son of Gerard, Cou...

Rothrude (Rotrude, Rotroude) d'Aquitaine (von Austrasien) MP (742 - 785)

Rotrude of Austrasia ‎(P1371891414)‎ Birth 742 29 22 -- Austrasia, France Death 785 ‎(Age 43)‎ -- Brosse, Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, France

Adelahide D Aquitaine (b. - 1004)

Adelaide d' Aquitaine (deceased)

Adelaide (Adele) d'Aquitaine (c.1133 - d.)

Adelheid van Kleef en Teisterbant (d'Aquitaine) (deceased)

Adélaïde d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Adrien d'Aquitaine (528 - 590)

Adèle (Adélaïde) d'Aquitaine (c.1009 - c.1079)

Adélaïde d'Aquitaine (c.945 - c.1006)

Adélaïde de Spolète (d'Aquitaine) (c.898 - d.)

Adélaïde de Poitiers (d'Aquitaine) (c.1102 - d.)

Adélaïde de Poitiers . "Radulfus de Faie" is recorded as avunculus of Eléonore, Queen of Henry II King of England, and as having been one of those encouraging Henry "the Young King...

Adélinde d'Aquitaine (c.870 - 906)

Agnes d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Agnes du Puy du Fou (c.1100 - 1159)

Aiga de d'Aquitaine (c.785 - 857)

Aimar d'Aquitaine, /i/ (deceased)

Alberic of Austrasia (c.620 - d.)

Alix (Avoise) d'Aquitaine (c.1003 - c.1063)

Amanthia d' Aquitaine (des Wisigoths) (580 - 605)

Aube d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Aude d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Aznar Of Aquitaine (687 - 768)

Aénor d'Aquitaine de Châtellerault (deceased)

Baudouin D'Aquitaine (deceased)

Blanche d'Aquitaine (c.970 - d.)

Beatrix of Poitou (1020 - 1109)

BEATRIX, daughter of --- (-[1109]). "Adella comitissa et filius meus Raimundus et uxor eius Beatrix" donated property to the church of Maguelone by charter dated 1055[1286]. The primary source which co...

Constance d'Aquitaine (c.1010 - d.)

Dead End d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Desconocida of the d'Aquitaine (Franks) (b. - 760)

Emma d'Aquitaine (c.995 - 1027)

Emmengarde de Provence (d' Aquitaine) (910 - d.)

Ermengarde Anjou Fergant (e Poitou, d'Anjou, d'Aquitaine, of Brittany) (1068 - 1146)

Ermengarde d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Ermengarde d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Eudes II d'Aquitaine (660 - d.)

Fernande de Roussillon (D'aquitaine) (deceased)

Fosserie d'Aquitaine (c.1030 - d.)

Fosserie d'Aquitaine (c.1030 - d.)

Fosserie d'Aquitaine (c.1030 - d.)

Frenande d'Aquitaine (c.740 - d.)

Gisela d'Aquitaine (819 - 874)

Gisela d'Aquitaine (819 - 874)

Grimaud Meroving d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Grimoald d'Aquitaine (b. - 599)

Guilhelm d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillaume I de Septimanie d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillaume I d'Aquitaine (c.886 - 918)

Guillaume Ier d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillaume IX d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillaume V d'Aquitaine (c.935 - c.993)

Guillaume V d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillemette d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Guillème de Septimanie (d'Aquitaine), Comtesse de Melgueil (850 - 899)

Hatton d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Helletrude d´ Aquitaine (826 - d.)

Henri de Poitiers (d'Aquitaine), Abbé de Cluny (1101 - d.)

Henri de Poitiers (-after 1132). William of Tyre names him as the brother of Raymond de Poitiers [1]. Bishop-elect of Soissons. He became a monk at Cluny, later Prior of Cluny. Abbot of Saint-Jean d'An...

Henri I d'Aquitaine (c.1008 - c.1060)

Hugues d' Aquitaine (c.595 - d.)

Hunuld (Duke) d'Aquitaine (b. - 774)

Jean d'Aulnis (Seigneur de Pontdevie, Chevalier de l'Order of St.Jean de Jeruzalem, Prieure d'Aquitaine) (c.1500 - d.)

The Knights of St. John of Jerusalem gave Malta the heritage of the Malt ese Cross. The eight-pointed cross is a symbol used by the knights to den ote the eight obligations or aspirations of the knight...

Jeanne d'Aquitaine (c.949 - c.1018)

Jehan d'Aulnis (Seigneur de Pontdevie, Chevalier de l'Order of St. Jean de Jeruzalem, Prieure d'Aquitaine) (c.1520 - d.)

Kimon d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Louis of Aquitane II l'Aveugle, de Bourgogne (d'Aquitaine), King of Provence (916 - 928)

Louis, married to a daughter of Edward 'the Elder' - see below. Not successfully identified (Ref: Britain's Royal Families; The Complete Genealogy, Alison Weir, ISBN 978-0-7126-4286-6) LUDWIG (-a...

Maurianne d'Aquitaine (c.490 - d.)

N.N. d'Aquitaine (c.950 - d.)

Nn d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Raymond III Comes de Toulouse Dux d'Aquitaine (b. - c.961)

Rolinde d'Aquitaine (deceased)

Rolinde was born about 0710, the daughter of Norbert d'Aquitaine and Berthe de Neustrie. The place is not known. Her husband was Habibai ben Natronai David (comte d'Autun). They were married, but the d...

Saint Guillaume I Crbnoz Duc d'Aquitaine (deceased)