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Berthe, comtesse d'Arles MP (c.912 - c.965)

Pedigree Resource File Ver a la persona en el modo de cuadro genealógico name: Berthe /d'Arles/ sexo: female nacimiento: defunción: matrimonio: Padres Padre: Boson /d'Arles/ m...

Boson I, count of Italy MP (c.720 - 750)

Update 10. May 2016. Source: Note from Curator: I have found absolutely no information about this person, so if anyone has any sources or documentation, please add them. I removed him as son of Aribert...

Boson III "the Old", Count of Arles MP (c.800 - c.855)

Boson III "l'Ancien" d'Arles Memorial . Birth: unknown Toscana, Italy Death: unknown Arles Departement des Bouches-du-Rhône Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France Birth:800 Death:855 Count of Arles...

Boson d'Arles, margrave of Tuscany MP (c.885 - c.936)

Boso, Margrave of Tuscany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Boso of Tuscany) Boso (885–936) was the count of Arles (895–911 and 926–931, as Boso II) and Avignon (911–931), ...

Constance d'Arles, Reine Consort de France MP (987 - 1032)

"Constance d'Arles - also known as Constance de Provence [ .. ] fille de Guillaume Ier (c.950-†993) comte d’Arles, et Adélaïde d'Anjou (†1026)" Daughter of Guillaume Ier d'Arles (William I, cou...

Firminus d'Arles, Vir Illustris MP (c.455 - c.503)

Guillaume I, II. vicomte de Marseille MP (c.945 - c.1004)

His father was "Arlulfe of Marseille" not Pons Guillaume I of Marseille Viscounts of Marseille The first known ancestor of this family is Arlulf of Marseilles or Arlulfe 2 which appears on the ...

Guillem III d'Arlès MP (deceased)

Hucbert, Duke of Transjurane Burgundy MP (c.824 - 866)

HUBERT, son of BOSO Comte d'Arles, Count in Italy & his wife --- (-killed in battle Orbe 866). Duke of Transjurania. Abbot of St Maurice. The Annalium Laubacensium record Lothar King of Italy leadi...

Hugues I, II. seigneur des Baux MP (c.981 - 1059)

Voir Wikipedia...

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his reign, he...

Ison d'Arles MP (c.910 - 942)

Pons III "le jeune" d'Arles, I. seigneur des Baux MP (c.938 - bef.1032)

Wikipedia FR Pons le Jeune Pons le Jeune (Pontius Juvenis) ou Pons III est un seigneur arlésien de la fin du xe siècle et du début du xie siècle et l'un des plus anciens ancêtres de la maison des B...

Pons I, vicomte d'Arles MP (c.880 - 955)

Pons II "l'Ancien", vicomte d'Arles et de Marseille MP (c.910 - 979)

Voir Wikipedia...

Rudolph III, King of Burgundy MP (993 - 1032)

Rudolf or Rudolph Rudolph III of Burgundy Rudolf III of Burgundy (called Rudolf der Faule in German, and Rodolphe le Fainéant meaning sluggard or do-nothing or - le Pieux the Pious in French) (99...

Sunifred d'Arles MP (deceased)

Theutberga d'Arles MP (c.836 - c.875)

Teutberga From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Teutberga was a Frank and daughter of Boso the Elder. Therefore she was a Bosonid. She married Lothair II, a prince of the Carolingian dynasty, the imp...

Theutberge de Troyes (d'Arles) MP (c.881 - 948)

Accelena d'Arles MP (c.963 - d.)

Aillon d'Arles MP (deceased)

Andaberta d'Arles MP (c.835 - d.)

Was not the wife of Hucbert, Duke of Transjurane Burgundy Disconnected Jan 2014

Balde d'Arles MP (deceased)

Berlion d'Arles MP (deceased)

Boniface I, seigneur de Reillane MP (c.960 - c.1031)

Boso III d'Arles MP (805 - 855)

Boso II d'Arles MP (750 - 826)

Boso I d'Arles MP (725 - 750)

Boson I d'Arles MP (b. - 948)

Boson Medici d'Arles MP (deceased)

Boson, comte d' Arles et d' Avignon MP (b. - c.966)

Constance D'arles MP (deceased)

Constance Capet (d' Arles) MP (974 - 1032)

constance d'arles MP (974 - 1032)

Costanza d'Arles MP (986 - 1034)

Elise d'Arles (de St-Etienne) MP (deceased)

Ema d'Arles MP (deceased)

Engelbert d'Arles MP (deceased)

Ermengarde d'Arles (de Marseille) MP (c.982 - c.1049)

Ermengarde d'Arles MP (deceased)

Garnier d'Arles MP (deceased)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles MP (1031 - 1063)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles MP (1031 - 1063)

Geoffroy I Comte d'Arles MP (1031 - 1063)

Gerberge Comtesse d'Arles MP (deceased)

Gisele of Tuscany (d'Arles) MP (deceased)

Grimoald II d'Arles MP (680 - d.)

Guillaume I d'Arles MP (c.955 - 993)

Guillaume II Comte d'Arles et Provence MP (deceased)

Hedwiga D'arles MP (deceased)

Herbert Adalbert d'Arles MP (830 - 864)

Hermengarde d'Arles MP (c.936 - 1000)

Honoré d'Arles, évêque de Marseille MP (c.930 - 976)

Honoratus de Marseille est né vers 930 certainement dans la Vicomté de Marseille et mort probablement le 6 février 976, certainement dans la Vicomté de Marseille. Honoratus, dit aussi Honorat est évê...

Hugues d'Arles MP (735 - 810)

Humbert d'Arles, évêque de Vaison MP (deceased)

Humbert d'Arles MP (941 - 1009)

Hélène d'Arles MP (deceased)

Ison d'Arles MP (deceased)

Lambert d'Arles, seigneur de Reillanes(Ursus) MP (936 - 1005)

Laugier d'Arles MP (deceased)

Leibulfe d'Arles MP (deceased)

N. d'Arles (de Provence) MP (deceased)

Odile D'arles MP (deceased)

Pons d'Arles MP (c.970 - 1025)

Richeut d'Arles MP (790 - d.)

Richilda D Arles MP (820 - 883)

Richilde d'Arles MP (c.810 - d.)

Dame Richilde d'Arles MP (830 - 883)

Richilde d'Arles MP (deceased)

Rotbald II Count d'Arles MP (895 - d.)

Rotbold I Rotbold d'Arles MP (b. - 923)

Rotbold I Count D'Arles MP (c.872 - 928)

Rotbold II d Arles MP (deceased)

Theobald (or Thibaud) Comte d'Arles MP (b. - 895)

Theobald d'Arles MP (c.850 - c.895)

Theodebald d'Arles MP (705 - 741)

Theodebald "le Vieux" d'Arles MP (770 - 820)

Theutberge D'ARLES MP (890 - 948)

Thistburges de Loches (d'Arles) MP (deceased)

Wandelmode d'Arles (d'Ivrée) MP (deceased)

Wife of Hucbert d'Arles (de Vienne) MP (deceased)

Willa III D'ARLES MP (deceased)