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Adeline Presles de Beaugency MP (c.1075 - 1125)

ADELINE ===From Medlands:=== m Adeline, daughter of ---. "Walterii de Meduana…[et] uxor eius Adelina et filius eorum Hamelinus…alter filius Juhellus" consented to a donation by "Ruellonius de Gorron, f...

Agnes de Beaugency MP (1108 - 1163)

Ermengarde, countess of Maine MP (1092 - 1126)

Ermengarde or Aremburge de la Flèche of Maine Erroneously connected with W Cantilupe Ermengarde or Erembourg of Maine, also known as Erembourg de la Flèche (died 1126), was Countess of Maine and th...

Hildegarde de Beaugency MP (1044 - d.)

Hildegarde de BAUGENCY [Parents] 1, 2 was born 1045 in Beaugency, Loiret, France. She died 1070 in , Anjou, France. Hildegarde married Foulques IV "Rechin" d' ANJOU on 1067 in , Anjou, France. They ha...

Jean de Beaugency, seigneur de La Flèche MP (c.1042 - bef.1097)

Jean (John, Johannes) de La Flèche is first known from a charter of 1032×1052, when Agnès, wife of count Geoffroy Martel, purchased the church of Saint-Bienheuré de Vendôme from Jean's father Lancelin ...

Lancelin II, seigneur de Beaugency MP (c.1036 - aft.1098)

Geoffrey II, surnamed Jordan, was the lord of Preuilly from 1067 (as Geoffrey III) and count of Vendôme from 1085, the son of Geoffrey II of Preuilly and Almodis of Blois.When his brother-in-law Boucha...

Lancelin I, seigneur de Beaugency MP (c.995 - bef.1060)

Raoul I, Seigneur de Beaugency MP (c.1082 - c.1130)

Adelaide de Beaugency (1038 - d.)

Agnès, Comtesse de Nevers (c.1055 - 1137)

Agnes de Beaugency (c.1040 - d.)

Alix De Beaugency (1150 - d.)

Élie de Beaugency (c.1086 - 1110)

Élie de Beaugency (c.1086 - 1110)

Eremburge de Beaugency (1092 - 1126)

Ermengarde de Beaugency (1092 - 1126)

Herberge de Beaugency (Maine) (deceased)

Hericeus (Herice) de Beaugency (1022 - 1096)

As far as I know, the Hericus de Beaugency story came from "The Harris Family Papers" by Krentzman. I don't have a copy of these papers so what I am about to post for you is second hand but it does app...

Herve de Beaugency (c.1036 - aft.1079)

Hildegarde d'Anjou (Beaugency) (1044 - 1070)

Jean I de Beaugency (c.1170 - 1216)

Jean Beaugency (de Beaugency) (1300 - 1368)

Jean II de Beaugency (c.1192 - d.)

Jean de Beaugency (1380 - d.)

Jeanne de Saint-Mesmin (de Beaugency) (deceased)

Lancelin I De Beaugency (c.1020 - c.1059)

Lancelin de Beaugency, III (1125 - d.)

Landry de Beaugency (c.988 - 1060)

Landry De Beaugency (c.970 - 1028)

Landry De Beaugency (c.890 - d.)

Landri De Beaudency (c.992 - 1055)

Londric De Beaugency was born 992 in Orleans, France, and died 1031 in Orleans, France. Parents unknownChildren of Londric De Beaugency are: I. John De Beaugency, d. date unknown.Children of Londric De...

Mathilde de Beaugency (c.1108 - 1156)

Perrette de Beaugency (deceased)

Raoul de Beaugency (1242 - 1302)

Renaud de Beaugency (1340 - d.)

Robert De Beaugency (c.1050 - d.)

Simon de Beaugency (1040 - d.)

Simon de Beaugency (1210 - d.)

Wigerius II De Beaugency (c.940 - d.)

Wigerius I De Beaugency (c.920 - d.)