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Anne Bodrugan, heiress of Nythway MP (c.1337 - c.1380)

"Knight of Nythway, sonne and heir of John Cole. Married Ann Bodrugan , daughter and heir of Nicholas Bodrugan, 3rd sonne of Sir Henry Brodrugan, Knight, and Isabell, daughter of William Wallesborow, i...

Elizabeth Bodrugan MP (c.1330 - bef.1379)

The Cornwall IPM for Richard de Vere, Earl of Oxford confirms William Bodrugan, son of Otto and Margret, had a daughter named Elizabeth who married Richard Sergeaux. The following is from the IPM:"Herb...

Henry de Bodrugan MP (c.1310 - bef.1331)

Henry was heir to his father Otto and aged 21 years and more in 1331 [b. abt 1310].His death date is not recorded. He died three weeks after the death of his father and before 14 November 1331, when th...

Sir Henry Bodrugan MP (c.1263 - bef.1309)

He was heir to his uncle William de Bodrugan and was aged 30 and more in 1308 [b. abt. 1278] / 1263.His death date is not recorded. He died before 23 January 1309, when the writ for his IPM is dated. =...

Iseult de la Pomeroy MP (c.1234 - c.1281)


Joan Whalesborough (de Bodrugan) MP (c.1310 - c.1362)

Born to Otto (I; Sir) de BODRUGAN (1290 - 1331) & Margaret (de) CHAMPERNOWN (1300? - 1360?) by 1331[1]

Joan Bodrugan MP (c.1285 - 1331)

Origins Sir Henry Bodrugan and Sibella de Mandeville had two children: Sir Otto de Bodrugan (b. 6 January 1290 - d. 6 September 1331), married Margaret de Champernown alias Campo Arnulphi (d. 136...

Joan Hulle (Bodrugan) MP (c.1359 - 1428)

Primary Sources Inquisition Post Mortem for Joan wife of Robert Hulle, Writ. 22 April 1428.She was daughter and heir of Otes Bodrugan.Family members mentioned: "John [Trevaygnon] her former husband" ...

Sir Nicholas Bodrugan, of Nythway and Gorrans MP (c.1311 - 1363)

Date of death has also been (erroneously?) reported to be 1414.==notes=="Many people have Nicholas as son of Henry & Isabel Whalesborough. His birthdate would indicate he was son of the previous genera...

Sir Otto de Bodrugan, Lord of Trevelyn MP (1290 - bef.1331)

Otho Bodrugan==* Birth: 6 January 1290 - Bodrugan Manor, St Goran, Cornwall, England* Death: before 10 October 1331* Parents: Sir Henry Bodrugan, Sibella MendevilleHis proof of age states he was 21 on ...

Otes Bodrugan MP (c.1306 - 1389)

Otes de Bodrugan son of Otes de Bodrugan, knight was heir to his brother William. He died on 1 Sept. 1389. His daughter Joan was his heir.

Sibella de Mandeville MP (1264 - 1307)

In 1287 Henry Bodrugon married Sybil de Mandeville (29 September 1264-c.1307) daughter of an unknown Mandeville and his wife Alice Giffard. Sybil's grandparents were Hugh Giffard and Sibyl, daughter an...

William Bodrugan, Kt. MP (1311 - 1362)

His proof of age states he was 22 years of age on the feast of St. Giles last [1 September], for he was born at Trevelouan [Trelawne], and baptized in the church of Plenynt [Pelynt] on the morrow 5 Edw...

William de Bodrugan MP (1241 - bef.1308)

William de Bodrugan (c. 1250-1307), sometimes referred to as a knight, was a Cornish priest and landowner, who became firstly Provost of Glasney College, and secondly Archdeacon of Cornwall.==Family==W...

de Bodrugan (deceased)

Christina Stebbing (Bodrugan) (1425 - 1490)

Elizabeth Bodrugan, alias Beaumont (Calwoodleigh) (deceased)

Felicia de Bodrugan (c.1223 - d.)

Felicia de Bodrugan (c.1244 - d.)

Henry de Bodrugan, Sheriff of Cornwall (1209 - 1253)

Blohin: His Descendants and Lands- Thomas Taylor, article inThe Ancestor- Vol. 9 (1904), p. 25 :The marriage of Henry's daughter to Alan Bloyou involved an inquiry from the crown. Henry was summoned be...

Sir Henry Bodrugan (deceased)

Henry de Bodrugan, II, of St. Endellion (1130 - d.)

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Henry Bodrugan (c.1426 - d.)

Henry De Bodrugan, of St Endellion (1162 - 1237)

Henry de Bodrugan, I, of St. Endellion (1105 - d.)

Stirnet's "Bodrugan1" page (membership required to view without interruption) does not mention this Henry or his wife, but starts with his son.

Sir Henry John Bodrugan, Sr., Kt. (1350 - 1370)

Idonea Bodrugan (deceased)

Isabel Bodrugan (Whalesborough) (aft.1310 - aft.1358)

Stirnet's "Bodrugan1" page does not mention identify the wife of Nicholas Bodrugan. This Isabel might be (mistakenly identified as?) the Isabel who married Sir Henry de Bodrugan/Bodrigan and Henry de W...

Isabella Vivian (de Bodrugan) (c.1178 - d.)

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Jane de Prideaux (de Bodrugan) (1243 - d.)

Joan Bodrugan (Courtenay) (deceased)

Joan Bodrugan (NN) (deceased)

Joan Bodrugan (Courtenay) (1359 - 1418)

Joanna Bodrugan (de Trelowthas) (1324 - d.)

Johanna de Bloyou (de Bodrugan) (c.1234 - 1281)

Bodruga In the civil parish of St Goran. In the historic county of Cornwall (Modern Authority of Cornwall, 1974 county of Cornwall). Spreadbury writes that, according to Borlase, a splendid castle i...

John de Bodrugan (1320 - 1349)

John Bodrugan, alias Beaumont (1440 - 1471)

John Bodrugan, Jr. (1400 - d.)

Juliana de Bodrugan (Unknown) (1142 - 1162)

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Lucy De Bodrugan (1165 - d.)

Margery Antron (Bodrugan) (deceased)

Margery Antron (Bodrugan) (deceased)

NN Bodrugan (NN) (deceased)

NN Bodrugan (deceased)

Otes Bodrugan, Esq. (deceased)

In February 1420, Sir William Bodrugan purchased for 200 marks the marriages of the two daughters of John St. Aubyn esquire, of Combe Raleigh, Devon; a few months later he was granted custody of one of...

Otho Bodrugan (Trenouth) (deceased)

Otho Bodrugan (deceased)

Sir Philip de Bodrugan, Knight (c.1225 - 1283)

Philippa Bodrugan (de Arundell) (c.1404 - 1443)

Described as "Johanna" (Joan) in her father's will (Vivian's "Visitations of Cornwall"). Elsewhere described as Philippa. Joan (her sister) became Abbess of Canonsleigh. Name: Phillipa ARUNDELL Surname...

Phillippe Elizabeth Sergeaux (Bodrugan) (deceased)

Roger de Bodrugan (1245 - 1277)

Sibella (de Bodrugan) de Cornwall (c.1315 - c.1349) DeBottringham Sosa : 839,525 Born in 1315 - Burford, Shropshire, England Deceased in 1349 - Burford, Shropshire, England, aged 34 years old www.findagrave.comSybilla Bodrugan ...

Thomas de Bodrugan (1318 - 1352)

nn de Bodrugan (deceased)

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William Bodrugan (Trenouth), MP (b. - 1416)

Family and Education 2nd s. of Ralph Trenewith I* by Joan (c.1359-1428), da. and h. of Otto Bodrugan† (d.1389) of Bodrugan. m. by 1398, Joan, 3s. inc. Sir William*.Offices HeldCommr. of array, Cornw. D...

William de Bodrugan (c.1152 - d.)

Stirnet's "Bodrugan1" page does not mention this William. He might be a son or nephew of Henry de Bodrugan (II) of St. Endellion .==links==* FamilySearch AFN: 1007-VX8

William de Bodrugan, Sheriff of Cornwall, 1223 (c.1223 - d.)

Sir William Bodrugan (deceased)

William Bodrugan, MP (b. - c.1421)

Family and Education illegit. s. of Otto Bodrugan† (d.1389) of Bodrugan, Cornw.Offices Held?Sheriff, Cornw. 6 Oct. 1402-22 Oct. 1403.Tax collector, Cornw. Mar. 1404.Biography The Bodrugans, ‘an ancient...

Sir William Bodrugan, MP (c.1398 - 1441)

Family and Education b. c.1398, s. and h. of William Bodrugan II*. m. by 1426, Philippa, da. of (Sir) John Arundell I* of Lanherne,1 2s. Kntd. by Mar. 1419.Offices HeldCommr. of array, Cornw. Mar. 1419...

William Bodrugan (deceased)

William de Bodrugan (deceased)