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Abraham de Lanoy MP (1642 - 1702)

Abraham's daughter Cornelia was born in 1654 in New Amsterdam

Maria Beekman (de Lanoy) MP (1681 - 1726)

Marie de Lanoy, SM MP (1665 - 1716)

From Aulis, France

Nicolas de Lanoy MP (c.1650 - c.1708)

Bron/Source: Die Hugenote Gedenkalbum 1688-1988 - Prof Pieeter Coerzen Bladsy 156 Naam: de Lanoy Nivoolas, seun van stamvader Nicolas Sr. Plek v Herkoms: Guînes en/of Calais(Picardi). Datu...

Nicolas de Lanoy, SV/PROG MP (c.1650 - c.1690)

Abraham de Lanoy (1686 - d.)

Abraham De LaNoy (1650 - 1702)

Abraham De Lanoy (deceased)

Abraham Hendrik de Lanoy (1787 - 1824)

Abraham Jansen De La Noy (de Lanoy) (c.1616 - 1661)

• a merchant who, in and around the year 1660, was involved in multiple suits in the city of New Amsterdam mostly involving shipments and payment for wine and the like.

Anna de Lanoy (Kloppers) (1688 - d.)

Anne Adriana de Lanoy (1814 - 1888)

Bernardus de Lanoy (deceased)

Catalyntie de Lanoy (1655 - d.)

Catherine Pieterse Beekman (de Lanoy) (1691 - 1765)

Cornelia de Lanoy (deceased)

Cornelia Brouwer (de Lanoy) (deceased)

Cornelia de Lanoy (1694 - d.)

baptism: 1657 Nov 07; Abraham de Lanoy, Marritie Lubberts; Cornelia; Olof Stephenszen Van Courtland, Daniel Van Donck, Cornelia de Peyster

Cornelis de Lanoy (deceased)

François de Lanoy (deceased)

List of Huguenots embarking from France

Gerritje de Lanoy (deceased)

Gillies de Lanoy (deceased)

Gustavus de Lanoy (c.1878 - d.)

Jacobus de Lanoy (1684 - d.)

Jan Jeremij de Lanoy (deceased)

Jannetje de Lanoy (Romeyn) (1695 - 1768)

Jean De Lanoy-Mousquetair (1495 - 1572)

Jean De Lanoy (1570 - 1604)

Johanna de Lanoy (deceased)

JOHN EVANS DE LANOY (1923 - c.2008)

Joseph de Lanoy (deceased)

Justus Levijn de Lanoy (deceased)

Maria Anna de Lanoy (deceased)

Maria Moins (de Lanoy) (deceased)

Marie Hattingh (de Lanoy) (deceased)

Marritje de Lanoy (1652 - d.)

{Modern name spelling is Delano } baptism record 1652 Jul 15; Abraham de La Noy; Maria ; Johannes de Peyster, Cornelia Van Baren Went to court the spring of the birth of her first child in order ...

María de Lanoy (deceased)

Mathieu de Lanoy (deceased)

List of Huguenots embarking from France

Pero Martijn de Lanoy (deceased)

Peterina Clara de Lanoy (deceased)

Mayor Peter Delanoy (c.1650 - 1689)

18th mayor of New York from 1688-1691. Peter Delanoy was the first directly elected mayor in New York City history--and the only one to hold that distinction until 1834 when the City Charter was change...

Roque de Lanoy, oficial de Sala (deceased)

Rosalia De Lanoy (deceased)

Rosalie de Lanoy (1836 - 1874)

Suzanne de Lanoy (deceased)

List of Huguenots embarking from France