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Adela, countess of Blois MP (c.1067 - c.1137)

Adela of Normandy Adèle d'Angleterre ou de Normandie ou de Blois (v. 1067[1],[2] – 8 mars 1137[2]), princesse anglaise, fut régente de la principauté de Blois-Chartres, et...

Adeliza of Normandy, comtesse de Bourgogne MP (c.1002 - 1037)

Adélaïde de Normandie (Adeliza, Aélis), c.1002 - 1038 Parents: Richard 'le Bon' & Judith de Bretagne Spouse: Renaud de Mâcon, Comte de Bourgogne Children: 1. Guillaume 2...

Adelizia de Normandie, Princess of England MP (c.1055 - 1066)

Adelaide or Adeliza de Normandie Not the same as her younger sister Adele. See from Medlands: ADELAIDE [Adelisa] de Normandie ([1055]-7 Dec, 1066 or after). Orderic Vitalis records the betrot...

Agatha de Normandie, Princess of England MP (c.1064 - 1074)

Agatha de Normandie d/o William the Conqueror and Mathilda de Flanders From medlands: AGATHE de Normandie (-before 1074, bur Bayeux Cathedral). Listed by Orderic Vitalis after Richard and befor...

Alix FitzRichard de Normandie MP (1021 - 1098)

Alix de Normandie was the illegitimate daughter of Richard III Duke of Normandy by a concubine whose name has not been recorded for history. Alix married Ranulph I de Bayeux, Vicomte du Bessin , son ...

Alix of Normandy MP (1021 - 1121)

Anna de Normandie, Princess of England MP (c.1066 - c.1087)

Beatrice, Abbess of Montvilliers MP (c.987 - 1035)

Beatrix (Béatrice) de Normandie, Abbess of Montivilliers Parents: Richard I 'Sans-Peur' & his mistress (Papia) Spouse: Ebles, Vicomte de Turenne (divorced) Children: (Ebles had eight chi...

Eleanor of Normandy MP (c.1011 - 1035)

Eleanore de Normandie, Gravinne van Vloandern Parents: Richard II 'le Bon' and Judith de Bretagne. Spouse: Baudouin IV 'le Barbu' de Flandre Children: 1. Judith de Flandre, 2. One (uncertain)...

Emma Guyon FitzRoy MP (1120 - 1157)

Emma d/o ..... Possibly daughter of King but no documentary evidence. From Medlands: GUY [III] de Laval, son of GUY [II] Sire de Laval & his second wife Cécile --- (-[1130/42], bur Marmout...

Emma Ælfgifu of Normandy MP (985 - 1052)

Emma of Normandy, daughter of Richard I and Gunnor. In Anglo-Saxon England, she was called Ælfgifu (NB: avoid mix-ups with others of that name) Married twice: 1. Æthelred the Unread...

Gerletta de Normandia, Duquessa consort d'Aquitània MP (deceased)

William of Normandy, de Fecamp MP (c.1007 - 1025)

William Clito MP (c.1102 - 1128)

Guillaume "Clito" de Normandie comte de Flandre m. 1.SIBYLLE d’Anjou, daughter of FOULQUES V Comte d’Anjou & Eremburge de Maine m. 2.GIOVANNA di Monferrato, daughter of RANIERI Marchese...

Helene le Bon MP (c.1030 - 1130)

Helena Wife of Waldron St. Clair (Clare) DOCUMENTATION WANTED! Please post. Some people list Helen as the daughter of Richard III , Duke of Normandy and Adèle , but there are no sources ...

Janet de Normandie, Duchess de Normandy MP (865 - d.)

Matilda de Normandie, Comtesse de Blois-Chartres MP (974 - 1005)

Matilda (Maud, Mahaud) de Normandie, Comtesse de Blois. Parents: Richard 'Sans-Peur' & Gunnor Spouse: Eudes (Odo) II de Blois No children LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS MATHILDE (-[1005]). Guillaum...

Matilda of Normandy MP (c.1013 - 1033)

Maud de Normandy (De Normandie) MP (1023 - d.)

Muriella de Normandie MP (c.966 - 1020)

Moriella, Murielle Parents: Unknown. NB: NOT Richard of Normandy Spouse: Tancred de Hautville Children: LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS TANCRED de Hauteville ([980/90]-[1041]). Contemporary sources ...

Muriella de Normandie (Fictitious) MP (c.970 - c.1019)

She is a fictitious person, said to have been an illegitimate daughter of Richard I, duke of Normandy. The story is that she was the first wife of Balderic the Teuton, and mother of Foulques d'Aunou an...

Papia (Concubine of Richard I) MP (c.935 - 1031)

Richard I had several children by mistresses. Papia is a possible first name for one of these. Children: Beatrix (Papia) MEDIEVAL LANDS Richard had five illegitimate children by unknown mistr...

Plazenzia de Normandía, Reina consort de Navarra MP (deceased)

Roesia de Lucy (de Normandie) MP (1036 - 1085)

? Hopewell (De Normandie) (deceased)

She fled from France during the troubles between the French government and the Huguenots, and with one brother and sister, took refuge in England. She married an Englishman named Hopewell, and afterwar...

Adaele de Normandie (c.917 - c.962)

Adbelahide de Normandie, Countess of Aumale (1029 - 1090)

Adélaïde de Normandie (1003 - 1037)

Adelais de Normandie (c.1007 - 1037)

Aegifu de Normandie (c.940 - c.1000)

Agnes Mortain, Normandy (Dammartin (Corbeil)) (deceased)

Alice de Normandie (c.1129 - d.)

Alix de Normandie (c.965 - 1005)

Alix de Normandie (deceased)

Alix Adelaide Henry (De Normandie) (deceased)

Aliz de Normandie (c.1021 - d.)

Alliette de Ponthieu (de Normandie) (deceased)

Anne de Normandie (de La Vacquerie) (1524 - 1549)

Anne de Normandie (Colladon) (c.1523 - d.)

Annie T. De Normandie (Nye) (1830 - d.)

Anthony De Normandie (1726 - d.)

Antoinette Frederique Elisabeth Johanna de Normandie s’Jacob (1854 - 1923)

Aubreye or Albreda De Roumare (de Normandie) (c.1050 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard De Normandie (Fitzrichard) (1037 - d.)

Duke Bathel de Normandie (942 - d.)

Bathel De Crecy (De Normandie) (deceased)

Bathel de Normandie (942 - c.1030)

Beoncenlan DE NORMANDIE (c.950 - d.)

Bertha (Berthe) de Normandie (Blois) (deceased)

Blanche de Normandie (972 - 1029)

Charles de Montalembert marquis de Lostanges (1703 - d.)

Il a été Capitaine de Grenadiers au Régiment de Normandie. Il est décédé célibataire

Crespian de Normandie (deceased)

Dameta Concubine 2 de Normandie (England), Gentlewoman (deceased)

Drago de Normandie (deceased)

Emma DE NORMANDIE (979 - d.)

Emmaline de Normandie (980 - d.)

Emmeline De Normandie (c.928 - d.)

Etienette De Normandie (deceased)

Rev. Eugene De Normandie (deceased)

Eustacia De Normandie (1085 - d.)

Felicia de Normandie (1017 - 1030)

Felicia de Normandie (1025 - d.)

Fredesenda Fredistana Hauteville (DE NORMANDIE) (995 - 1057)

Fredesende de Hauteville (de Normandie) (deceased)

Fresenda De Tancarville (de Normandie) (deceased)

Gabriel de Normandie (deceased)

16-06-1764 - Beroep: predicant te Barnevelt Beroep: predicant te Aernhem

Gerard de Normandie (deceased)

Gerletta De Normandie (c.907 - d.)

Gerloc (Adele) de Normandie (deceased)

Guillaume De Normandie (1103 - 1120)

Guillaume DE NORMANDIE (998 - 1025)

Guillaume de Normandie (b. - 1118)

King Guillaume "Le Conquerant" de Normandie (deceased)

guillaume De Normandie (1024 - 1087)

Guillaume de Normandie (c.900 - 942)

aka Longue Epbee Guillaume I de Normandie (893 - 942)

William III, Prince of Normandy (deceased)

Princess Gundred of England (c.1063 - d.)

Gunnor de Normandie (936 - 1031)

Gunnora de Normandie (Crepon) (c.936 - c.1031)

Harold VIII de Normandie (deceased)

Havoise DE NORMANDIE of BRITTANY (deceased)

Hawise de Normandie (b. - c.1033)

Hawise (Havoisse) de Normandie (1034 - d.)

Hedwige DE NORMANDIE (1005 - d.)

Henry Fitz FitzHenry Fitz De Normandie (1099 - 1157)

heresende de normandie (b. - 1100)

Hersende De Normandie (900 - d.)

Hrolf Ragnvaldsson de Normandie (c.842 - 931)

Hugh de Normandie (deceased)

Hélène de Normandie (deceased)

Hélène De Normandie (deceased)

Jacques de Normandie (deceased)

Jean de Normandie, seigneur du Bouchet (1544 - 1616)

Johan Catharinus de Normandie 's Jacob (1803 - 1875)

Johan Catharinus de Normandie de Normandie s’Jacob (1803 - 1875)

John Abraham De Normandie (1688 - 1757)

Joscelina de Normandie (deceased)

Josua de Normandie 's Jacob (deceased)

Judith de Normandie (deceased)