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... de Soissons MP (c.485 - d.)

Adelaide de Soissons MP (c.954 - 1047)

see discussion in Medlands

Countess Aelis of Soissons MP (c.960 - 1042)

NOBILITY.htm ADELISA Ctss de Soissons, daughter of GUY Comte de Soissons & his wife ---. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. m NOCHER [II] (-[1...

Adélaïde (Aélis) de Soissons (de Troyes), Vicomtesse de Troyes, Comtesse de Soissons MP (c.1040 - 1079)

Dame Appoline de Soissons MP (c.1640 - d.)

Augin de Soissons MP (c.450 - d.)

Dagobert de Soissons MP (580 - 580)

Guy, count of Soissons MP (c.940 - 989)

Although some internet sources list Guy Comte de Soissons as the son of Adalbert I de Vermandois, the FMG Medieval Lands database does not find primary sources to support this and he is not listed as a...

Jean I, comte de Soissons MP (1054 - 1118)

Mérovech de Soissons MP (c.552 - c.584)

Mérovech de Soissons MP (b. - c.604)

The Chronicle of Fredegar says he led an invasion of the kingdom of Burgundy in 604, where he was defeated and taken prisoner. If so, he must have been only a child. His father was born in 584, so M&#x...

Ade - Ada de Soissons, d'Eu (c.1058 - d.)

Adelaide DE SOISSONS (c.983 - 1047)

Adelaide de Soissons (deceased)

Adelaide D' EUDES (DE SOISSONS) (c.1035 - 1066)

Adelaide De Soissons, Heiress of Soissons (deceased)

Adelaide de Soissons (1032 - 1079)

Adelheid de Soissons (c.985 - 1047)

Agnes Guillaume d'Eu, dame de Soissons (c.1074 - c.1124)

Agnes De Montauban (De Soissons) (deceased)

Agnes DeBazentine (de Soissons) (deceased)

Agnès de Soissons (d'Eu) (1051 - 1124)

Barbe de Soissons (deceased)

Barbe de Soissons, Dame d'Espaigny et Survilliers (b. - 1503)

Basina de Soissons, Nun (c.557 - c.590)

Bucart de Soissons-Moreuil (deceased)

Childesinta de Soissons (von Franken) (c.559 - d.)

Chilperic II DE SOISSONS (539 - 584)

Chlodébert de Soissons (c.570 - 580)

Clotaire De Soissons (584 - 629)

Clothair I "The Old" DE SOISSONS, of The Franks (497 - 561)

Clovis de Soissons (c.555 - 580)

Eleanor de Soissons (1185 - 1229)

Fredegunde DE SOISSONS (543 - d.)

Garritrude De Soissons (553 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert De Soissons (893 - d.)

Giselbert De Soissons (893 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons (c.914 - d.)

Gui de Soissons (deceased)

Guiguin, comte de Soissons (c.799 - c.844)

Guiguin was born about 0799 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, France , the son of Rutpert de Hesbaye III (comte de Hesbaye (l'Oberrheingau) et de Wormsgau) [the son of Rutpert de Breisgau II (c0750-0807)...

Guiquin de Soissons (b. - c.844)

Guiquin de Soissons (b. - c.844)

Helvide de Soissons (b. - 1110)

Isabelle de Soissons (deceased)

Isabelle de Moreuil,de Soissons (de Moreuil) (1260 - 1382)

Jacqueline de Soissons (deceased)

Jean II de Soissons, seigneur de Poix (deceased)

Jean de Soissons, seigneur de Poix (b. - c.1482)

Jeanne de Soissons (deceased)

Jeanne de Soissons (deceased)

Jehan Lombard de Soissons (deceased)

Jossine de Soissons (c.1480 - d.)

Marguerite, comtesse de Soissons (c.1288 - 1350)

Marguerite de Soissons, dame de Moreuilde (deceased)

Marion Lombard de Soissons (b. - 1507)

Mlle. de Soissons (c.1105 - d.)

N.N. de Soissons (deceased)

Palatina DE SOISSONS (D' Angoulême) (540 - 599)

Ramtrude d'Eu, comtesse de Soissons (c.1052 - 1117)

Renaud DE SOISSONS (982 - 1057)

Renaud de Roucy Comte de Soissons (b. - 941)

Renaud III, comte de Soissons (c.1086 - 1146)

Samson de Soissons, died young (575 - 579)

Stéphanie de Soissons (deceased)

Theuderic de Soissons, died young (c.550 - 584)

Villaume de Soissons,de Moreuil (de Soissons) (deceased)

Wife of Giselbert de Soissons (deceased)

Witichin, comte de Soissons (c.810 - 844)