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... de Soissons MP (c.485 - d.)

Adelaide de Soissons MP (aft.954 - 1047)

Adelais/Adelaide/Adelisa seems to have been a daughter of Count Gilbert and first married Guy de Vermandois, Count of Soissons before secondly marrying Nocher, count of Bar-sur-Aube. There is much conf...

Adélaïde (Aélis) de Soissons, Comtesse de Soissons MP (c.1040 - 1079)

Adelaide, Countess of Soissons Adelaide (died 1105), was sovereign Countess of Soissons from 1057 until 1105. She was the daughter of Renaud I, Count of Soissons, and his wife, whose name is unkn...

Antenor II, king of the Sicambrii MP (c.-210 - -143)

born: 200BC or 210BC or 225BC or 169BC? Event(s) Birth: 0200 BC, CAMBRIA-GALIA, HOLLAND-FRANCE, FRANK TRIBES Death: BC, CAMBRIA-GALIA, HOLLAND-FRANCE, FRANK TRIBES Event(s) Birth: 0250 BC, CAMBRIA-GA...

Dame Appoline de Soissons MP (c.1640 - d.)

Augin de Soissons MP (c.450 - d.)

Dagobert de Soissons MP (580 - 580)

Jean I, comte de Soissons MP (1054 - 1118)

Mérovech de Soissons MP (c.552 - c.584)

Mérovech de Soissons MP (b. - c.604)

The Chronicle of Fredegar says he led an invasion of the kingdom of Burgundy in 604, where he was defeated and taken prisoner. If so, he must have been only a child. His father was born in 584, so Méro...

? De Soissons MP (deceased)

? De Soissons MP (deceased)

? De Soissons (?) MP (deceased)

? De Soissons (?) MP (deceased)

Ade - Ada de Soissons, d'Eu MP (c.1058 - d.)

Adelaide D' EUDES (DE SOISSONS) MP (c.1035 - 1066)

Adelaide DE SOISSONS MP (c.983 - 1047)

Adelaide de Soissons MP (deceased)

Adelaide De Soissons, Heiress of Soissons MP (deceased)

Adelaide de Soissons MP (1032 - 1079)

Adelheid de Soissons MP (c.985 - 1047)

Agnes Guillaume d'Eu, dame de Soissons MP (c.1074 - c.1124)

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Agnes DeBazentine (de Soissons) MP (deceased)

Agnes De Montauban (De Soissons) MP (deceased)

Agnès de Soissons (d'Eu) MP (1051 - 1124)

Argote De Soissons (.) MP (deceased)

Arthémie De Soissons MP (b. - c.542)

Audovèse De France (De Soissons) MP (b. - 580)

Audovèse De France (De Soissons) MP (deceased)

Auginus De Soissons MP (deceased)

Barbe de Soissons MP (deceased)

Barbe de Soissons, Dame d'Espaigny et Survilliers MP (b. - 1503)

Basina de Soissons, Nun MP (c.557 - c.590)

Bucart de Soissons-Moreuil MP (deceased)

Childesinta de Soissons (von Franken) MP (c.559 - d.)

Chilperic II DE SOISSONS MP (539 - 584)

Chlodébert de Soissons MP (c.570 - 580)

Clodéric De Soissons MP (485 - 508)

Clotaire De Soissons MP (584 - 629)

Clothair I "The Old" DE SOISSONS, of The Franks MP (497 - 561)

Clovis de Soissons MP (c.555 - 580)

Déodatus De Soissons MP (493 - d.)

Eleanor de Soissons MP (1185 - 1229)

Fredegunde DE SOISSONS MP (543 - d.)

Garritrude De Soissons MP (553 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons MP (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons MP (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert de Soissons MP (c.955 - d.)

Giselbert De Soissons, Count of Soissons MP (893 - 989)

Giselbert De Soissons MP (893 - d.)

Gui de Soissons, Comte de Soissons MP (b. - 1057)

Guiguin, comte de Soissons MP (c.799 - c.844)

Guiguin was born about 0799 in Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, France , the son of Rutpert de Hesbaye III (comte de Hesbaye (l'Oberrheingau) et de Wormsgau) [the son of Rutpert de Breisgau II (c0750-0807)...

Guiquin de Soissons MP (b. - c.844)

Guiquin de Soissons MP (b. - c.844)

Helvide de Soissons MP (b. - 1110)

Isabelle de Soissons MP (deceased)

Isabelle de Moreuil,de Soissons (de Moreuil) MP (1260 - 1382)

Jacqueline de Soissons MP (deceased)

Jean de Soissons, seigneur de Poix MP (b. - c.1482)

Jean II de Soissons, seigneur de Poix MP (deceased)

Jeanne de Soissons MP (deceased)

Jeanne de Soissons MP (deceased)

Jehan Lombard de Soissons MP (deceased)

Jossine de Soissons MP (c.1480 - d.)

Manasses de Soissons, Bishop of Soissons MP (1057 - 1108)

Marguerite, comtesse de Soissons MP (c.1288 - 1350)

Marguerite de Soissons, dame de Moreuilde MP (deceased)

Marion Lombard de Soissons MP (b. - 1507)

Mlle. de Soissons MP (c.1105 - d.)

Mummolin De Soissons, Comte à S MP (deceased)

Mundéric De Soissons MP (b. - 532)

N.N. de Soissons MP (deceased)

Palatina DE SOISSONS (D' Angoulême) MP (540 - 599)

Pharamond De Soissons MP (c.397 - d.)

Pierre Amader de Savoie de Soissons MP (deceased)

Ramtrude d'Eu, comtesse de Soissons MP (c.1052 - 1117)

Renaud DE SOISSONS MP (982 - 1057)

Renaud III, comte de Soissons MP (c.1086 - 1146)

Renaud de Roucy Comte de Soissons MP (b. - 941)

Renaud II de Soissons, comte de Soissons MP (1051 - 1084)

Samson de Soissons, died young MP (575 - 579)

Sigebert le boiteux De Soissons MP (aft.445 - 508)

Sigrade De Thurgovie (De Soissons) MP (605 - 677)

Stéphanie de Soissons MP (deceased)

Theodeline De Soissons (.) MP (460 - d.)

Theuderic de Soissons, died young MP (c.550 - 584)

Villaume de Soissons,de Moreuil (de Soissons) MP (deceased)

Witichin, comte de Soissons MP (c.810 - 844)