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Abraham de Villiers, a3b8 MP (c.1707 - 1763)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b8 ___________________________ Abraham farmed on De Goede Hoop and Rhenosterrug. Abraham farmed the following properties:- De Goode Hoop and Bossendal in Drakenste...

Abraham de Villiers SV/PROG 2 MP (1659 - 1720)

Abraham de Villiers Stamvader/Progenator 2 Variations of the name – Origin of the name * – Derived from a villaris or villare [French] village. The surname literally means ‘from the village’. Artic...

Adam de Villiers, seigneur de Vitry MP (c.1330 - 1365)

Adam de Villiers MP (c.1290 - 1339)

Adriaan Abraham de Villiers MP (1881 - 1936)

Adriaan Abraham de Villiers MP (1929 - 1996)

Alexander de Villiers, Lord of Brooksby MP (1228 - d.)

From History of Nottinghamshire Paganus de Villers was a great Man and had many Sons. He gave his Son William, Newbolt. Petronilla, who had been Wife of William de Vilers, 13 H. 3. c. claimed against...

Anna Susanna de Villiers (Louw), b5c2d5e10 MP (1782 - 1851)

Annetta Catharina Beatrix de Villiers (la Grange) MP (1831 - 1905)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG V1671

Mrs Anyce de Villiers MP (1235 - d.)

Arnold de Villiers MP (1104 - 1132)

Aymer de Villiers MP (1078 - 1105)

Beatrice de Villiers (de Newman) MP (1160 - d.)

Beatrix de Villiers, Heiress of Warrington MP (c.1124 - c.1158)

*Sir Matthew de Villiers Lord of Warrington b. circa 1115, d. before 1159 Mother **Agatha Angevin b. circa 1117 She was the heiress of Warrington. Name Variation Beatrice de Villiers was also f...

Lady Beatrix de Villiers MP (c.1138 - 1165)

Note: Beatrice, in love with King John, had regal ambitions, but the king gave her in marriage to one of his barons, Sir Robert Molyneux.

Catharina Hendrina de Villiers, f2g5 MP (1880 - 1950)

Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers, a1b1c1d8e2f3g5 MP (1850 - 1887)

Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers was born on 10 March 1850 in Swellendam, in the Cape Colony (now Western Cape). De Villiers is known as the 'father of South African geneaology' and began writing his si...

Cynthia de Villiers (Fitz Payne) MP (1089 - 1104)

Daniel Jacobus de Villiers MP (c.1844 - 1919)

Boedel / Estate No. - VAB MHG V2172

David de Villiers, SV3b6 MP (c.1701 - 1770)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b6 David de Villiers het die plase Vrede en Lust, La Motte en Zion besit. Farmer/Boer on 'Vrede-en-Lust' farm, which he bought in 1725, as well as 'La Motte' and 'Zion'...

Debora Johanna de Villiers, c13 MP (bef.1763 - 1764)

Debora Maria de Villiers, c16 MP (bef.1769 - 1769)

Elisabeth de Villiers, SV3-b10c7d1e6 MP (deceased)

Elisabeth de Villiers, b1 SM MP (1690 - 1765)

­BOSMAN a1 Hermanus Bosman ­Amsterdam 19.4.1682, s.v. Lambertus B., v. Aurik in Oos-Friesland wat 6.9.1681 trou met Maria Fransz., v. Amsterdam. Hermanus is in 1705 na Batavia gestuur as Krankebeso...

Elizabeth Secault MP (1634 - 1681)

Elizabeth Petronella de Villiers, SV3b6c1d5e1 MP (1781 - 1835)

Swartland Baptism Record

Elizabeth Ackerman (Bellier) MP (1616 - 1665)

wc.rootsweb.ancestry... ; Name: Lizbeth [DEVILLIERS] BELLIER Given Name: Lizbeth [DEVILLIERS] Surname: BELLIER My maternal lineage contains many Ackermans. Although my ancestor, David Ackerma...

Elsje Maria Perold (de Villiers), SM MP (deceased)

Giniel De Villiers MP

Hester Roux, b7 SM MP (1690 - 1754)

Ester Le Roux Married to Pierre de Villiers, 1724 Son Jan 1729 de Villiers born 1729

Isaac de Villiers, a3b11 MP (c.1712 - c.1719)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b11

Major general Isaac Pierre de Villiers, CB MC MP (1891 - 1967)

Major-General Isaac Pierre de Villiers CB MC (1891–1967) was a South African military commander and police official. Originally an attorney by profession, he served in the Royal Field Artillery durin...

Isaac Jacobus de Villiers MP (1770 - c.1821)

Isabeau Elizabeth Taillefert, b1 SM MP (c.1674 - c.1735)

Kon in 1688 in die Kaap aan op die skip Oosterland. Taillefer & Briet - Huguenots from Chateau Thierry, Brie, France. Jean T. was an apothecary and elder of church at Monneaux. Where closely related ...

Izaak / Izak de Villiers MP (1751 - 1802)

Izaak de Villiers boer op Palmietvlei in Klein Drakenstein. sic: Geslagsregister van vroeë Kaapse Families. Farmer, Palmietvallei, Klein Drakenstein. Heemraad for Stellenbosch.

Izaak de Villiers, b12c7d6 MP (1786 - 1851)

Oldest known tombstone of this branch of the family, leans against a cypress tree in the cemetery in the front of the Old Dutch Reformed (Strooidak Kerk) in Paarl.

Jacob de Villiers, SV3-b10c7d8 MP (1790 - 1875)

SAG Vol 14 lists d8 Jacob Stephanus Nicolaas * Klein Drakenstein 31.3.1790 ~ Paarl 22.8.1790

Jacob Nicolaas de Villiers, SV1b3c1d17 MP (c.1786 - 1854)

Jacobus de Villiers MP (bef.1703 - c.1735)

First Fifty Years Project Wife Louise Joubert b. b 6 Dec 1699, d. 1764 Children Margreta de Villiers+14 b. b 5 Jun 1725 Jacob de Villiers15 b. b 6 Apr 1727 Elizabeth de Villiers16 b. b 1...

Jacobus de Villiers, a3b5 MP (c.1699 - bef.1703)

Baptism NGK Drakenstein Le 14 Septbre Lannee 1699 - Jacobus fils de jacob Villiers et de Marguerite Gardiol pour temoins Abra'am Villiers et isabeau Richar pour Marraine. - Botha, C Graham: The F...

Jacobus Lodewicus de Villiers MP (1835 - 1900)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG V1686

Prof. Roux de Villiers MP (1927 - 2010)

† Prof JWR (Roux) de Villiers (84) is verlede Maandag in Stellenbosch oorlede. Hy was ’n Senior Lektor in Meganiese Ingenieurswese aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch, later Professor in Toegepaste W...

Jacques (Jacob) de Villiers MP (1661 - 1735)

A letter from the Chamber of Delft, dated 16 December 1688, stated: With this ship we have again permitted the following French Refugees to sail to the Cape and earn their living as freemen, Pierre de ...

Jan de Villiers, a3b10 MP (bef.1717 - 1796)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b10 ____________________________ Jean (Jan) erf Bosch en Dal van sy vader. Hy besit ook Dwars in die Weg, Stellenbosch en Normandie. Farmed on "Boschendal" in Drakens...

Jan Jacobus de Villiers, b10c7d9e6 MP (1829 - 1896)

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG V630

Jean de Villiers MP (c.1633 - 1667)

Married to Isabeau Sicault Son Pierre de Villiers born 1657 in Bar-Sur-Seine, Burgundy, France Son Jacob (Jacques) de Villiers born 1661 in Bar-Sur-Seine, Bourgogne, France Pierre was born circa ...

Jean II de Villiers, seigneur de L'Isle-Adam MP (c.1384 - 1437) ; ; Jean de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (ca. 1384 - Brugge, 22 mei 1437) was heer van L'Isle-Adam en Maarschalk van Frankrijk. Tijdens de Honderdjarige Oorlog vocht...

Jean de Villiers MP (deceased)

Jacques Mouton of Steenkerken [Steenwerck?], Belgium. was divorced from Catherine l'Hermite .. He also had three children with Marie de Villiers , of La Rochelle or Guines, France † ca 1699. She is p...

Johanna de Villiers, a3b4 SM MP (c.1697 - 1763)

Baptism NGK Drakenstein, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Le 6 Octobre Lannee 1697 - Janne fille de jacob Villiers et de Marguerita Gardiol, Le temoins et Abrahaam de Villiers et Mademoiselle Le f...

Johanna Catherina Petronella Stockenstrom (De Villiers) MP (1921 - 2002)

Dr. John Julius LeMoyne de Villiers MP (c.1760 - 1847)

88. Dr. John Julius LeMoyne de Villiers: b. 1760 near Paris, France; to Gallipolis, OH; to Washington Co., PA, 1796; French royalist refugee; d. 1847 Notes From Wikipedia F. Julius LeMoyne House ...

Magdalena de Villiers MP (deceased)

Magdalena Cornelia de Villiers, SV3b6c1d5e6 MP (1793 - 1868)

Margaret Foljambe (de Villiers) MP (1351 - 1398)

Different websites give her different sets of parents. Sir GODFREY FOLJAMBE, Knt., ob. v.p. 49 Ed. 3, aged 32. MARGARET, daughter of Paganus de Vilers, of Kinoulton, co. Notts., married 40 Ed. ...

Margaretha Hoppe (de Villiers), a3b7 SM MP (1705 - 1776)

Drakenstein Baptism Record (See Sources) Hoppe - De Villiers Marriage Record ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PAGE 448...

Margaretha Maria Taute (de Villiers) MP (1926 - d.)

Marguerite de Villiers, a2b3 SM MP (c.1696 - 1764)

Overberg families Entry 46 Christiaan ACKERMAN * Saxony, Germany, † 1751 NOTES Silversmith who arrived in 1720 Kinders (2): 47, 50 X Margaretha DE VILLIERS

Maria Margaretha Aletta Eksteen (de Villiers) MP (c.1835 - 1905)

Maria de Villiers, a2b6 SM MP (c.1702 - c.1744)

Staat ende inventaris van alle sodanige goederen roerende en onroerende, schulden en inneschulden, als ’er in gemeenschap van goederen sijn beseeten bij den burger Glaude Marais en sijn laaste overlede...

Maria Charlotte Snyman (de Villiers) MP (1922 - 2000)

Maria Charlotte de Villiers (Roux) MP (1894 - 1963)

Maria Francina Joubert (de Villiers) MP (1857 - 1910)

Source/Bron - Joubert Familie 1688-2013 Page 576 MOOC6/9/664.969

Maria Helena Elizabeth de Villiers MP

Still Bay, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa

Maria Susanna de Villiers, SV3b6c1d5e5 MP (1790 - 1868)

Marie de Villiers, SM/PROG MP (c.1673 - 1699)

Jacques Mouton, SV/PROG Jacques Mouton] of Steenkerken [Steenwerck?], Belgium. was divorced from Catherine l'Hermite who was remarried in Europe to Pierre le Roy . He [Mouton] had three children with h...

Marie Elisabeth de Villiers, SV3b3 MP (bef.1695 - bef.1731)

Baptism NGK Drakenstein, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa Le 14 Novembre 1695 - Marie Elizabet fille de jacob Villiers et La Mere, marguerite gardiol et Le temoins jean gardiol et Marie Ellizabet ...

Marie Madeleine Coulon De Villiers MP (c.1712 - c.1799)

Martha Elizabeth De Villiers (Watermeyer) MP (1884 - 1950)

Matthew de Villiers, of Kinalton MP (c.1283 - c.1351)

Matthew de Villiers, Lord of Warrington MP (1115 - aft.1159)

From rootsweb: Sources: Repository: Title: JohnFaye (8 Jun 05).FTW Abbrev: JohnFaye (8 Jun 05).FTW Note: Source Media Type: Other Text: Date of Import: 27 Jun 2005 Title: William Pincerna.ged Abbre...

Melius de Villiers SV1b3c1d17e1f8 MP (1849 - 1938)

MELIUS DE VILLIERS Melius de Villiers was born 5 September 1849, Paarl v. He attended Paarl Gymnasium and South African College School. In 1872 he obtained the “Certificate of the Higher Class in L...

Mrs Petronell de Villiers MP (c.1195 - 1258)

Paganus de Villiers MP (1132 - 1160)

Alternate name Paganus Pain de Villiers

Paganus de Villiers of Newbold MP (c.1165 - d.)

Payne de Villiers, of Kinalton MP (c.1311 - 1348)

Perronelle de Montmorency, Seigneur de Damville et d'Ecouen (de Villiers de L'Isle Adam) MP (1340 - c.1415)

Petrus de Villiers, SV3b5c2d2 MP (c.1752 - 1805)

Petrus Johannes Truter De Villiers MP (1845 - d.)

Philippe de Villiers MP

Viscount Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon , known as Philippe de Villiers (French: [filip də vilje]; born on 25 March 1949), is a French politician. He was the Mouvement pour la France nomin...

Pierre de Villiers, SV/PROG MP (c.1657 - 1720)

Pierre de Villiers boer saam met sy broers op La Rochelle. Hy besit ook Bourgogne, Picardie-la-Brie. Pierre de Villiers, gebore omstreeks 1657, van La Rochelle was 'n Franse Hugenoot wat in 1689 op d...

Pierre l'oiseleur de Villiers, heer van Westhove MP (1535 - 1590) ; L'OYSELEUR DIT DE VILLIERS (Pierre), geb. te Rijssel omstreeks 1530, sterft te Westhove 24 Nov., begraven te Middelburg in de St. Pieterskerk 28 Nov. 1590. Zijn waarschijnl...

Pierre de Villiers MP

Pierre Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon , né le 26 juillet 1956 à Boulogne en Vendée, est un général d'armée français, chef d'état-major des armées depuis le 15 février 2014.

Pieter Jacobus ''Piet Fisant'' de Villiers, b9c5d6e3 MP (1820 - d.)

Rachel Hugo (de Villiers), a3b10 MP (c.1710 - 1762)

Genealogiese/Genealogical #: b9 Inventaris van alle goederen en effecten als ab intestato sijn naargelaaten en met ’er dood ontruijmt door Margaretha Gardiol wed:w wijlen Jacob Villiers d’ oude ten b...

Rachel de Villiers, b2 SM MP (1694 - 1773)

Susanna Roux (De Villiers), a3b2 MP (c.1693 - 1770)

Marriage to Pieter Roux (b2) NGK Drakenstein Anno 1718. Den 9 Dito [Jan.] Pieter Roùx, jongman van Cabo, met Susanna DeVillers Jonge Dogter mede aldaar. - Drakenstein Heemkring, compilers, Draken...

Susanna Elizabeth de Villiers MP (1864 - d.)

Susanna Elizabeth de Villiers MP (1866 - d.)

Susanna Margaretha Debora De Villiers (Bosman) MP (1880 - 1959)

Suzanne (Susanna) de Villiers, SV2b4 MP (bef.1697 - 1730)

William de Villiers (Villiers) MP (c.1191 - 1245)

William de Villiers, of Kinalton MP (c.1255 - d.)

From History of Nottinghamshire Paganus de Villers was a great Man and had many Sons. He gave his Son William, Newbolt. Petronilla, who had been Wife of William de Vilers, 13 H. 3. c. claimed against...

de Villiers MP (deceased)

de Villiers MP (deceased)

de Villiers (Klein) MP (deceased)

De Villiers MP (aft.1900 - d.)

de Villiers (Smith) MP (deceased)

'Baby' De Villiers MP (deceased)

(Myra) De Villiers MP (deceased)

(Unknown) de Villiers (Peijters) MP (deceased)