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Albreda / Aubrey FitzEustace FitzRichard MP (1158 - 1199)

Roger Fitzrichard who was the founder of the Priory of Langley in Norfolk He then married Albreda, daughter of Robert de Lissours and granddaughter to Robert de Lacy. (Lord of Pontefract who is my fi...

Alice De Lacy (Fitzrichard) MP (1153 - 1190)

Not the same as her half sister and sister-in-law Alice De Vere, Baroness de Halton Not the daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville - there is no record of his having had any daughters. Birth seen as ...

Amice (Amuria) Maud Maude De Betham (FitzRichard) MP (c.1190 - d.)

Name might be Amuria. Ralph de Betham mentioned above had a son, Thomas, who married Amuria, daughter of Richard Fitz-Roger, lord of Wood Plumpton, in Lancashire. Their eldest son, Ralph de Betham, w...

Bertha FitzRichard MP (1105 - 1167)

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Geoffrey de Brionne, Count of Eu & Brionne MP (953 - 1015)

Godefroi de Brionne (Crispin), comte d'Eu (Geoffrey, Godfrey or Goeffroy de Brionne), illegitimate son of Richard Duke of Normandy Parents: Richard I Sans-Peur, Duke of Normandy, and a mistress (no...

Isabel FitzRichard (De Clare) MP (1098 - d.)

John "Monoculus" de Burgh (FitzRichard), of Saxlingham, Lord of Knaresborough MP (1060 - 1138)

John FitzRichard NOTE: often confused with John FitzNigell also known as "Monoculus" Father: Richard fitzRanulf (this family is connected to the de Vesci family) Mother: Unknown Spouse: Unkno...

Jollan de Neville (FitzRichard) MP (b. - c.1208)

Jollan's parentage, and connection to the baronial Neville family, are uncertain. He is said to have been a son of Gilbert de Neville, who allegedly commanded the fleet of William the Conqueror; but th...

Margaret FitzRichard or FitzTancred MP (1125 - d.)

Osbern Fitz Richard, 2d Baron of Burford MP (c.1025 - c.1100)

Osbern (or Osborn or Osbert) Fitz Richard (or Fitz Scrop or Fitz Scrob or Le Scrope), son of Richard Fitz Scrob and brother of William Fitz Richard, was born in Richard's Castle in Herefordshire, near ...

Richard II "the Good", Duke of Normandy MP (c.958 - 1026)

Richard II 'le Bon' Duc de Normandie Parents: Richard I 'Sans-Peur and Gunnor de Crèpon Spouses: 1. Judith (982-1017), daughter of Conan I de Bretagne Children: * Richard (c. 100...

Richard III, duke of Normandy MP (997 - 1027)

Richard III FitzRichard de Normandie, died young. Parents: Richard II 'le Bon' & Judith de Rennes Betrothed to Alix Capet, later Comtesse de Corbie Never married Children (by mistresses) ...

Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy MP (1000 - 1035)

Robert contributed to the restoration of Henry King of France to his throne, and received from the gratitude of that monarch, the Vexin, as an additional to his patrimonial domains. In the 8th ...

1st Baron Roger FitzRichard, of Warkworth MP (1104 - 1177)

Roger fitz Richard, Lord of Warkworth1 b. circa 1140, d. before 1177 Father Richard fitz Eustache, Baron of Halton, Constable of Chester2 b. circa 1110, d. 1157 Mother Albreda de Lisoriis2 b. cir...

Roger FitzRichard MP (c.1125 - 1205)

Sara Mary FitzRichard MP (c.1156 - 1185)

Simon FitzRichard MP (c.1114 - d.)

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Walter FItzRichard de Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford MP (1127 - c.1187)

From Walter, a Norman Knight of Brevelais on the Welsh border, paid feudal service to Henry in his war in Wales. He is identified as Rosamond's father by Amy Kelly, "Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Fo...

Adelais (Alice) Fitzrichard, De Normandy (c.1003 - 1037)

Anor FitzRichard (de Mortaine) (c.1075 - c.1120)

Aubrey FitzRichard (c.1158 - d.)

Aubrey FitzRichard (c.1158 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard (deceased)

Avelina FitzRichard De Normandie (Fitzrichard) (1037 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard (c.1005 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard (c.1005 - d.)

Beatrice Fitzrichard (1135 - d.)

Beatrice Fitzrichard (deceased)

Beatrice De Vaux (Fitzrichard) (1116 - 1162)

De Fitzrichard (Beauchamp) (1068 - d.)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Ellen Creagh (FitzRichard) (deceased)

Fresende Fitzrichard, Denormandy (c.995 - d.)

Gilbert FitzRichard (deceased)

Godfrey FitzRichard de Clare (deceased)

Helto Fitzrichard (1087 - 1159)

Henry FitzRichard (deceased)


Hugh FitzRichard (deceased)

Hugh FitzRichard (deceased)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel Fitzrichard (Fitz De Clare) (1098 - d.)

Isabel Deburgo Demortaigne de Cumberland (Fitzrichard De Clare) (deceased)

Isabel FitzRichard (FitzRoy) (1186 - d.)

Isabell FITZRICHARD (c.1066 - d.)

Isabella Dowdall (FitzRichard) (deceased)

John Fitzrichard (1130 - d.)

Seems a different man than John FitzRichard de Lacy, Lord of Halton, Constable of Chester

Judith Fitzrichard, De Normandy (c.1005 - d.)

Mabel Beatrice Abbot (Fitzrichard) (deceased)

Magdelen Fitzrichard (1095 - d.)

Margaret Fitzrichard (c.1226 - d.)

Mary Lacy (FitzRichard) (c.1150 - 1185)

Lady Mary Fitzrichard (deceased)

Miss FitzRoland (FitzRichard) (deceased)

NN De Barri (FitzRichard) (1155 - d.)

Osbern Fitzrichard (1065 - 1086)

Osbern FitzRichard (c.1055 - 1080)

Richard FitzRichard (deceased)

Richard was killed in Wales

Richard FitzRichard, of Glasspistol (deceased)

Richard Fitzrichard (1050 - 1106)

Robert FitzRichard (c.1153 - d.)

Robert FitzRichard (c.1116 - 1134)


Roger FitzRichard (c.1120 - 1178)

Roger FitzRichard (c.1120 - 1178)

Roger Fitzrichard (c.1050 - c.1131)

Roger Fitzrichard (1150 - 1177)

Rohese FitzRichard de Clare de Nova Villa (Neville) (FitzRichard de Clare) (1055 - 1121)

Roscelin FitzRichard (b. - c.1175)

Simon Fitzrichard (deceased)

Unknown FitzRichard, Brionne (958 - 1015)

Walter Fitzrichard (c.1058 - 1138)

Walter FitzRichard (c.1058 - d.)

William Fitzrichard (1089 - 1130)

William I FitzRichard (c.1015 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1075 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1089 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1089 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1075 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1089 - d.)

William FitzRichard (c.1080 - d.)

William Fitzrichard (c.1200 - d.)

William Fitzrichard (1090 - 1140)

William Fitzwilliam (FitzRichard), Knt (1205 - 1265)

William Fitzrichard Cardinham Fitzrichard (b. - 1130)