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Adela of France, countess of Flanders MP (1009 - 1079)

Adela of France, known also as Adela the Holy or Adela of Messines; (1009 – 8 January 1079, Messines), was, by marriage, the duchess of Normandy (January – August 1027), and countess of Flanders (1035–...

Alice de Essex (de Vere) MP (aft.1093 - aft.1185)

From MedLands: =a) ADELISA ([1105]-after 1185). Leland quotes a Vere manuscript which names "Albericus de Ver pater meus…Adeliza filia Gilberti de Clare" and "Adeliza de Estsexa, filia Alberici Ver et ...

Amice (Amuria) de Betham (born FitzRichard) MP (c.1190 - d.)

Name might be Amuria. Ralph de Betham mentioned above had a son, Thomas, who married Amuria, daughter of Richard Fitz-Roger, lord of Wood Plumpton, in Lancashire. Their eldest son, Ralph de Betham, was...

Bertha FitzRichard MP (1105 - 1167)

Medlands: English Lords A–C :— iv) BERTHA (-after 1167). A charter dated to [1127] records that "Ricard Pontii filii" granted the manor of " Lechia " to " Mathildi uxori mee in matrimoniu " in exch...

Geoffrey de Brionne, Count of Eu & Brionne MP (aft.953 - bef.1015)

de Brionne (Crispin), comte d'Eu (Geoffrey, Godfrey or Goeffroy de Brionne), illegitimate son of Richard Duke of NormandyParents: Richard I Sans-Peur, Duke of Normandy, and a mistress (not his wife Gun...

Herleva of Falaise MP (c.1003 - c.1050)

family Parents: Fulbert de Falaise and Doda Mistress of Robert 'le Magnifique': Child: Guillaume 'le Conquérant' (William Conqueror), King of England Spouse: Herluin de Conteville Children: ...

Isabel FitzRichard, {Fictional} MP (b. - c.1131)

Disputed Marriage If she was a wife of William, Count of Mortain , they had no children, as he died a monk without issue.===Disputed children Seen as mother of Aldhelm de Mortaigne, {Fictional} without...

Jollan de Neville (FitzRichard) MP (c.1130 - c.1208)

Jollan's parentage, and connection to the baronial Neville family, are uncertain. He is said to have been a son of Gilbert de Neville, who allegedly commanded the fleet of William the Conqueror; but th...

Judith of Brittany MP (aft.982 - 1017)

of Brittany (982–1017) was the daughter of Conan I, Duke of Brittany and Ermengarde of Anjou , and the mother of Robert the Magnificent .She was the first wife of Richard the Good , Duke of Normandy, w...

Margaret FitzRichard or FitzTancred MP (1125 - d.)

Margaret FitzBaderon (de Monmouth) MP (deceased)

"Baderon confirmed the possessions of the Priory at Monmouth granted by his predecessors, and extended them. His sister Margaret, whose son Robert became prior of Monmouth, and whose second husband, Hu...

Margaret de Toëny MP (1118 - 1185)

MARGARET (-1185 or before). *Eyton highlights that Margaret, wife of Walter [I] de Clifford, "is said, with probability, to have brought him Clifford Castle in frank-marriage, she being a daughter of R...

Mary FitzRichard MP (c.1156 - 1185)

Mistress MP (c.1000 - d.)

Unknown mistress(es) of Richard III de Normandie.Children:* Nicolas* Alix, married Ranulf, Vicomte du BessinLINKS([1001]-Rouen 6 Aug 1027). Guillaume de Jumièges names (in order) "Richard, Robert et Gu...

Papia, Duchesse de Envermeu MP (c.975 - c.1048)

Richard II 'le Bon' de Normandie married Poppa of Envermeu, by whom he had the following issue:* Mauger (c. 1019), Archbishop of Rouen* William (c. 1020/5), count of Arques[Poppa] [d'Envermeu] (-after ...

Richard II "the Good", Duke of Normandy MP (963 - 1026)

II 'le Bon' Duc de Normandie * Parents: Richard I 'Sans-Peur and Gunnor de Crèpon* Spouses: 1. Judith (982-1017), daughter of Conan I de Bretagne Children: * Richard (c. 1002/4), duke of Normandy * Ade...

Richard III, duke of Normandy MP (1001 - 1027)

III FitzRichard de Normandie, died young.Parents: Richard II 'le Bon' & Judith de RennesBetrothed to Alix Capet, later Comtesse de CorbieNever marriedChildren (by mistresses)* Nicolas* Alix, married Ra...

Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy MP (1000 - 1035)

Robert the Magnificent (French: le Magnifique; 22 June 1000 – 1–3 July 1035) was the duke of Normandy from 1027 until his death in 1035.

Roger FitzRichard, of Warkworth MP (aft.1104 - bef.1178)

Nothing is known about his father, though we might assume he was called Richard. (He was not Richard fitz Eustace) Roger fitz Richard, Lord of Warkworth1b. circa 1140, d. before 1177Father Richard fitz...

Roger FitzRichard MP (c.1125 - 1205)

Simon FitzRichard MP (c.1114 - d.)

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Unknown MP (958 - 1015)

The unknown wife of Geoffroy de Brionne.Children:1. Gilbert de Brionne (Crespin)2. (unknown), parent of daughter who married Baldric and had six or more children.LINKSLANDSGEOFFROY de Brionne, illegiti...

Walter FitzRichard de Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford MP (c.1105 - 1190)

From Walter, a Norman Knight of Brevelais on the Welsh border, paid feudal service to Henry in his war in Wales. He is identified as Rosamond's father by Amy Kelly, "Eleanor of Aquitaine and the F...

Adelisa de Vere (deceased)

Agnes DeTremaen (1304 - 1355)

Avelina FitzRichard (deceased)

Avelina FitzRichard De Normandie (Fitzrichard) (1037 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard (c.1005 - d.)

Avelina FitzRichard (c.1005 - d.)

Avice de Owby (deceased)

Beatrice Fitzrichard (1135 - d.)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Elisabeth FitzRichard (deceased)

Ellen Creagh (FitzRichard) (deceased)

Fresende Fitzrichard, Denormandy (c.995 - d.)

Gilbert FitzRichard (deceased)

Godfrey FitzRichard de Clare (deceased)

Gralam Fitzrichard De Runchamp (deceased)

Helto Fitzrichard (1087 - 1159)

Henry FitzRichard (deceased)

Hugh FitzRichard (deceased)

Hugh FitzRichard (deceased)

Isabella Dowdall (FitzRichard) (deceased)

Isabell FITZRICHARD (c.1066 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (FitzRoy) (1186 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (c.1090 - d.)

Isabel FitzRichard (1505 - 1581)

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Isabel De Berkeley (Fitzrichard) (c.1242 - d.)

John fitzRichard (deceased)

Mabel Fitzrichard (deceased)

Mabel Beatrice Abbot (FitzRichard) (deceased)

Magdelen Fitzrichard (1095 - d.)

Margaret Fitzrichard (c.1226 - d.)

Miss FitzRoland (FitzRichard) (deceased)

Nicholas FitzSimon (FitzRichard), Rector (b. - 1241)

Nicholas FitzRichard, of Suffield (deceased)

NN NN (deceased)

NN De Barri (FitzRichard) (1155 - d.)

NN de Neville (c.1135 - d.)

Probably the daughter of the Gilbert de Neville (?-1169) who had three sons Geoffrey/Geoffroy, William, and Walter. They would accordingly have been her brothers, and it would have been logical for the...

Osbern FitzRichard (c.1055 - 1080)

Richard FitzRichard (deceased)

Richard was killed in Wales

Richard FitzRichard, of Glasspistol (deceased)

Robert FitzRichard, “The Magnificent”

Robert FitzRichard (c.1153 - d.)

Robert FitzRichard (c.1116 - 1134)

Roger FitzRichard (c.1050 - aft.1131)

Roger FitzRichard (c.1120 - 1178)

Roger FitzRichard (c.1120 - 1178)

Roger FitzRichard, Lord of Warkworth (deceased)

Roger Fitzrichard, 1st Lord of Warkworth (deceased)

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Roscelin FitzRichard (c.1105 - bef.1175)

John Watson 3/14/16 Dear all,A couple of weeks ago I was guilty of repeating a genealogical myth in a post to this group, namely that the Neville family of Pickhill and Rolleston were descended from ...

Rose Fitzwilliam (Beauville) (deceased)

Simon FitzRichard (FitzSimon), Lord of Penesthorp & Threxton (deceased)

Simon Fitzrichard (deceased)

Unknown FitzRichard, Brionne (958 - 1015)

Walter Fitzrichard (c.1058 - 1138)

Walter FitzRichard (c.1058 - d.)

William FitzRichard, {Fictional} (deceased)

William FitzRichard*Last Edited 4 Apr 2020*M, #4988Child *Isabel FitzRichard+---- 17th, 18 and 19th Century genealogists created a completely fictitious family tree for William and Hubert de Burgh, lin...

William Fitzrichard (c.1200 - d.)

William Fitzwilliam (FitzRichard), Kent (1205 - 1265)