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Catherine Foulis (Brown) MP (c.1489 - d.)

George Foulis of Ravelston, Master of the Mint MP (deceased)

Sir Henry Foulis, 2nd Baronet MP (1607 - 1643)

Complete baronetage ; Cokayne, George E. (George Edward); 1900; Vol. I; page 135 alternative date of death: 13 September 1643

Sir James Foulis, Kt., of Colinton MP (c.1487 - c.1548)

Sir James Foulis (died 1549), was a Scottish judge. Foulis was the son and heir of James de Foulis of Edinburgh (a skinner) and his wife Margaret, who was herself herself the daughter of Sir James He...

James Foulis MP (c.1461 - d.)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on James Foulis: James Foulis [1] M, #437421 Last Edited=2 Mar 2012 James Foulis married Margaret Henderson, daughter of James Henderson, 1st of Fordell a...

Mary Foulis (Layton) MP (b. - 1657)

William Foulis MP (1435 - d.)

Foulis (1669 - d.)

Ada Florence Foulis (Woodward) (deceased)

Adam Foulis (deceased)

Agnes Foulis (Grieve) (deceased)

Agnes Foulis (deceased)

Agnes Foulis (c.1714 - d.)

Agnes Foulis (deceased)

Agnes McClurge (Foulis) (1763 - 1849)

Agnàse Eudora Liston Foulis (Wingate) (deceased)

Alexander Foulis (deceased)

Sir Alexander Foulis, 1st Bart. of Colinton (b. - c.1670)

Biographical Summary " Alexander Foulis, Fear of Colinton , co. Edinburgh, only son and heir apparent of Sir James Foulis of Colinton, Advocate [S] 1576, and sometime [1612] M.P. [S] for Edinburgh, b...

Alexander Baronet Edmond (Foulis) (deceased)

Alexina Foulis (1876 - d.)


Ann Foulis (b. - 1919)

Anne Foulis (c.1624 - 1656)

Annie Foulis (Begg) (deceased)

Annie Foulis (Groat) (deceased)

Major Archibald Primrose Liston Foulis (1874 - 1917)

Archibald Foulis (1712 - 1767)

Sir Archibald Primrose of Ravelston and Dunipace, 2nd Baronet (c.1692 - 1746)

Biographical Summary " Sir Archibald Primrose, Baronet [S. 1661], of Ravelston and Dunipace , grandson and h., being s. and h. of George Primrose, formerly Foulis, by Janet, da. of Sir William Cunnin...

Sir Archibald Charles Liston Foulis of Colinton, 12th Bt. (1903 - 1961)

Avril Primrose Allhusen (Liston Foulis) (1915 - 2013)

Barbara Foulis (deceased)

Bette Foulis (b. - 1724)

Catherine Foulis (Watkins) (c.1632 - 1717)

Catherine Cole (Foulis) (b. - 1704)

Sir Charles James Liston Foulis of Colinton, 11th Bt. (1873 - 1936)

Clara Millington Foulis (Dow) (deceased)

David Kennedy Foulis (1885 - 1960)

Sir David Foulis, 3rd Baronet (c.1635 - 1694)

Complete baronetage ; Cokayne, George E. (George Edward); 1900; Vol. I; page 135

David Foulis (c.1875 - d.)

Sir David Foulis, 1st Baronet (b. - c.1642)

Third son of James Foulis of Colinton; moved to England; knighted in 1603; Baronet in 1619-20; married Cordelia fleetwood, daughter of William Fleetwood; had 5 sons and two daughters. Complete baro...

Dorothy Helen Liston Foulis (c.1908 - 1909)

Elizabeth Foulis (deceased)

Elizabeth Foulis (deceased)

Ethel Charlotte Liston Foulis (1878 - 1956)

Euphame Richard (Foulis) (c.1710 - d.)

Eva Marion Munro (Munro Of Foulis) (1881 - 1976)

Finvola Munro (Baroness of Foulis(Calder)) (1433 - 1458)

Florence Jane Clarke (Foulis) (b. - 1930)

Fredrick Peter Foulis (1956 - 1986)

George Foulis (deceased)

George Primrose of Ravelston, younger (1667 - 1707)

George Foulis (1569 - 1633)

George Herbert Liston Foulis (1879 - 1957)

George Foulis (1766 - d.)

George Foulis, of Ravelston (1606 - d.)

Grace Marguerite Liston Foulis (Carter) (deceased)

Grace Forrester, 8th. Baroness of Foulis (c.1338 - d.)

Gwynneth Beryl Pietersen (Liston Foulis) (1912 - d.)

Hannah Roundell (Foulis) (b. - 1869)

Harold Liston Foulis (1884 - 1885)

Harriet Foulis (Ramage-Liston) (deceased)

Henrietta Baird Foulis (Fraser) (b. - 1930)

Henrietta Ramage Foulis (Liston) (b. - 1850)

Henrietta Woodhall (Foulis) (b. - 1951)

Henry Foulis, of Colinton (c.1513 - d.)

Henry Foulis (deceased)

Henry Foulis (1638 - 1669)

Second son of Sir Henry Foulis, 2nd Baronet; distinguished scholar and author ) Henry Foulis (1638–1669) was an English academic theologian and controversial author. The second son of Sir He...

Sir Henry Foulis, 9th Baronet (1800 - 1876)

Complete baronetage ; Cokayne, George E. (George Edward); 1900; Vol. I; page 136

Honora Chaloner (Foulis) (1665 - 1755)

10 children: 1. Edward Chaloner, of Guisborough, b. 1683, Ingleby Greenhow, Yorkshire , d. 8 Oct 1737 (54 years) 2. David Chaloner, b. 1684, 3. Rev William Chaloner, b. 1687, Guisborough, Yorkshi...

Ida Foulis (Brookes) (deceased)

Lt.-Col. James Alastair Liston Foulis (1908 - 1942)

James Foulis, of Colinton (c.1542 - 1609)

General and Heraldic Distionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire; Burke; 1832: James Foulis of Colinton and his wife Agnes Heriot of Lumphoy had 4 sons:

Sir James Foulis Colinton of Tarbat (deceased)

Sir James Foulis, 5th Bart. of Colinton (b. - 1791)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Colinton , nephew and heir, being 1st son of heir of Henry Foutis, by Jean, daughter of Adam Foutis, of Edinburgh, Merchant, which Henry w...

Sir James Foulis, 6th Baronet, of Colinton (b. - 1825)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Colinton , 1st and only surviving son and heir; succeded to the Baronetcy, 3 January 1791, and, shortly afterwards, married 17 June 1791, ...

Sir James Foulis, 4th Bart. of Colinton (b. - 1742)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Colinton , son and heir; was Knighted v.p. before 1704; M.P. [S] for co. Edinburgh, 1704-07; succeeded to the Baronetcy in 1711. He died u...

Sir James Foulis, 2nd Bart. of Colinton (b. - 1688)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Colinton , son and heir; was Knighted v.p. 14 November 1641; took part in the Civil Wars on the side of the King; was a member of the Comm...

Sir James Foulis of Colinton (deceased)

Sir James Foulis, Baronet of Colinton (deceased)

James Foulis (deceased)

James Foulis Foulis (1880 - 1915)

Sir James Liston-Foulis of Woodhall, 9th Bt. (1847 - 1895)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Liston-Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Woodhall and Millburn Tower , son and heir by 1st wife; born 3 July 1847, at Millburn Tower; succeeded to the Baronetcy in 1858; ed...

Sir James Foulis of Woodhall, 7th Baronet Foulis, of Colinton (1770 - 1842)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Woodhall , co. Edinburgh, 6th cousin and heir male being youngest son of William Foulis of Woodhall by daughter of Campbell of Carsebank, ...

Dr. James Foulis (1846 - 1901)

James Baronet Foulis (c.1645 - 1711)

Biographical Summary " Sir James Foulis, Baronet [S 1634] of Colinton , son and heir by 1st wife; was Advocate [S] 8 June 1669, and was (v.p.) a Senator of the College of Justice [S], 10 November 167...

Jane White (Foulis) (deceased)

Jane Selina Foulis (Nathan) (b. - 1871)

Janet Foulis (deceased)

Janet Foulis (Cuningham) (deceased)

Janet Foulis (c.1604 - d.)

Janet Agnes Harriet Low (Liston Foulis) (b. - 1914)

Janet Munro of Foulis (Munro) (1390 - 1450)

Jean Loch (Foulis) (deceased)

Jean Foulis (deceased)

Jean Foulis (deceased)

Jean Hobbs (Foulis) (deceased)

Jemima Foulis (deceased)

Dr. John Foulis (1816 - 1870)

John Everard Foulis (1878 - 1916)

John Foulis (deceased)

John Foulis, of Woodhall (1709 - 1732)