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1st Wife Shmuel ben Hophni HaKohen HaNagid (bat Sherira Gaon), of Sura MP (deceased)

Rabbi Yehiel Hilel Gaon II MP (c.1060 - c.1080)

"In 1066, when his father, Jehoseph HaNagid, was assassinated and a riot broke out against the Granadan Jewish community, his widow, Rahel, and his son Abū Naṣr Azariah, who was a child at the time, fl...

Asmouna bat Shmuel ben Hofni HaKohen Gaon of Sura MP (deceased)

Azariah ibn Abū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel Gaon, haKohen MP (c.973 - d.)

Hizkiya Gaon Nasi al-Yerushalayim (Qaraite in later life) MP (c.977 - 1058)

Hizkiya's line fled to Northern Mesopotamia and remained in Mosul (present-day Iraq) until the Mongol invasion of 1270CE at which time it was extinguished. It is possible some escaped into the Khazars ...

Dau. #1 of Gaon of Vilna, [died young] MP (c.1741 - 1756)

Elijah ben Solomon ha-Kohen (ben Azariah ben Israel Gaon ha-Kohen), Gaon of Palestine Yeshiva of Tyre MP (c.1020 - c.1083)

Elijah ben Solomon ha-Kohen was gaon of the Palestinian yeshiva from 1062 till his death in 1083. His father, Solomon, had served as gaon for barely one year, in 1025, and Elijah’s elder brother, Josep...

Khiena Penchuk (d#2 Gaon of Vilna) MP (c.1748 - 1806)

Paltoi Yishai bar Abaye Kohen Ṣedeq (Gaon), Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.820 - c.858)

Paltoi was a powerful, energetic, and strong-minded personality. His appointment heralded a new era of prominence for the gaonate of Pumbedita. His authority was such that the exilarch had to come to h...

Pesia Bathia Donchin (d. #3 Gaon of Vilna) MP (1750 - c.1800)

Rav Yakob 'Zakai' ben Mar Sutra II (Rav Yakob 'Zakai' ben Mar Sutra II, 5th Exilarch & Gaon of Tiberias), 5th Exilarch & Gaon of Tiberias MP (c.660 - d.)

Little is known, however we do know that Yakob is the son of Sa'adyah (Mar Sutra II). He has two (2) sons1) Shlomo ben Zakai (Migas) and2) Shemaiyah מר זוטרא השלישי

Rabbi Shabbetai Shabtay Szebsel or Shepsl Bishka Hakohen, Gaon MP (b. - 1820)

Sources and links at Biszkowicz Family

Shoshana bat Hai Gaon MP (deceased)

Solomon ben Azariah Gaon ha-Kohen (ben Israel ben Samuel Gaon ha-Kohen) MP (c.1002 - c.1051)

Tauba d. #8 of Gaon of Vilna MP (c.1768 - c.1812)

Zahna Zauja-e-Assad bint* Imaam Hashim (bat Hophni Gaon) MP (deceased)

The mother of Maulaatena Fatimah binte Assad bin Imaam Hashim is Zahna daughter of the Exilarch Kaphnai of Baghdad, Iraq; a descendant of King David ( Nabi Dawood alaihissalaam ) of Jerusalem. Source:

(bat Zelmele) student of Vilna Gaon MP (deceased)

1st Wife of Haninai Gaon MP (deceased)

2nd wife of Abba Gaon MP (deceased)

? Gaon (Aluf) MP (deceased)

???? bat Shlomo ben Masliah haKohen, Gaon of Palestine Yeshiva of Damascus MP (c.1125 - d.)

Abba Gaon MP (deceased)

Albert Gaon MP (deceased)

Albert Gaon MP (1917 - 1986)

Albert Gaon MP (deceased)

Albert Gaon MP (deceased)

Albert Gaon MP (1897 - 1973)

חברא קדישא תל אביב

Alipio Gaon MP (deceased)

Aliza Gaon (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Allegra Benjamin (Gaon (Gaan)) MP (1904 - 1981)

Andre Zah (Gaon) MP (deceased)

Annie Gaon (Alfandary) MP (1929 - 2014)

Antonia Gaon MP (deceased)

Aquelina Gaon Pajarillo MP (deceased)

Arigiro Gaon (Vanvakidou) MP (deceased)

Aurora Aquino Gaon MP (deceased)

Avraham-Haim Gaon MP (deceased)

Bachmal Gaon MP (deceased)

Bea-Berta Gaon MP (deceased)

Becky Gaon MP (deceased)

Benjamin Gaon MP (deceased)

Benjamin Gaon MP (deceased)

Benjamin Binya Gaon MP (1934 - d.)

Berta Gaon MP (deceased)

Bienvenido Gaon MP (deceased)

Binyamin David Gaon MP (1935 - 2008)

איש עסקים ישראלי

Buky Gaon MP (deceased)

Catherine Gaon MP (deceased)

Channa Nothmann (Gaon) MP (c.1901 - 1948)

Cohen Zedek Gaon MP (c.935 - d.)

Daleep Shah ( Katsari Anant prasad, Bade gaon ) MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

David Gaon MP (1965 - d.)

David Gaon MP (deceased)

decendant of daughter Gaon of Vilna MP (deceased)

Dorothy Gaon MP (deceased)

Dr. David Gaon MP (deceased)

Edna (Jaquline) Gaon (Moscovici) MP (1933 - 1998)

ela gaon (levi) MP (deceased)

Eliahu Gaon MP (deceased)

Ella Gaon MP (deceased)

Erna Gaon (Alkalay) MP (1905 - 1942)

Yadvashem: and

Ester Gaon MP (deceased)

Ester Gaon MP (deceased)

Ester Gaon MP (deceased)

Ester Baruh (Gaon) MP (1900 - 1942)


Esther Gaon MP (deceased)

(ESTHER) GAON MP (deceased)

Esther Salama (Gaon) MP (deceased)

Esther Jeudah Leon (Gaon) MP (deceased)

Esther Gaon (de Marchena) MP (deceased)

Eugenio Gaon MP (deceased)

Feliciana Gaon MP (deceased)

Floriana Gallanosa Gaon (Gallanosa) MP (deceased)

Frieda Haimoff (Gaon) MP (deceased)

Gilierma Gaon Mayo MP (deceased)

Gratzia Gaon MP (deceased)

Hana Gaon MP (deceased)

Hana Rina Ben Gaon (Vinkler) MP (1923 - 2002)

Hany Gaon MP (deceased)

Helica Gaon MP (1930 - 1942)

Henya Gaon MP (c.1868 - 1948)

Herzel Gaon MP (deceased)

Hilde Gaon MP (deceased)

Ida gaon (arama) MP (1923 - 1999)

inayat bhai rajnand gaon wala MP (deceased)

Isaac ben Daniel ben Azariah Gaon (ben Azariah Gaon) MP (c.1056 - d.)

Isaac Gaon MP (b. - 1966)

Isaac Gaon MP (1872 - 1942)


Isaac Gaon MP (deceased)

Isaac Gaon MP (1909 - 1941)

Isaak Günzburg Gaon MP (deceased)

Israel Gaon MP (deceased)

Itai Gaon MP (1957 - d.)

itshak gaon MP (deceased)