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Go Seigen 吳清源 MP (1914 - 2014)

Wu Qingyuan , generally known in the West by the Japanese pronunciation of his name Go Seigen , was a Chinese-born Japanese master of the game of Go. He is considered by many players to have been the g...

S-Gi-A-Go MP (c.1738 - d.)

Go Tam Nio MP (deceased)

"A-Guin" Go MP (deceased)

Name unknown-Go MP (deceased)

- Go MP (deceased)

Go ...? MP (deceased)

? Go- MP (deceased)

? Go(u)ldupiene MP (deceased)

? Go MP (deceased)

? Go MP (deceased)

? Tasbih Go MP (deceased)

? Go MP (deceased)

?? Go MP (deceased)

??? Stanisław Siedlnicki Kotwicz z Długie(go) MP (deceased)

Wschowa I - 162

_______ Go MP (deceased)

Go A Mie MP (deceased)

A Montes de Oca Gó MP (1660 - d.)

Go Aaa Bbb MP (deceased)

Abeline Sennema MP (deceased)

Abraham Göransson MP (1796 - d.)

Ada Go MP (deceased)

Adelaida Ngo MP (1944 - 2015)

Adolf Fredrik Göransson MP (1913 - 1980)

Adolphe Göldlin MP (1902 - 1981)

Adoracion Go (Dela Cruz) MP (deceased)

Go Aer Nio MP (deceased)

Agus Suwito (Swan Djien Go) MP (deceased)

Ah Hing Go MP (1915 - 1973)

Air Nio Go MP (deceased)

Ajat Nio GO MP (deceased)

Akar Nio Lie (Go) MP (deceased)

Albert Pudjowargono Go Kiem Tjwan MP (deceased)

Alejandro Go MP (deceased)

Alfea Plaza Go MP (deceased)

Alfonso Go MP (deceased)

Alice Li Sen Pin (Han Go Way) MP (deceased)

Alice Go MP (deceased)

Alice Tjian Kiem Go (Liem) MP (deceased)

Allan Go MP (deceased)

Ama Go MP (deceased)

An Nio Go MP (deceased)

she haa son named WIMPY. he died during the II world war in 1945s in surabaia. added by his cousin Tjip Tiong.

Ana López (Gómez Delgada) MP (deceased)

Ana Tjahjadi (Tjoa Tjoei Go) MP (1927 - 2007)

Ana (Sy Ku) Go MP (deceased)

Ana de los Montes de Oca Gó MP (deceased)

Ancheta Sy Go MP (deceased)

Anders Göransson MP (1730 - 1794)

Anders Göransson MP (1837 - d.)

Andrea Go MP (deceased)

Andrea Góðadal MP (1924 - d.)

Andres Go MP (deceased)

andres go MP (deceased)

Andy Emanto (Go Soen Tjhiang) MP (1937 - 2014)

Go Ang Bwee MP (1926 - 1983)

Go Ang Kiok MP (1928 - 2008)

Ang Kong Go MP (deceased)

Ang Po Go MP (deceased)

Angkong Go MP (deceased)

Aniceta Talosig Go MP (deceased)

Anna Stina Göransdotter MP (1780 - d.)

Anna Matilda Göransdotter MP (1859 - 1919)

Anna (Brita?) Göransson (Ersdotter?) MP (deceased)

Anna Greta Göransdotter MP (1785 - 1785)

Anna Göransdotter MP (1793 - d.)

Anna Göransdotter MP (1707 - 1761)

Anna Lisa Andersdotter Göthe MP (1801 - d.)

Anna Göransdotter MP (1713 - d.)

Anna Kristina Göransdotter MP (1856 - d.)

Anna Sofia Göransdotter MP (1854 - d.)

Anna Stina Göransdotter MP (1829 - 1903)

Anna Stina Göransdotter MP (1851 - d.)

Anna Viktoria Göransson MP (1891 - 1891)

Anna Göransdotter MP (1757 - 1820)

Anna Göransdotter Schönström MP (1867 - d.)

Anna Göransdotter (Göransdotter) MP (1694 - d.)

Tan Kiem An Nio (Anneke) MP (1928 - 1976)

Annika Göransdotter MP (deceased)

Anteng Go MP (deceased)

Anton Göransson MP (1895 - d.)

Antonia Go (Galorio) MP (deceased)

Antonino Go MP (deceased)

Antonino Go MP (deceased)

Antonio Yllana Go Sr. MP (deceased)

Antonio Go MP (deceased)

Antonio Acuna Go MP (1941 - 2002)

Antonio Ebbio Go MP (deceased)

Antonio Go MP (deceased)

Aquileo Go MP (deceased)

arcadio go MP (deceased)

Arief Gunawan (Go Yoe Hien) MP (1914 - 2001)

Art Go MP (deceased)

Asnat Setiawati Go Rianto MP (1085 - d.)

August Per Gustafsson Göthe MP (1845 - d.)

August Emanuel Göthe Lindahl MP (1844 - 1955)

Auguste Go"tze MP (deceased)

Augusto (Kim Piao) Go MP (b. - 1984)

Avelina Go MP (1942 - 2010)

Axel Georg Göransson MP (1903 - 1973)

Axel Mauritz Göransson MP (1898 - 1898)