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Elizabeth Hockley (O'Moore), SM/PROG MP (1791 - 1862)

1820 British Settler Elizabeth O'Moore 29, together with her husband and 4 children, were members of Bailie's Party of 256 Settlers on the Chapman . Party originated from London. Departed Londo...

Mary Ann Hockley, SM/PROG MP (1801 - 1865)

Hood or Hockley, Mary Ann Last Name: Hood (nee Hockley) First Name: Mary Ann Date of Birth: 17 Aug 1801 chr. 1 Nov 1801 Place of Birth: Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England ...

Samuel "Old Sammy Doughboy" Hockley [Convict "Royal Admiral" 1792] MP (1771 - 1859)

Samuel HOCKLEY was born c1771 (son of John HOCKLEY and Mary ?) Samuel was baptised on 29/9/1771 at Barking, Essex Samuel was convicted of stealing and sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrive...

. Yetman (Hockley) MP (deceased)

???? Howes (Hockley) MP (deceased)

?James Hockley MP (deceased)

Queenie Hockley MP (1906 - 1999)

Ada Hockley MP (deceased)

Alan Hockley MP (1894 - d.)

Albert Hockley MP (c.1877 - d.)

Albert Rodolph Hockley MP (1894 - 1980)

Alex Hockley MP (deceased)

Alfred Hockley MP (1869 - 1937)

Alfred W Hockley MP (deceased)

Alfred Moore Harrison Hockley MP (1822 - d.)

Alice Hockley (Taylor) MP (1865 - 1939)

Alice Mabel Grassick (Hockley) MP (1891 - 1980)

Alice Lilly May Hockley MP (1874 - d.)

Alice May Hockley MP (deceased)

Allan Frederick Hockley MP (1926 - d.)

Allison Harriet Hockley MP (1892 - 1962)

marriage Registration For Oswald R Allen and Allison H Hockley Name Oswald R Allen Spouse Name Allison H Hockley Marriage Date 1915 Marriage Place New South Wales Registration Place Petersham New...

Amelia Ethel HOCKLEY MP (1892 - d.)

Amelia Hockley (Daniell) MP (1843 - d.)

Amelia Ward (HOCKLEY) MP (deceased)

Amy Hockley MP (deceased)

Amy Hockley (Crumfrett) MP (1753 - 1796)

Amy Hockley MP (1775 - d.)

Amy Hockley MP (1845 - 1920)

Birth Registration For Amy Hockley Name: Amy Hockley Birth Date: 1845 Birth Place: New South Wales Registration Year: 1845 Registration Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Father: John S Ho...

Amy Jubilee Hockley, Infant MP (1897 - 1897)

Birth and Death Registration For Amy Jubilee Hockley Name: Amy Jubilee Hockley Birth Date: Jun 1897 Death Date: 18 Aug 1897 Cemetery: St Thomas Anglican Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Enfiel...

Andrew Hockley MP (deceased)

Andrew Jackson Hockley MP (c.1815 - d.)

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Angelina Ada W Hockley MP (1861 - 1923)

Birth Registration For Angelina Ada W Hockley Name: Angelina Ada W Hockley Birth Date: 1861 Birth Place: New South Wales Registration Year: 1861 Registration Place: Enfield, New South Wales, Aust...

Ann Cunningham (Hockley) MP (1757 - 1811)

Ann Elizabeth Bozier (Hockley) MP (1839 - 1924)

Ann Hockley (Williams), convict "Lord Melville" 1817 MP (1779 - 1835)

Ann WILLIAMS was born c1778 Ann was convicted of theft (with David PRIESTLY and James FITZPATRICK) and sentenced to 7 years * transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 24/2/1817 on "Lord Melville...

Ann "Annie Immaculate" Hockley (Kennedy) MP (1886 - 1942)

anna marie hockley MP (deceased)

Anne Rogers (Hockley) MP (c.1789 - d.)

Anne North (Hockley) MP (b. - c.1798)

Anne Marion Christina Hockley MP (1901 - 1992)

Annie Mary Hockley (Jordan) MP (1876 - d.)

Annie Hockley MP (c.1900 - d.)

Annie I'Ons (Hockley) MP (1837 - 1886)

Annie Lucinda Hockley (Lyons) MP (1875 - 1963)

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Annie Elizabeth Button (Hockley) MP (1896 - 1971)

Anthony Hockley MP (deceased)

Anthony Hockley MP (deceased)

Anthony George Hockley MP (deceased)

arthur hockley MP (deceased)

Arthur Hockley MP (c.1867 - d.)

Arthur Hockley MP (deceased)

Arthur Bertie Charles Hockley MP (deceased)

Arthur Arnold Hockley MP (1917 - 1918)

Arthur Rolland Joseph Hockley MP (1895 - 1978)

Athalie Weir (Hockley then Moorshead) MP (1916 - 1997)

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Audrey Jean Hockley (Bladon) MP (1936 - 2017)

Mr Barry John Hockley MP (1939 - d.)

Beatrice Hockley (Cornford) MP (deceased)

Bertie Leonard Hockley MP (1894 - 1961)

Beryl Violet Hockley MP (1926 - d.)

Bessie Hockley MP (deceased)

Bessie Hockley MP (c.1898 - d.)

Bessie Keller Hockley MP (deceased)

Betty Hinehou Hockley (Weymss) MP (1917 - d.)

Blanche Louise Maude Hockley (Moore) MP (deceased)

Bob Hockley MP (b. - 2004)

Caldeon Leonard Hockley MP (1882 - 1929)

Calvern Hockley MP (deceased)

Caroline Ann Hockley (Mayley) MP (deceased)

Caroline Patient (Hockley) MP (1857 - d.)

Catherine Emma Carefoot (Hockley) MP (c.1863 - d.)

Charles Hockley MP (deceased)

Charles Hockley MP (1870 - d.)

Charles Hockley MP (c.1835 - d.)

In 1851 Charles was living with his aunt and uncle Joseph and Mary Cordery at 20 Old Worple Way, Richmond. He was working as a grocers labourer, aged 17. Believe Charles may have married Mary Ann Col...

Charles Hockley MP (deceased)

Charles Twyman Hockley MP (1854 - d.)

charles Joseph Hockley (Magill) MP (deceased)

Charles Richard Hockley MP (1897 - 1963)

Charlotte Hockley MP (c.1827 - d.)

Charlotte Hockley MP (deceased)

Charlotte Walters (Hockley) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Hockley MP (c.1809 - 1881)

Cis Hockley (Sullivan) MP (deceased)

Clarissa Ann Ruth Hockley MP (1856 - d.)

Claude Hockley MP (deceased)

Claude Hockley MP (deceased)

Clinton H Hockley MP (1913 - 2000)

Daisy Knight Pearman (Hockley) MP (deceased)

Daisy Dovey (Hockley) MP (1898 - d.)

Daniel Laverne Hockley MP (deceased)

Daniel Hockley MP (deceased)

Daniel Hockley MP (deceased)

Daniel Henry Hockley MP (1886 - 1974)

Daphne Gladys Hockley (nee-) MP (1915 - 2011)

David John Hockley MP (deceased)


Derek Hockley MP (deceased)

Donald Eric Hockley MP (deceased)

Dora Beatrice Patterson (Hockley) MP (1908 - 1990)

Dora Maria Hockley (nee-) MP (1899 - 1986)