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Bartolomé José Vázquez Borrego Imperial MP (c.1735 - d.)


Imperial MP (aft.1937 - bef.1945)

Imperial MP (deceased)

Imperial MP (deceased)

Agnes Hajec Imperial MP (deceased)

Agustín Miralles de Imperial y Barrié MP (1890 - 1939)

albert imperial MP (deceased)

Alfonso Imperial MP (deceased)

Alfonso Imperial MP (deceased)

Ambrosia Esplana (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Anastacia Imperial MP (deceased)

Andres Imperial MP (deceased)

Andy Imperial MP (deceased)

Ann Fox (Imperial) MP (aft.1925 - d.)

Anna Imperial (Frangione) MP (c.1900 - d.)

Anna Elise Margarete Imperial MP (deceased)

António Imperial MP (deceased)

Arsenio Balmeo Imperial MP (deceased)

badong imperial MP (deceased)

Bartolomea Imperial MP (deceased)

Beatrice Gandolfo (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Belinda Imperial MP (1953 - 2002)

Bella Imperial MP (deceased)

Bella Imperial MP (deceased)

Benedicto Imperial MP (deceased)

Benigno Imperial Fernàndez MP (deceased)

Benjamin Samson Imperial MP (1942 - 1991)

Billie Oldham MP (1941 - 2007)

Blandina Imperial-Kimpo MP (deceased)

Caridad Miralles de Imperial y Díaz MP (deceased)

Caridad Febrer y Miralles de Imperial MP (1931 - 1991)

Carlos "Papay" del Rosario Imperial MP (1930 - 2010)

Carlos del Rosario Imperial was the congressman for the 2nd District of Albay from 1965-1999, 2001-2007. He was the longest-serving congressman in Philippine history.

Carlos Miralles de Imperial y Barrié MP (deceased)

Carolina Imperial (Ronci) MP (1882 - d.)

Caroline Navarro (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Catalina Macahilig Imperial MP (deceased)

Cecilia Imperial MP (deceased)

Cecilia Imperial Albano (Imperial) MP (c.1892 - 1972)

Celia Imperial Bernal MP (deceased)

Cipriana Imperial MP (deceased)

Claudio Miralles de Imperial y Barrié MP (1882 - 1944)

Clemente Miralles de Imperial y Jiménez de Frontín MP (1850 - 1925)

Concepcion Imperial MP (1899 - 1993)

Conception Imperial MP (deceased)



Consolacion Botardo (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Consuelo Imperial-Rondario MP (deceased)

Crisanto Imperial, Jr. MP (1946 - 2014)

Crisanto Imperial, Jr. was the fourth of five children of Crisanto Imperial and Rosario Ramos. He was baptized by Arsenio Pineda, and his godparents at the time of his baptism were Crispin Ramos and Es...

Crisanto Imperial MP (1915 - 1994)

Crisanto Imperial was named after “santo” (meaning, “saint” due to his Roman Catholic faith). He worked as a security guard in Manila. Then, he and his family moved to Melbourne and naturalized on Janu...

Crispina Gabriel Imperial MP (deceased)

Cristituta Imperial (Guson) MP (deceased)


Daniela Hernaez (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Danny Imperial MP (deceased)

David Imperial MP (deceased)

David Imperial MP (deceased)

David del Rosario Imperial MP (1919 - 1951)

Delia Imperial (Chua) MP (1943 - 2003)


Demetrio Imperial MP (deceased)


Dolores Romero de Imperial (Romero y Falcón) MP (c.1874 - 1929)

Sources: Dolores Romero de Imperial's Burial Register: Dolores Romero de Imperial's Death Register: Engracio Imperial and Dolores Romero's Marriage Register:

Dolores Dy-Liacco Imperial MP (deceased)

Loleng Imperial MP (b. - 2002)

Domingo Imperial MP (1890 - 1965)

Domingo Fernandez Imperial was a former Senator (1934–1935, 1941–1947) of the Sixth Senatorial District of Albay, Sorsogon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, and Masbate. More here: .

Domingo Imperial, Jr. MP (1927 - 1993)

Domingo Imperial was a delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, as a representative of the 2nd District of Albay.



Doris Yaari (Imperial) MP (deceased)

Eduardo Imperial MP (deceased)

Elias Imperial MP (deceased)

Elias Imperial MP (deceased)

Elisa Imperial MP (deceased)

Emma Imperial MP (deceased)

Emma Imperial-Perfecto MP (deceased)

Encarnacion Limjoco MP (1905 - 1999)

Source: Paulo Limjoco and Encarnacion Imperial's Marriage Register:

Engracia B. Imperial MP (deceased)

Engracio B. Imperial MP (1868 - 1933)

Engracio Imperial was a cabeza de barangay in Brgy. 1 (present-day name unknown) in his hometown Pili. He ran for governor of Ambos Camarines on June 6, 1916. However, he garnered third place behind An...

Enrico Imperial MP (deceased)

Eutropia Arroyo Estrada Vda. de Imperial MP (deceased)

Feliciano Imperial MP (deceased)

Feliciano Fernandez Imperial MP (deceased)

Feliciano Fernandez Imperial served as the Mayor of Legaspi, Albay.

Felicitas Imperial (Reyes) MP (deceased)

Felix Samson Imperial MP (deceased)

FIDEL IMPERIAL (formerly ABUEL) MP (1883 - 1932)

Fidel Imperial MP (deceased)

Fidel Imperial MP (deceased)

Francis Imperial MP (deceased)

Francisco Imperial MP (deceased)

Francisco Xavier Imperial MP (deceased)

Francisco Vázquez Borrego Imperial MP (c.1772 - d.)

Francisco BORREGO was born about 1772. Parents: Bartolome Vasquez BORREGO and Maria Alejandra SANCHEZ. Spouse: Maria Refugio TREVIÑO. Maria Refugio TREVIÑO and Francisco BORREGO were married on 27 No...

Franciso Imperial MP (deceased)

Geronimo Imperial MP (deceased)

Grace Imperial (Galietta) MP (deceased)

Gregoria Imperial MP (deceased)

Gregorio Fernandez Imperial MP (deceased)

Gregorio Samson Imperial MP (deceased)

Gregorio Imperial MP (deceased)

Gregorio Imperial probably came from Baao, Camarines Sur.

Ignacio Miralles de Imperial y Hornedo MP (1955 - 2005)