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Abraham ben Isaac haLevi MP (c.1560 - d.)

Abraham ben Joseph (I) ha-Levi (after 1580–after 1618), the nephew of Solomon the Elder and cousin of Isaac (II), also established himself as a noted religious teacher in Salonica. A student of ...

Sheshet Benveniste MP (c.1131 - c.1204)

Eleanor Triplett (Isaac) MP (1817 - 1861)

Eliza Simmons (Isaac) MP (1677 - 1757)

i. Elizabeth[8] Isaac. Born, circa 1677, in MD. Links

Elizabeth Norton (Isaac) MP (c.1612 - 1690)

'Elizabeth Norton The Last will and testament of me Elizabeth Norton widow I doe give to my fouer dafters named in my husbons will, five Shillins to Each of them. I give that houes & land to Ester ...

Elizabeth Pemossegishigokwe Isaac (Sunday) MP (b. - c.1860)

Mrs. Elizabeth Isaac is # 1789 on the 1907 Wooster Roll where she is identified as the daughter of Mrs. Christine Sunday # 1788. Wooster records Elizabeth Isaac's traditional name as "Pemossegishigokwe...

Ella Wertheim (Isaac) MP (1883 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Wertheim, Ella geborene Isaac geboren am 16. Dezember 1883 in Olfen / Lüdinghausen / Westfalen wohnhaft in Bentheim Emigration: Nie...

Flora Seligmann (Isaac) MP (1874 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Seligmann, Flora geborene Isaac geboren am 17. Oktober 1874 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in Hamburg Deportationsziel: ab H...

Fogele Halevy Mayr (Isaac) MP (c.1615 - 1657)

Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien bei dr. Bernhard Wachstein- 1 teil- No. 468, page 356.

Helene Löwenthal (Isaac) MP (1864 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Löwenthal, Helene geborene Isaac geboren am 31. August 1864 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in Hamburg Deportationsziel:...

James Wolf (Isaac) MP (1870 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Wolf, James geboren am 02. Dezember 1870 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in Hamburg Deportationsziel: ab Hamburg - Kiel 19. J...

Jonet Isaac MP (c.1337 - c.1382)

(The person in that picture is not Jonet Isaac, it may look like her though) Children of Joan Isaac and Ewen MacDougall, 5th of Lorn and 7th of Dunollie Isabella Macdougall+2 d. 21 Dec 1439 Jon...

Joseph Isaac MP (c.1681 - 1703)

iv. Joseph Isaac. Born, 1681, in Calvert Co., MD. Died, 30 Sep 1703, in Q. Anne's Par., Cal/Pr. Geo. Co., MD. Links

Maggie Pinessewatinokwe Mishigahkwon (Isaac) MP (c.1885 - d.)

Mrs. Maggie Mishigahkwon is # 1790 on the 1907 Wooster Roll where she is identified as the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Isaac # 1789 and head of her own family. Wooster records Maggie's traditional name ...

Mary King (Isaac) MP (c.1874 - d.)

Mary King is not documented on the 1907 Wooster Roll but data about her is available on the registration of her death at age 94 on October 10, 1919. This document reports that Mary was born in the USA ...

Menahem ben Isaac Ashkenazi (Bekemoharar / Ashkenazi) MP (1666 - 1733)

The Bekemoharar family of rabbis and scholars was descended from Menahem ben Isaac Ashkenazi (1666–1733), who was born in Timişoara (Temesvár) near the border between present-day R...

Pauline Wolf (Isaac) MP (1867 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Wolf, Pauline Paula geborene Isaak geboren am 27. März 1867 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in Hamburg Deportationsziel:...

Rebecca Walker (Isaac) MP (1680 - 1730)

51 iii. Rebecca Isaac Links

Richard Isaac (Isacke), Sr. MP (1679 - 1759)

ii. Richard Isaac. Born, 1679, in Calvert Co., MD. Died, Jun 1759. He married Sarah Pottenger, circa 1710, in MD. Links

Rivkah wife of Rashi Abun (d. Isaac Benabun or Yosef Klonymos ?) MP (c.1040 - 1096)

Not much is known about her. She might have been Bat (daughter of) Yitzhak Benabun or bat Yosef Klonimus? See

Samuel ben Isaac Ibn Qasṭār (ibn Yashūsh) MP (c.1020 - d.)

Shlomo ben Isaac haLevi haZaken (HaLevi) MP (c.1532 - c.1600)

Solomon (II) the Elder (Salonica, 1532–1600) became one of the leading scholars and most prolific writers of the Ottoman Empire during the sixteenth century. In his youth, he studied Talmud with...

Simon Isaac MP (b. - 1685)

"In 1662 [sic, recte 1652] a lease pertaining to property in Belfast refers to a Manuel Lightfoot 'a tailor and a Jew,' and from 1685 onward, a Simon Isaac , of Ballywalter, Co. Down, appears in numero...

Sir Thomas Isaac MP (c.1306 - 1353)

Thomas de Isaac was the son-in-law (not the son) of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. Mentioned in MedLands only as the husband of Matilda, Robert the Bruce's daughter.

Thomasine Taylor (Isaac) MP (1548 - 1585)

Thomasine Taylor (Isaac) MP (c.1484 - 1551)

This information is taken from . However, rather than using the town of death as "Schodochurst", the spelling "Shadoxhurst" is used (which is what Wikipedia and Googlemaps has).

Yekuthiel ben Isaac Ibn Ḥasan, Dayyan al-Zaragoza MP (c.960 - c.1038)

Jekuthiel ibn Ḥasan was a Jewish communal leader, statesman, philanthropist, and patron of the arts who served in the Muslim court of the Banū Tujīb in Saragossa during the period ...

Zebulun ben Isaac, Khagan of Khazaria MP (deceased)

) Zebulun (Khazar) Zebulun or Zevulun ben Isaac was a Jewish Turkic ruler of the Khazars mentioned in the Khazar Correspondence. He probably reigned in the late ninth century CE. Little is known ab...

Isaac (deceased)

Isaac (deceased)

ISAAC (deceased)

Isaac (deceased)

Isaac (c.1645 - d.)

Isaac (deceased)

Isaac Mordecai (deceased)

Isaac (1688 - 1743)

Lewin (Isaac) (deceased)

"Isaac" Salomon Bernheim (Isaac) (1791 - 1818)

Source M. : AD68NUM-126/4F Source D. : AD68NUM-118/45 (JCL)

"Nathan" Salomon Bernheim (Isaac) (1794 - 1818)

Source N. : AD67NUM-40/8F Source M. : AD67NUM-15/28 (JCL) petit-fils de Jacques Bernheim

#1 Floyd Isaac (deceased)

--- Isaac (deceased)

----------- Isaac (Bartel) (deceased)

2nd wife of Joseph Karo (dau. Isaac Sabach) (c.1490 - 1523)

? Isaac (deceased)

? Isaac (deceased)

? Isaac (deceased)

? King (Isaac) (deceased)

? Isaac (deceased)

? Levy (Isaac) (deceased)

? ben Isaac (deceased)

? Isaacs Slomovits (b. - c.1944)

??? Isaacs Slomovits (b. - c.1944)

?? ISAAC (deceased)

?? Isaac (deceased)

?? Isaac (deceased)

??? Isaac (deceased)

??? Isaac (deceased)

???? Daughter of Isaac ibn Muhajir (c.1096 - d.)

???? bat Abū Ibrāhīm Isaac ibn Yashūsh (c.1002 - d.)

Aaltje Isaac (1895 - 1943)

Aaltje Abraham‏‎ Isaac (Prijs Preizich‏‎) (1718 - 1787)

Aaltje Isaac (deceased)

Aaltje Edil Isaac (b. - 1774)

Aaron Jacob Isaac (1916 - 1988)

Aaron Isaac (deceased)

Aaron Isaac (deceased)

Aaron Abraham Isaac (1910 - 1997)

Aaron Isaac (1857 - 1902)

Aaron Isaac (deceased)

Aaron Günsburg (ben Isaac Ulmo) (deceased)

Aaron Isaac (b. - 1860)

Aaron Isaac (1730 - 1816)

Aaron Reese Isaac (deceased)

Abe F. Isaac (1906 - 1998)

Abe Isaac (deceased)

Abe Isaac (deceased)

Abe Naji Isaac (Hayeem) (1924 - c.1981)

ABI ISAAC (IVES) (deceased)

Abigael de Isaac Senior (deceased)

Abigail Abinun de Lima (1844 - 1902)

Abigail de Isaac Lopez Henriquez (1868 - 1890)

Abigail Pardo (1808 - 1885)

Abigail Isaac (Cohen) (deceased)

Abigail Isaac (deceased)

Abitbol Isaac Isaac (deceased)

Abner D Isaac (1885 - d.)

Abraham Isaac (deceased)

Abraham ISAAC (1927 - 1979)

Abraham L. Isaac (1881 - 1962)

Abraham ISAAC (1852 - 1938)

Abraham Isaac (1883 - d.)

Abraham Isaac (c.1745 - 1779)

Abraham Isaac (deceased)

Abraham Remple Isaac (1876 - d.)

Abraham Tobia Isaac (1909 - 1971)

Abraham Isaac (c.1720 - d.)

Abraham Isaac (c.1760 - d.)

Abraham Isaac (deceased)

de Denting

Abraham Isaac (Oattupura) (1850 - 1919)

Abraham Isaac (1752 - 1820)