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Aalje (Aaltje) Coster (Jonas Elkan) MP (c.1793 - 1830)

Abraham Jonas MP (1801 - 1864)

Abraham Jonas (born September 12, 1801 in Exeter, England; died June 8, 1864) was the first permanent Jewish resident in Quincy, Illinois. He was a former member of the Illinois and Kentucky State Le...

Ada Isabel Jonas MP (deceased)

Adolf Jonas MP (1885 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Jonas, Adolf geboren am 11. Juni 1885 in Gemmerich / Sankt Goarshausen / Hessen-Nassau wohnhaft in Staudernheim Deportationsziel: ab Trier...

Ann Langdon Joll (Jonas) MP (b. - 1904)

Anna Katharina Vogt (Jonas) MP (c.1714 - d.)

Benjamin F. Jonas, U.S. Senator MP (1834 - 1911)

Benjamin Franklin Jonas (July 19, 1834 – December 21, 1911) was a Democratic U.S. Senator from Louisiana and an officer in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He was the...

Benjamin Jonas MP (b. - 1846)

Bernhard Jonas MP (1802 - d.)

Berta Jonas (Mayer) MP (1889 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Jonas, Berta geborene Mayer geboren am 06. Dezember 1889 in Staudernheim / Meisenheim / Rheinprovinz wohnhaft in Staudernheim Deportationszi...

Blanka Jonas MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Langdon Joll (Jonas) MP (c.1833 - 1908)

Elizabeth was born abt. 1833 and the Jonas family emigrated 1841 aboard the "Oriental". Is Elizabeth's middle name Langdon i.e. it has been misspelt by BDM?

Elizabeth Jonas (Langdon) MP (c.1804 - d.)

Emilie Reichhardt (Jonas) MP (1885 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Reichhardt, Emilie Milly geborene Jonas geboren am 25. August 1885 in Düsseldorf / - / Rheinprovinz wohnhaft in Michelstadt und K...

Ewa Jonas MP

Copenhagen, København, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

Frances Cohen (Jonas) MP (deceased)

Gruffudd ap Jonas Fychan MP (c.1385 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, the Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam, for the untangling of these lines: (April 5, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator).

Hans Jonas MP (1903 - 1993)

Hans Jonas (May 10, 1903 – February 5, 1993) was a German-born philosopher who was, from 1955 to 1976, Alvin Johnson Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York C...

Ithel ap Jonas MP (c.1255 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, "The Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam," for untangling and clarification of these lines. (January 21, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator) See Lloyd, "The History of the Lords Marcher," 1884, Whit...

Jakub Jonas MP (deceased)

Jonas Fychan ap Jonas MP (c.1355 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, the Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam, for the untangling of these lines: (February 24, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator).

Joseph Jonas MP (1792 - 1869)

) Joseph Jonas (1792–1869)[1] was the first Jew to settle in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He was an English-born peddler, who arrived from Philadelphia on March 8, 1817. He became a successful watch...

Klara Jonas (Weingarten) MP (deceased)

Madog ap Jonas MP (c.1260 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, "The Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam," for untangling and clarification of these lines. (January 21, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator)

Marian Jonas MP (deceased)

Mary Perry (Jonas) MP (c.1835 - 1920)

Matthew Jonas MP (c.1802 - d.)

Moritz Jonas MP (1834 - d.)

Paula Beifus (Jonas) MP (1888 - 1943)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Beifus, Paula geborene Jonas geboren am 29. November 1888 in Heddesdorf / Neuwied / Rheinprovinz wohnhaft in Stuttgart Deportation: ab Stutt...

Regina Jonas MP (1902 - c.1944)

REGINAJONAS 1902 – 1944 by Elisa Klapheck “If I confess what motivated me, a woman, to become a rabbi, two things come to mind. My belief in God’s calling and my love of humans...

Rosette Jonas MP (1807 - 1871)

Maj. Sidney Alroy Jonas (CSA) MP (c.1838 - 1915)

Editor of the Aberdeen, Mississippi Examiner Newspaper starting in 1876. Sidney Jonas was founder and editor of the Aberdeen Examiner. He served as a major in the Confederate Army and wrote the wel...

Therese Babette Jonas (Reiss) MP (1846 - d.)

Jonas (deceased)

Chaya (Ida) Jonas (1850 - 1923)

'Rosa' Rosetta Jonas (1857 - d.)

(mon grand-père) Jonas (deceased)

(name unknown) Jonas (deceased)

(not known) Jonas (deceased)

(stillbirth) Jonas (1932 - d.)

(Unknown) Jonas (deceased)

0scar Jonas (deceased)

1. Lisbet JONAS (Maier) (deceased)

3 UNKNOWN JONAS (deceased)

<Unknown> Jonas (<Unknown>) (deceased)

? Jónás (?) (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonás (deceased)

? Jonás (?) (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (deceased)

? Jonas (Luhtenhain) (deceased)

??? Jonas (deceased)

???? Jonas (deceased)

??????? Jonas (deceased)

[Hire] Karl Jonas (c.1780 - 1825)

abielu: Saaga EAA.1270.2.9:403?67,557,1088,101,0 Saaga EAA.1270.1.265:99?1196,1138,795,217,0 Saaga EAA.1270.1.224:26?1395,395,826,177,0

[Jonasse] Paap Jonas (deceased)

[Kisa] Maria Jonas (c.1785 - d.)

abielu: Saaga EAA.1270.2.9:403?67,557,1088,101,0 Saaga EAA.1270.1.265:99?1180,1168,605,75,0 Saaga EAA.1270.1.224:37?150,533,469,55,0

_____ Jonas (deceased)

A Jonas (deceased)

Aagot Elida Jonas (deceased)

Aaldert Jonas (1826 - d.)

Aaltje Jonas (Akse) (deceased)

Aaron Aryeh Laybe Jonas (1830 - 1919)

Abel Jonas (deceased)

Abelardo "Boy" Jonas (deceased)

Abigael Jonas (deceased)

Abigael / Fegle Jonas (1706 - 1785)

Abner Bastian Jonas (deceased)

Abraham Hersh Jonas (deceased)

Abraham Jonas (1887 - 1887)

Abraham Jonas (deceased)

Abraham Jonas (1911 - 1989)

Abraham Frommel Jonas (b. - 1789)

Abraham Jonas (1816 - 1884)

Rabbi Abraham Jonas Hollander (b. - 1808)

Micheline Gutmann: "... rabbi Abraham Jonas Hollander (died on 1 May 1808 at Obernai, burried cem Rosenwiller)."

Abraham Jonas (deceased)

on a list AHB Bonn 1846

Abraham Döring (Jonas) (deceased)

Abraham Jonas (deceased)

Abraham Jonas (1762 - 1786)

Abraham Herschl Jonas (1822 - d.)

Ada Isobel Haldenstein (Jonas) (deceased)

Adam Jonas (1830 - d.)

Saaga EAA.1260.1.14:278?187,1504,699,116,0

Adam Jonas (1783 - d.)

Sünd Saaga EAA.3148.2.1:97?438,1035,160,75,0 Vanematega Saaga EAA.1865.2.117/3:6?75,854,653,279,0 Perega Saaga EAA.1865.2.118/2:7?397,922,1563,141,0

Adam Jonas (1761 - d.)

Abielu Saaga EAA.3148.2.1:408?421,715,634,95,0 Perega Saaga EAA.1865.2.117/3:6?90,1264,418,174,0

Adam Jonas (1794 - d.)

Vanematega Saaga EAA.1865.2.117/3:5?1266,990,396,193,0

Adam Jonas (1842 - d.)

Adela Jonas (deceased)

Adela Louise JONAS (1910 - 2000)

Adele Heymann (Jonas) (1853 - c.1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Heymann, Adele geborene Jonas geboren am 15. Mai 1853 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in Braunschweig Deportationsziel: ab Gels...

Adele Jonas (1882 - d.)

Adelheid Jonas (von Rodenkirchen) (c.1595 - d.)

Adelheid Jonas (Stiel) (1837 - 1902)

Adolf Jonas (1850 - d.)

Adolf Jonáš (deceased)