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Alice Stradling (Langford) MP (c.1466 - d.)

Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Husband's Name John STRADLING (AFN:H53T-TW) Pedigree Born...

Alice de Neville (de Langford) MP (c.1366 - c.1385)

'Alice Langford1,2 'F, b. circa 1380 Father Sir Nicholas Longford, Justice of the Peace for Derbyshire3,4 b. c 1351, d. 31 Aug 1401 Mother Margery (Margaret) Sulney3,4 b. c 1353, d. a 1431 ' Al...

Alice M. Johnston (Langford) MP (1867 - d.)

Alvin Langford MP (1884 - 1975)

Excerpts below are from: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .............. 4 Alvin Langford b: 14 April 1884 in Pike Co, G...

Ann "Hannah" Beecher (Langford), widow Potter MP (c.1584 - 1659)

See timeline tab for additional citations from "John Beecher's wife, Hannah and her children were to join John in the spring of 1638, but when their schooner landed, they received the tragic ne...

Anne Stafford (Langford) MP (aft.1450 - d.)

Anne Langford (Beverley) MP (1367 - d.)

Primary Sources Proof of age for Anne daughter and one of the heirs of John de Beverle. The said Anne was born in the parish of St. Botolph without Aldrichesgate in Aldrichesgate ward, and baptized i...

Annie Laurie Langford (Williams) MP (1887 - 1963)

Excerpts below are from: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .............. 4 Alvin Langford b: 14 April 1884 in Pike Co, G...

Comfort Langford (Holderbee) MP (1667 - 1699)

Cordelia Clark (Langford) MP (1682 - 1769)

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Cynthia Ann Mitchener (Langford) MP (1811 - 1896)

Edna Irene Lankford (Myatt) MP (1920 - d.)

Edward Langford MP (c.1417 - 1474)

Eleanor Greene (Langford) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Medhurst (Langford) MP (1789 - 1840)

Gayle Sandra Lankford MP (1945 - 1956)

Harriet Langford (Bates) MP (1818 - 1899)

Harry Langford MP (deceased)

Humphrey Langford MP (deceased)

Joan Langford (de la Bere) MP (b. - 1393)

Primary Sources Inquisitions Post Mortem for Joan late the wife of Thomas Langford, knight, Writ, 25 November, 17 Richard II [1393]. She died on Sunday the feast of St Clement, to wit, 23 November ...

John Langford MP (1779 - d.)

John Alfred Langford MP (1815 - 1894)

John Parker Langford, Jr. MP

John Parker Lankford, Sr. MP (deceased)

Judith Walker (Langford) MP (1714 - 1752)

Lucy Langford MP (b. - 1420)

Primary Sources Inquisition Post Mortem for Lucy Widow of William Langford knight, Writ 26 June 1420. She died on 12 April last [1420]. Edward Langford is William's kinsman and next heir by virtue of...

Margaret Langford (Norris) MP (1462 - 1512)

Margaret Norris F, #77181, b. circa 1465 Father Sir William Norreys, Sheriff of Berkshire & Oxfordshire1 b. c 1441, d. c 10 Jan 1507 Mother Joan (Jane) Vere2 b. c 1440, d. a 1468 Margaret Norri...

Margaret Carew (Langford) MP (b. - 1501)

Mariah Langford (Rainwater) MP (1821 - 1859)

Mary Laughter (Langford) MP (1760 - 1805)

Mary Langford (Cook) MP (c.1646 - 1670)

Mary Langord’s will, dated 7 Nov 1670/1 Portsmouth, no proved date, wife of Thomas Lanford, mentions husband’s unnamed child, sister Sarah Parker, brother Thomas, and uncle John Cooke; Obediah Holms wh...

Mary Langford MP (deceased)

Mary Langford married John Rowley, son of Edward Rowley and Lettice Clotworthy, on 26 December 1671. She was the eldest daughter and heiress of Sir Hercules Langford. She was the mother of Hercules Row...

Mary Clotworthy (Langford) MP (1573 - d.)

Mary Leatherwood (Langford) MP (1779 - 1850)

Mary Hawkins (Langford) MP (1728 - 1800)

Mildred Langford (Thurman) MP (1787 - d.)

Phoebe Green (Langford) MP (1734 - 1778)

Sir Robert Langford, knight MP (c.1389 - 1419)

Primary Sources Inquisitions Post Mortem for Robert Langford, knight, Writ 26 Oct. 1419. He died on 23 June last [1419]. Edward his son and heir is aged 3 years.

Sancha Langford (Blount) MP (1416 - d.)

- some descendants of Sancha (Blount) and Edward Langford.- use as clues for further research if interested in this family line .

Sarah Allen (Langford) MP (1799 - 1882)

Thomas Langford MP (c.1644 - 1670)

Mary married Thomas Langford, son of John Langford. Born ca 1634. Thomas was baptized in Netherbury, Dorset, Eng., on 25 Dec 1634.231 Thomas died in Nov 1670 in Portsmouth, RI.231 Thomas arrived in N...

Thomas Langford MP (1663 - 1709)

Thomas Langford (1.Thomas) [c.1665] Birth: Portsmouth, R.I. 1709 Death: Intestate. 1st marriage: Newport R.I.; Comfort [Holderbe?], d.1699. 1701 2nd marriage: Sarah Long, d.1756. As a widow, she m....

Sir Thomas Langford, knight MP (b. - 1391)

Primary Sources Inquisitions Post Mortem for Thomas de Langford, knight, Writ, 18 June, 14 Richard II [1391]. He died on Thursday, 8 June last [1391]. William de Langgaforde, knight, aged 25 years an...

Sir William Langford, MP MP (c.1366 - 1411)

Primary Sources Inquisitions Post Mortem for William Langford, knight, Writ 13 Sept. 1411. He died on 31 Aug. last [1411]. Robert his son and heir is aged 22 years and more. Family and Education ...

Willie H Langford MP (deceased)

Langford MP (1897 - 1988)

Langford MP (deceased)

Langford MP (deceased)

Langford MP (deceased)

Langford MP (deceased)

#Joan LANGFORD MP (c.1682 - d.)

(Ginnie) Jane Langford (Steel) MP (deceased)

? Langford MP (deceased)

? Langford MP (deceased)

? Langford MP (deceased)

? Langford MP (deceased)

? Langford (Miller) MP (deceased)

? Langford (O'Sullivan) MP (deceased)

? Hedberg (Langford) MP (deceased)

?? Langford MP (deceased)

?? Langford MP (deceased)

?? Hill (Langford) MP (deceased)

??? Langford MP (deceased)

??? Langford MP (deceased)

[Infant] Langford MP (1765 - d.)

A.J. DeWayne Langford MP (deceased)

Abagail Langford MP (deceased)

Abigail Langford (Elliott) MP (1777 - 1830)

Abigail Margaret Cason (Langford/Lankford) MP (b. - 1870)

Abigail Langford (Elliott) MP (1765 - 1824)

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Abigail Elliot Langford MP (1826 - 1893)

Abigail Witham (Langford) MP (deceased)

Abner F Langford MP (1809 - 1870)

Acie Langford MP (deceased)

Ada Frances Langford (Miller) MP (1899 - 1966)

Ada Langford (Krebs) MP (deceased)

Ada Harris (Langford) MP (deceased)

Ada Romaine Langford (Touart) MP (deceased)

Ada Matilda Langford MP (1889 - 1956)

Ada Langford MP (deceased)

Ada Eliza F Langford (Crump) MP (c.1868 - d.)

Ada Irene Henriksen (Langford) MP (deceased)

Ada Elizabeth Graves (Langford) MP (deceased)

Married Richard P. Graves 22 Dec 1892 born 22 May 1871 Have record of One Child, Douglas P. Graves b 21 Nov 1893 Ranger, Ranger,Eastland Co. Tx. d Aug 1969 Annona, Red River Co. .21 DOUGLAS P. GRAVES b...

Ada Lavinia Dixon (Langford) MP (deceased)

Ada Vedeler (Langford) MP (deceased)

Adaline Franklin (Langford) MP (deceased)

Adam Elmo Langford MP (c.1921 - d.)

Addie Langford MP (1876 - 1945)

Agatha Mary Pamela Langford MP (1891 - 1895)

Pamela died of Diphtheria at age 4 she is buried in an currently unmarked grave beside her brother Forster in Rochester the plot number is known and will be added to this note later

Aggie Langford MP (deceased)

Agnes Martha Alfred (Langford) MP (c.1809 - 1899)

Record in 1880 WV census: Name: Agnes Alfred Home in 1880: Freemans Creek, Lewis, West Virginia Age: 79 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1801 Birthplace: Virginia Relation to Head of Household: Mo...

Agnes Langford MP (1880 - d.)

Agnes E. Mansell (Langford) MP (1923 - 2010)

Agnes Malissa Langford (Banks) MP (c.1845 - d.)

Agnes Christine Martin (Langford) MP (b. - 1996)

Agnes Langford (Marshall) MP (deceased)

Agnes Martha Alfred (Langford) MP (1809 - 1899)

Agnes Jane Langford (Russ) MP (deceased)

Agnes Waters (Langford) MP (deceased)

Agnes Langford (Mortaigne) MP (deceased)