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Abigail Seleck (Law) MP (1637 - 1711)

Abigail Comstock (Law) MP (c.1578 - 1646)

Agnes Christie (Law) MP (1775 - d.)

Avraham II Heller Wallerstein [Maharal son-in-law] MP (c.1550 - 1572)

Abraham, son of Moshe Heller Wallerstein - Chief Rabbi of Germany, married Rachel Loew, dau. #4 of the Maharal of Prague. Abraham HaLEVI HELLER and Rachel LOEW : Based on a chart from a translation...

Rabbi Chaim Wahl [Maharal son-in-law] MP (deceased)

Jude Law MP

Plagued with being called a heartthrob and a Golden Boy, British actor Jude Law managed to develop into a respected actor known for tackling challenging and often flawed characters. Though he struggled...

Rt. Rev Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle MP (1703 - 1787)

Burke's Peerage Mary CHRISTIAN; born 19 March, 1722; married 20 April, 1740, Rt Rev Edmund Law, Bp Carlisle, MA, DD, s of Rev Edmund Law, Curate of Cartmel, Lancs. (see BURKE'S Peerage, ELLENBOROUG...

Edward Law MP (1790 - 1868)

Eliezer ben Shmaya Jocelin [RASHI son-in-law] MP (1075 - d.)

Elizabeth Wright (Law) MP (1614 - d.)

George Law MP (1739 - 1811)

Hanna Enokh Enokh Loew [Maharal sis.-in-law #3] (Wessels) MP (c.1515 - d.)

Hannah Barnes (Law) MP (1816 - 1867)

Biography of Hannah Law by her third great grandaughter Debbie McCauley: Hannah Law was born in South Kirby, Yorkshire, England, in 1816. She was christened there on 19 August 1816. Her parents were ...

Jacques Law, marquis de Lauriston MP (1768 - 1828)

Voir Wikipedia...

Jane Munro (Law) MP (c.1776 - 1803)

John Law de Lauriston MP (1671 - 1729)

Voir Wikipedia... ) John Law (baptised 21 April 1671 – 21 March 1729) was a Scottish economist who believed that money was only a means of exchange that did not constitute wealth in itself...

Governor Jonathan Law, Jr. MP (1672 - 1750)

'Jonathan Law (August 6, 1674 – November 6, 1750) was the 27th Governor of the Colony of Connecticut, serving in that office from 1741 until 1750. His term followed that of Joseph Talcott, gover...

Jonathan Law, Sr. MP (c.1637 - 1711)

'Genealogical guide to the early settlers of America. Vol. 3 Pg. 316 ' Jonathan Law, Milford 1667, freeman 1669, perhaps only son of Richard, married Sarah, daughter of George Clark, Sr. ; by h...

Jonathan Law MP (deceased)

Josephine Anne Wright (Law) MP (c.1819 - 1849)

Lucy Hallock (Law) MP (1765 - d.)

Mary Elizabeth Law (Mosley) MP (c.1792 - d.)

Mary Law (Bairner) MP (1736 - d.)

Mary Cadwallader (Law) MP (deceased)

Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein I [Maharal in-law] MP (1520 - 1580)

Rabbi Moshe Heller-Wallerstein - Chief Rabbi of Germany - In-law of the Maharal of Prague.Moses HaLevi HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. 1520 Wallerstein, Germany, d. 1580), was Chief Rabbi of Germany. His son Ra...

Mrs. Akiva Fridkin [sis. in-law Alter Rebbe] (Segal) MP (deceased)

Mrs. Bezalel "Charif" Loew [Maharal Dau.-in-law] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Betzalel Loew (d. 1600 Cologne) was the son of the Maharal of Prague, Rabbi Judah LOEW. Rabbi Bezalel "Charif" Loew and his wife's descendants include 7 generations of Rabbis.

Phyllida Ann Law MP

Rabbi Ephraim Fishel Ashkenazi MP (c.1530 - c.1595)

Source: of the Marshal, Efraim Fishcel was chief of the rabbinical tribunal of Brisk or BREST-LITOVSK (in Polish, Brzesc; in Jewish writings, Brisk or Brisk de-Lita = “Brisk of Lithuania”...

Rabbi Avigdor Kara [Maharal br.-in-law] MP (deceased)

Source: The Loebtree on Wiki. No additional sources there. Seems another Avigdor Kara, NOT the Rabbi Avigdor Kara, nephew of the Maharal

Rabbi Yochanan Wahl [Maharal in-law] MP (deceased)

Rachel Davis (Law) MP (1738 - d.)

Rebecca Jewett (Law) MP (1655 - 1729)

Rowley - Births "LAW. Rebecca, d. William and Mary, 9: 7m: 1646" Rowley - Births "LAW. Rebecka, d. William and Mary, 1: 4m: 1655."

Richard Law MP (c.1607 - c.1686)

Richard Law by William Edwin Selleck in Selleck and Peck Genealogies RICHARD LAW, SR. Father Of Abigail Selleck (4) He was King's Attorney from England to America, settled in Stamford, Conn., abo...

Sara Law (Osborne) MP (c.1673 - 1727)

Sarah (Clark) Law MP (c.1644 - 1705)

'Genealogical guide to the early settlers of America. Vol. 3 Pg. 316 ' Jonathan Law, Milford 1667, freeman 1669, perhaps only son of Richard, married Sarah, daughter of George Clark, Sr. ; by h...

Sarah Selleck (Law) MP (c.1649 - c.1707)

Marriage John Selleck b: 21 FEB 1642/43 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA Married: 28 OCT 1669 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT 1 Children Sarah Selleck b: 22 AUG 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., CT...

Rabbi Shimon HaLevi Brandeis [Maharal son-in-law] MP (b. - 1622)

Rabbi Simon Brandeis HaLevi married in Prague, Gitele Loew, the Daughter of Maharal. They had one known son - Rabbi Samuel BRANDEIS. According to one source? Died September 19, 1635 in Prague, Czechosl...

William Law MP (1809 - 1892)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... William Law (8 September 1809 – 5 August 1892) was an important figure in the early history of the Latter Day Saint movement, holding a position in the ear...

Yaakov Pollack [Maharshal son-in-law] MP (deceased)

Law (1765 - d.)

Law (deceased)

Law (Lee) (deceased)

Law (deceased)

(Eugene Law's mother) (deceased)

passed away at early age (source: Eugene Law's daughter, Mary Tan)

Law (1765 - d.)

(Eugene Law's father) (deceased)

(Eugene Law's older brother) (deceased)

last known address: Hong Kong (source: Eugene Law's daughter, Mary Tan)

Law (deceased)

rosetta Davidson (Law) (deceased)

"Annie" Martha Hannah Graham (Law), Mrs (b. - 1968)

*Mary Louise Valintine LAW (1870 - 1938)

-- Law (deceased)

. Law (deceased)

... Law (deceased)

1 Law (deceased)

10 Law (deceased)

12th Grandaunty LAW (deceased)

14th Granduncle LAW (deceased)

2 Law (deceased)

29 Ann Howard (Law) (1838 - 1918)

3 Law (deceased)

32 James Law (1816 - 1849)

33 Susan Law (Saunders) (1819 - 1864)

34 William Law (1776 - 1856)

4 Law (deceased)

5 Law (deceased)

6 Law (deceased)

6 Law (deceased)

6th Granduncle Law (deceased)

7 Law (deceased)

8 Law (deceased)

8th Grandaunty LAW (deceased)

9 Law (deceased)

<Private> Simmons (Law) (deceased)

? Law Sane (deceased)

? Law (deceased)

? Law (deceased)

? Law (?) (deceased)

? Law (deceased)

? Law (deceased)

? Ronya Mother-in-Law (b. - 1928)

Shabbtai letter to Fany March 16, 1930 mentions that Ronya's mother in law died 2 years ago

? Law Kam (deceased)

? Law (c.1811 - d.)

? Barry (Law) (deceased)

??? Law (deceased)

A. H. Law (deceased)

Abagail Law (1709 - 1774)

Abby Josephine Law (Goodwin) (1824 - 1870)

Abiah LAW (1758 - d.)

Abigail LAW (1754 - d.)

Abigail Law (Arnold) (1685 - 1706)

Abigail Peake (Law) (1840 - 1875)

Abigail Law (Colcord) (1820 - 1864)

Abigail Arnold Law (1752 - d.)

Abigail Law (Moore) (1716 - 1754)

Updated from WikiTree Genealogy via sister Annie Cleveland (born Moore) by SmartCopy : Dec 8 2014, 3:21:46 UTC * Updated from WikiTree Genealogy via sister Annie Cleveland (born Moore) by SmartCopy : D...

Abigail Law (deceased)

Abigail Law (Cocord) (deceased)

Abigail Law (1637 - 1711)

Abigail Mumaw (Law) (1842 - d.)