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Agnes Mackenzie, of Kintail MP (1550 - 1609)

Agnes Mackenzie MP (1663 - 1696)

Married July 1680 Referenced in Wikipedia Entry for George Mackenzie

Alexander Mackenzie, 6th of Kintail MP (c.1398 - c.1488)

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Alexander Mackenzie of Ballone MP (1610 - 1645)

Biographical Summary "I. Alexander Mackenzie , the first of this family, was fourth son of Sir Roderick Mackenzie, Tutor of Kintail, by his wife Margaret, daughter and heiress of Torquil "Conanach" M...

Alexander Mackenzie, PC MP (1822 - 1892)

Notes Politic affiliation: conservative Honors Honors Privy Council of the United Kingdom ~ Conseil privé (Royaume-Uni) ( PC ~ « PC ») Namesakes Mackenzie Building at the Royal Mili...

Alexander Mackenzie, 3rd of Applecross MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "III. Alexander Mackenzie, third of Applecross . He joined the Earl of Mar in 1715, and was Lieutenant-Colonel of Seaforth's 1st Regiment, for which he was attainted of high trea...

Alexander Mackenzie, 4th of Loggie MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "IV. Alexander Mackenzie, fourth of Loggie , who married first, in 1667, Jane, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, I. of Ballone, widow of Simon, second son of the Hon. Simon Macken...

Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd of Ballone MP (1644 - 1724)

Biographical Summary "II. Alexander Mackenzie, second of Ballone , to whom his uncle, Kenneth Mackenzie, I. of Scatwell, has a retour of Tutory in 1656 as " nearest agnate-uncle on the father's side,...

Alexander Mackenzie, 3rd of Ballone MP (b. - bef.1752)

Biographical Summary "III. Alexander Mackenzie, third of Ballone . In 1728 he has a disposition and ratification of his father's charter of 1673 granted to him by Lord Tarbat. In 1732 he is seised in...

Alexander Frances Mackenzie, 10th of Ord MP (1861 - 1935)

1838 The MacKenzies of Ord feature largely in the development of the distillery. The family was granted lands in the west of Scotland by King Alexander III as early as 1263. Thomas MacKenzie of Ord inh...

Ann Etherington (Mackenzie) MP (1800 - d.)

Lady Anna Mackenzie MP (1620 - 1707)

Ben M. Angel notes: The existence of "A Memoir of Lady Anna Mackenzie" indicates that she was known by her maiden name after the death of her second husband, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll, in ...

Anna Margaret Mackenzie (Macdougall) MP (c.1435 - d.)


Annabella Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Anne MacKenzie MP (1639 - 1670)

Barbara Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Lord Donald was thrice married. His first wife was Barbara, whom he married in 1610, eldest daughter of Kenneth, 1st Lord Kintail, and sister of Colin and George, 1st and 2nd Earls of Seaforth. She bor...

Barbara Mackenzie MP (1685 - 1768)

C. Honora Talbott (Mackenzie) MP (deceased)

Lady Caroline MacKenzie MP (1746 - 1791)

Catherine MacKenzie MP (c.1491 - 1521)

Catherine MacKenzie Father: Kenneth Mackenzie, 7th of Kintail Mother: Agnes Fraser Spouse: Hector Munro, 13th Baron of Foulis Children: 1. Robert Munro, 14th Baron of Foulis (heir and success...

Catherine Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Christian Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Christian Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Clutha Nantes Mackenzie MP (1895 - 1966)

Sir Clutha Nantes Mackenzie (11 February 1895 – 30 March 1966) was a New Zealand politician and worker for the blind. He was briefly a Reform Party Member of Parliament. Biography Clutha Nantes Mac...

Colin Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Seaforth MP (1595 - 1633)

Biographical Summary " Colin, second Lord Mackenzie of Kintail , succeeded to the Peerage in 1611, his minority being dispensed with by royal precept. He was served heir-male to his father 23 May 161...

Colin Mackenzie, 1st of Mountgerald MP (1664 - 1727)

Biographical Summary "I. Colin Mackenzie, first of Mountgerald , was the second surviving son of Kenneth Mackenzie. VI. of Gairloch, by his third wife, Janet, daughter of John Cuthbert of Castlehill,...

Colin Mackenzie, 4th of Kincraig MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "IV. Colin Mackenzie, fourth of Kincraig , who married, as her third husband, Margaret, daughter of Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Findon, without issue. He was succeeded by his nex...

Daniel MacKenzie MP (c.1752 - 1825)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for MARYLAND. DAR Ancestor # A077673 Daniel Mackenzie, a patriot residing in Washington County, Maryland, signed the Oath of Fidelity to State of Maryland, 2 Marc...

Daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie MP (1399 - c.1480)

Earl Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st and last Earl of Seaforth MP (1744 - 1781)

Marriage to Caroline Stanhope 1765 8 Oct — Age: 21 St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, Middlesex, England Mackenzie married first Lady Caroline Stanhope (1747–1767), daughter of William Stanhope...

Elizabeth Mackenzie (Noland) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Bostwick (MacKenzie) MP (1706 - d.)

Elizabeth MacKenzie MP (b. - 1717)

Referenced in Wikipedia Entry for George Mackenzie

Elizabeth Mackenzie (Bruce) MP (1317 - 1364)

Flora Louise Richardson (MacKenzie) MP (1887 - 1971)

Find a Grave Memorial Woodlawn Cemetery event: Marriage event date: 22 Sep 1913 event place: Somerville, , Massachusetts gender: Male age: 29 marital status: race: birth date: 1884 birthplace: Sack...

George MacKenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth MP (1608 - 1651)

George Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth (died 1651) was a Highland clan chief and Scottish nobleman, who played an equivocating role in Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Origins Mack...

Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh, Lord Advocate MP (1636 - 1691)

Wikipedia Entry

George Mackenzie of Avoch MP (1630 - 1714)

Biographical Summary " Sir George Mackenzie, of Tarbet, Baronet , was born at Innerteil in 1630, and was educated at the University of St Andrews and at King's College, Aberdeen, where he graduated i...

George MacKenzie, 3rd Earl of Cromarty MP (1702 - 1766)

George Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Cromartie (c. 1703–28 September 1766) was a Scottish nobleman. Life He succeeded his father John, the 2nd earl, in February 1731. In 1745, he joined Charles Ed...

George Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Referenced in Wikipedia Entry for George Mackenzie (his father)

George Mackenzie of Kildun MP (1607 - d.)

George Mackenzie, 2nd of Gruinard MP (1670 - d.)

Biographical Summary "II. George Mackenzie, second of Gruinard , who has a sasine in 1696, married, first, Margaret, daughter of Alexander Mackenzie, II. of Ballone (marriage contract 1696) with issu...

Hector Mackenzie of Auchterned MP (deceased)

Isabella Munro (MacKenzie) MP (1512 - d.)

Isabella Mackenzie MP (1633 - 1714)

Isabella Mackenzie MP (b. - 1725)

Isabella Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Isobel Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Isobel Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Isobel Mackenzie MP (deceased)

James Archibald Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st Baron Wharncliffe MP (1776 - d.)

Sir James MacKenzie of Royston, Baronet MP (1671 - 1744)

Biographical Summary " The Hon. James Mackenzie, of Roystoun, co. Edinburgh , 3rd and youngest son of George Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Cromarty [S], by his first wife Anne, daughter of Sir James Sinclai...

Capt. James Mackenzie MP (deceased)

James Mackenzie of Keppoch MP (deceased)

James Stuart Mackenzie of Rosehaugh MP (c.1717 - 1800)

Assumed grandfather's surname. No issue. Biographical Summary Mackenzie, James Stuart- . ?-06/04/1800. Ref: 1461. Male. Titles and British Honours: Rt Hon PC. Profession: Landowner, Politicia...

Jane Mackenzie MP (1642 - d.)

Janet Mackenzie MP (1588 - d.)

Jean MacKenzie MP (c.1615 - 1648)

Lady Jean Mary Erkskin (Mackenzie) MP (1628 - 1674)

Jean Mackenzie MP (deceased)

John Mackenzie MP (deceased)

John Mackenzie, 9th of Kintail MP (c.1483 - 1561)

See , and

John MacKenzie, 2nd Earl of Cromarty MP (b. - 1731)

Biographical Summary "II. John Mackenzie, second Earl of Cromarty . He does not appear to have taken a prominent part in public affairs, and he kept out of the Rising of 1715. Notwithstanding the div...

Sir John MacKenzie of Tarbat, 1st Baronet MP (1608 - 1654)

Biographical Summary " Sir John MacKenzie or Tarbat , the eldest son, was under age when he succeeded his father in 1626, as he had tutors in August 1628. He was created a Knight-Baronet of Nova Scot...

John Mackenzie, 1st of Gruinard MP (1625 - d.)

Biographical Summary "I. John Mackenzie , first of this family, was a natural son of George, second Earl of Seaforth. He has a charter of Little Gruinard and other lands in 1669, in which he is descr...

John Mackenzie, 2nd of Ardloch MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "II. John Mackenzie, second of Ardloch , who married Sibella, daughter of Kenneth Mackenzie, I. of Dundonnel, with issue — Alexander, his heir and successor. Kenneth and Jo...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 7th of Kintail MP (c.1454 - 1492)

See See and And see and

Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st of Kintail MP (c.1573 - 1611)

Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord Mackenzie of Kintail1 M, #17742, b. before 1584, d. 27 February 1610/11 Last Edited=1 Nov 2011 Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord Mackenzie of Kintail was born illegitimately...

Kenneth Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie, 1st Baronet of Coul MP (b. - c.1680)

Biographical Summary " Kenneth Mackenzie, of Coul , in the parish of Contin, co. Ross, 2d s. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Coul, being 1st s. by 2d wife Christian (m. in or before 1617), da. of Hector M...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 10th of Kintail MP (1513 - 1568)

'Kenneth na cuire Mackenzie, 5th of Kintail1 M, #219814, d. 6 June 1561 Last Edited=22 Oct 2010 'Kenneth na cuire Mackenzie, 5th of Kintail was the son of John Mackenzie of Kintail and Elizabet...

Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Baronet of Scatwell MP (1650 - 1729)

Biographical Summary " Kenneth Mackenzie, of Scatwell , co. Ross, yst. s. of Kenneth Mackenzie, of the same (d. 3 March 1662), by his 2d wife, Janet, (relict of Thomas Ross, of Priesthill) da. of Wal...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Seaforth MP (1635 - 1678)

Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd Earl of Seaforth (1635–1678) was a Highland clan chief and Scottish nobleman, who adhered faithfully to Charles II through his tribulations. From his great stature he was known...

Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Gairloch, 1st Baronet MP (1673 - 1704)

Biographical Summary " Kenneth Mackenzie, of Gairloch , co. Ross, 1st s. and h. of Alexander Mackenzie, of the same (d. 1694 in his 40th year), by his 1st wife, Barbara, da. of Sir John Mackenzie, 1s...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 6th of Gairloch MP (1625 - 1669)

Biographical Summary "VI. Kenneth Mackenzie , a strong Loyalist during the wars of Montrose and the Covenanters. He was fined by the Committee of Estates for his adherence to the King, under the Act ...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 2nd of Inverlael MP (deceased)

Kenneth Mor Mackenzie, 1st of Dundonnel MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "I. Kenneth Mor Mackenzie, first of Glenmarkassie , acquired the lands of Dundonnel, or " Achadh-Tigh-Doinhnuill," from Roderick Mackenzie, III. of Redcastle, in 1690, by excambi...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 2nd of Dundonnel MP (deceased)

Biographical Summary "II. Kenneth Mackenzie, second of Dundonnel , who married Jean, daughter of John Chisholm, XX. of Chisholm, with issue — Kenneth, his heir and successor. Captain Alexander,...

Kenneth Mackenzie, 8th of Kintail MP (1454 - c.1491)

Lilias Mackenzie MP (1655 - 1703)

Lilias Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Louisa Caroline Baring (Stewart-Mackenzie), Lady Ashburton MP (1827 - 1903)

Mackay John Scobie Mackenzie MP (1845 - 1901)

Mackay John Scobie Mackenzie (23 January 1845 – 15 September 1901), known as Scobie, was an independent conservative Member of Parliament in New Zealand.

Margaret MacKenzie MP (1610 - 1660)

Sources Complete baronetage ed. by G. E. C. ... (1611-1800) Published 1900 by W. Pollard in Exeter . Vol 1, page 291

Margaret Mackenzie MP (b. - 1692)

Margaret Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Margaret Mackenzie MP (1640 - d.)

Margaret Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Margaret Gee (Mackenzie) MP (1819 - 1896)

Emigration : Aug 25 1840 - Clyde, Scotland, United Kingdom. Immigration : on the Blenheim Dec 27 1840 - Port Nicholson, Wellington, New Zealand. Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via son Hugh M...

Margaret Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Margery May Slidell (Mackenzie) MP (1773 - d.)

Mary Ann MacKenzie (Chapman) MP (deceased)

Mary Thompson (Mackenzie) MP (1848 - 1920)

Wife of Rev. John Thompson, daughter of the Hon. Alexander Mackenzie. Her marker is located on the Mackenzie family monument.* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : May 31 2017, 23:45:23 UTC

Mary Mackenzie MP (1846 - 1847)

Mary Mackenzie MP (deceased)

Elfreda Mary Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, Countess Wharncliffe MP (1898 - 1979)

Moses MacKenzie (McKenzie) MP (c.1760 - 1824)

Moses was a drummer boy in the Revolutionary War.

Murdoch Mackenzie, 5th of Kintail MP (c.1363 - c.1416)

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Murdoch Mackenzie, 1st of Fairburn MP (1525 - 1590)

Biographical Summary "I. Murdoch Mackenzie, first of Fairburn , who was granted letters of legitimation by James V., dated 1st of July, 1539. On the 16th of March, 1541, there are also letters of leg...