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Prince Alexander the Good Musat, Prince of Moldavia MP (c.1383 - 1432)

[ ]Alexander cel Bun (Alexandru cel Bun; Alexandru I Muşat) was a Voivode (Prince) of Moldavia, reigning between 1400 and 1432,[1] son of Roman I Muşat. He succeeded Iuga to the throne,[2] and, as a ru...

Bogdan Cel chior Musat MP (1479 - 1517)

From Wikipedia : Bogdan III the One-Eyed (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Chior) or Bogdan III the Blind (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Orb) (1470/1471 – April 20, 1517) Voivode of Moldavia from Jul...

Bogdan I Muşat, second FOUNDER of the Principality of Moldova (1359) MP (deceased)

Costea Stefan Muşat, Moldavijos kn. MP (c.1328 - c.1387)

His parentage is disputed. Some believe that he may have been from the family of Basarab I of Wallachia , while others believe that he was possibly the son of Costas St. Marestain of the Arpad-Capet li...

Roman I Muşat, Moldavijos kn. MP (c.1365 - c.1394)

Stefan The Great Musat MP (1433 - 1504)

Vasilisa Maria of Moldavia (Musat) MP (c.1394 - 1462)

Musat (deceased)

? Musat (deceased)

ALEXA MUSAT (deceased)

Alexandrina Cristea (Musat) (deceased)

Alexandru Musat (deceased)

Alexandru Ilias Voivoide of Valachia, Domn of Moldavia (b. - aft.1616)


Alexandru Musat (deceased)

GEDCOM Note ===Bio notes: suicide

Alexandru Musat (deceased)

Alexandru Musat(impropriu Musat, conventional) (deceased)

Alexandru Muşat (c.1397 - c.1432)

Alexandru Musat (1464 - 1496)

Anastasia Musat(sau Bogdanescu) (deceased)

Anica Neagu (Musat) (deceased)

Annie Musat (1923 - 2022)

ann musat (deceased)

Aron Musat (Mushatsky) (1896 - 1956)

Arsene Musat (1864 - 1888)

Aurelia Musat (deceased)

Betty Musat (Jacobson) (1892 - 1980)

Bogdan Musat(impropriu Musat, conventional) (deceased)

Bogdan Mușat (c.1415 - 1451)

Bogdan II (1409-1451) was the Prince of Moldavia between October 12, 1449 and October 17, 1451, when he was assassinated by Petru Aron. The assassination put Moldavia into a civil war which lasted unti...

Casandra Chrisoscoleos (Muşat) (deceased)

Constanta Bozas (Musat) (1898 - 1962)

Constantin Musat (1859 - d.)

Costea de Musat (deceased)

daniel musat (deceased)

David Musat (1925 - 2008)

Desnina Mușat (Herescu) (deceased)

Dumitru Musat (deceased)

Elena Musat (deceased)

Elena Ciucu (Musat) (deceased)

Elena Craciun (Musat) (deceased)

emeilia [millie] musat (1917 - d.)

eva musat (c.1890 - d.)

gabriel musat (1914 - d.)

Gheorghe Musat (1855 - 1872)


Ghiorghe Musat (deceased)

gligore musat (1888 - d.)

Ilie Musat (deceased)

Ilinca Musat (Dodan) (1838 - d.)

Ioan Musat (deceased)

Ionita Musat (1857 - d.)

Ion Musat (1851 - d.)

Ion Musat (1820 - 1872)

Ion Musat (deceased)

Ion Musat (1799 - d.)

Israel Musat (1919 - 1998)

Iuga Muşat (deceased)

Jeffrey Brooke Musat (b. - c.2005)

Kalman (Salamon) Musat (Capet-Arpad) (1272 - d.)

Kalman (Salamon) Musat=== b. 1272Person:343340 in Capet-ArpadSex MaleFull name (at birth) Kalman (Salamon) Musat1272 birth: child birth: ♀ # Muşata (Marestang) [Marestang]NotesContemporary of Guy de C...

Latcu Musat(impropriu Musat, conventional) (deceased)

Latcu Lațcu Mușat Musat, Laszlo (c.1345 - c.1375)

Lee Nicholas Musat (1919 - 2004)

Lucian Musat (b. - 2006)

Manea Musat (1834 - d.)

Margareta Margareta Musata (deceased)

Margit Banffy Musat (de Alsolindva) (c.1375 - 1400)

Maria Musat (c.1417 - d.)

Maria Musat (deceased)

Maria Musat (deceased)

Maria Tudor (Musat) (1872 - 1948)

Maria Musat (1914 - 2007)

Maria Mușat (deceased)

Marin Musat (1821 - 1879)

mary musat (deceased)

Mihaila Musat (deceased)

Mihai Musat (deceased)

Mihalcea Musat (deceased)

Mihalcea Musat (deceased)

Nastase Musat (deceased)

Nastasia Musat (deceased)

Neculai Mușat (deceased)

Nicolae Musat (deceased)

Nicolae Musat (1882 - d.)

NICOLAE MUSAT (deceased)

NN Mușat (deceased)

Norma Louise (Reineck) Musat (Clough) (c.1926 - 1992)

Olga Taft (Mushatsky (Musat)) (deceased)

Doamna Oltea Musat (1405 - 1465)

Pauna Musat (deceased)

paun musat (deceased)

Petru II Musat (deceased)


Petru I Muşat, domnitor (b. - 1391)

Petru Musat(impropriu Musat, conventional)

Petru I Muşat (b. - 1391)

Petru Musat (c.1465 - 1480)


Rochel Musat (Meyerov) (1872 - 1941)

Roman Musat(impropriu Musat, conventional)

Roman Muşat (c.1395 - c.1432)

Sasha Musat ( Glanzstein ) (1924 - 1960)

Ioanid Gang From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Ioanid Gang (Romanian: Banda Ioanid) was a group in Communist Romania named after two of its members, Alexandru and Paul Ioanid. On July 28, ...

Silvia Mușat (deceased)