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Æthelburh, Queen Of Wessex MP (c.676 - 740)

Æthelburg of WessexFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaQueen Æthelburg, (also Æthelburh), was the wife of King Ine of Wessex. In 722 C.E., she destroyed the stronghold of Taunton (which had been built...

Æthelfrith of Wessex and Mercia, Earl of Mercia MP (c.876 - c.927)

Æthelhelm Earldorman of Wiltshireborn about 0859died about 0898mother:*Æthelgyth of Merciasiblings:Ælfleda Queen of Englandborn about 0878 Wessex, Englandspouse:unknownchildren:*Eadric Earldorman of We...

Æthelgyth of Wessex and Mercia MP (c.870 - 940)

Æthelthrith of Wessex MP (962 - 1017)

Æthelflaed of Wessex(end of information)..father:unknownmother:unknownsiblings:unknownspouse:*Æthelwerd I "the Historian" Theign of Surrey Earldorman in Wessexdied 0998children:*Æthelmaer Cyld "the Gre...

Cuthburh Princess of Wessex & Queen-Consort of Northumbria & Abbess of Barking MP (666 - 725)

Cuthburga or Cuthburg (died c. 718) was the first abbess of Wimborne Minster. She was the sister of Ine, King of Wessex and was married to the Northumbrian king Aldfrith. Cuthburh (?) (1)F, #102694Last...

Eadgyth MP (910 - 946)

Edith of England, wife of OTTO. NB: DO NOT CHANGE NAME! (Old English: Ēadgȳð; 910 - 26 January 946), also spelt Eadgyth or Ædgyth, was the daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England and Ælfflæd, and...

Elswitha of Wessex and Mercia MP (860 - 898)

Elswitha (?) (1)F, #106614Last Edited=6 Apr 2002 Elswitha (?) married Ethelhelm, Ealdorman. (1)Child of Elswitha (?) and Ethelhelm, EaldormanÆlflæd (?)+ (1) d. 920Forrás / Source: : va...

Gytha of Wessex (Haraldsdóttir), Grand Princess consort of Kievan Rus MP (c.1053 - 1107)

Gyda, daughter of Harold Godwinsson and Eadgyth Swanneshals([1050/55]-). Gytha is named as King Harold's daughter in Fagrskinna, which also states that she married "Valldimar Konongr sun Iarozlæifs kon...

Marigard of Essex/Wessex MP (1032 - 1073)

Rædburh, queen consort of Wessex MP (c.788 - bef.871)

Redburga or Raedburh was the wife of king Egbert of Wessex and may have been the sister-in-law of Charlemagne as the sister of his fourth wife, Luitgard; other sources describe her as his sister (altho...

Princess of Wessex Ælfthryth 'le Chauve' de Flander (of Wessex) (877 - 921)

Aelfthryth van Wessex (c.868 - c.929)

Cuthred of Wessex (b. - 756)

Cuthwulf of Wessex (592 - 679)

Prince Cynric of Wessex (495 - 560)

Dresilla of Wessex ? (deceased)

Eadgifu Wessex (deceased)

Eadweard Wessex (871 - 924)

Ealhswith Wessex (850 - 902)

Ecgwyn Wessex (874 - 901)

Elfred Wessex (849 - 899)

Elgiva Elfgifu Wessex (c.1618 - d.)

Ethelstan Wessex (894 - 939)

Ethelstan Wessex (894 - 939)

Francis Wessex, I (1834 - d.)

Godwin Earl of Wessex, Earl of Kent (c.995 - 1053)

Greg Wessex (deceased)

Gundreda of Wessex (c.1030 - c.1075) of IVO de TAILLEBOIS, The Earl of Holland (Ratcliffe/Crossgrove Family Line) Generation No. 1 1.IVO DE2 TAILLEBOIS, THE EARL OF HOL...

Gytha Haraldsdotter von Pleskau (1053 - 1107)

Milia of Wessex (790 - d.)

"Matrimonio e descendencia Ecgberht casou con Redburga, unha princesa franca (posibelmente unha irmá ou cuñada do emperador Carlomagno) e tiveron dous fillos e unha filla, Milia de Wessex que casou co...

Milia de Wessex (875 - d.)

Redburga van Franken (deceased)

Sigehere, King Of Essex (b. - c.683)

Sigeferd (?) is the son of Seaxabeald (?).1Child of Sigeferd (?) * Sæleferd (?)+1Citations 1. [S215] Unknown article title, Journal of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, Chobham, Surrey, U.K., volu...

Sophia Edmundsdr van Engeland (van Wessex) (823 - 869)

Bron: Persoonlijke gegevens Sophia Edmundsdr van Engeland ♀ [ Bron 1 ] Geboren in 830. Overleden in 890. Gezin Sophia Edmundsdr van Engeland Getrouwd met Boudewijn van Heusden. Kind(eren): Rob...