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Cuthburh of Wessex, Abbess Of Barking MP (666 - 725)

Saint Cuthburga or Cuthburg (died c. 718) was the first abbess of Wimborne Minster. She was the sister of Ine, King of Wessex and was married to the Northumbrian king Aldfrith. Cuthburh (?) (1) F...

Cwenburh or Cwenberga (not Cwengyth) Princess of Wessex, Abbess of Wimbourne (Cwenburh), Lady Of Somerset MP (c.670 - 690)

Cuthburga and Cwenburh, sisters of King Ine of Wessex, founded a convent in Wimborne in 718. Encyclopedia Brittanica: Wimborne Minster (source of photo): town (“parish”), East Dorset ...

Aelfgifu Of Wessex (deceased)

Aelfgyva of Wessex (c.978 - 1017)

Aelwulf,King of Wessex Of Wessex (795 - 858)

Aethelred Unraed Of Wessex (968 - 1016)

Agatha Saxon House of Wessex (deceased)

Alfred Of Wessex (849 - 899)

Anafledia Creoda Queen of Wessex (deceased)

Athelstan 'Gewissa' of Wessex (c.895 - 939)

Ceolric, King of Wessex (570 - 597)

Ceolric, King of Wessex (1) M, #102664, d. circa 597 Last Edited=3 Dec 2005 Ceolric, King of Wessex was the son of Cutha, King of Wessex. (1) He died circa 597. (1) Ceolric, King of Wessex su...

Creolwulf Prince of Wessex (593 - d.)

Cynric of Wessex (b. - 748)

Eadra of Wessex (1123 - 1167)

Edgar Of Wessex (943 - 975)

Editha de Banastre (of Wessex, England) (c.1060 - d.)

Edmund Of Wessex (921 - 946)

Edward Of Wessex (869 - 925)

Elfgifu Parcus (of Wessex) (869 - 896)

Elgiva Of Wessex (deceased)

Elgyda of Wessex (997 - d.)

Ethelhelm Earl of Wessex (c.848 - d.)

King Cerdic "King of the West Saxons" of Wessex (467 - 534)

King Cuthred of Wessex (b. - 756)

Margaret, Saxon House of Wessex, Queen of Scotland (deceased)

Edgar, the Aetheling, was the son of Prince Edward of the ancient and royal Saxon House of Wessex and his mother, Agatha, was the daughter of Henry II, emperor of Germany. Edgar, his mother Agatha, a...

Mrs Ceolic of Wessex (577 - d.)

Prince Edward Saxon House of Wessex (deceased)

Sigebeorht, King of Wessex (b. - c.757)

Æthelreda of Wessex (c.1000 - c.1042)