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Mary Anne Paca (Chew) MP (1740 - 1780)

Mary Chew was born in 1736 at Anne Arundel County, Maryland, into one of Maryland's most prominent families. She was the daughter of Samuel and Henrietta Lloyd Chew, and a direct descendant of John Che...

Gov. William Paca, signer of the "Declaration of Independence" MP (1740 - 1799)

William Paca (October 31, 1740 – October 23, 1799) was a signatory to the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Maryland, and later Governor of Maryland and a United States f...

Ahmad Tola Dg. Paca MP (deceased)

Airton Lisboa Paca MP (deceased)

Albert Páca MP (1913 - 1985)

Alois Páca MP (1911 - 1922)

Anna Kritz Paca MP (1870 - 1955)

Anne Paca (Harrison) MP (1757 - 1780)

Aquila Paca MP (1672 - 1721)

Aquila Paca MP (1738 - 1788)

Signer of the Bush Declaration, March 22, 1775: "We the Committee of Harford County, having most seriously and maturely considered the Resolves and Association of the Continental Congress, and the Re...

Aquilla Paca MP (1679 - 1721)

Aquilla Paca MP (1670 - d.)

Ayşe Ibrahim Paça MP (deceased)

Barbara Żabińska (wd. Paca) MP (deceased)

cecilia del carmen rabaj paca MP (deceased)

Cecylia Manteufel (Paca) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Paca (Smith) MP (b. - c.1766)

Elizabeth Paca MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Paca (Franklin) MP (deceased)

Fe Paca (Caneja) MP (deceased)

Paca (Kiss Erzsébet) Ferencné MP (deceased)

Frances Dallam (Paca) MP (deceased)

Francisca Góngora (Paca) MP (deceased)

Francisca Coscojuela Bernad (Paca) MP (deceased)

H. Musa Paca-ambung Galo MP (deceased)

Hellen Paca (Tootell) MP (deceased)

Henrietta Maria Addison (Paca) MP (1778 - 1850)

While in Philadelphia as a delegate, on 28 Feb 1777 William Paca married Anne Harrison (1757-1780), daughter of Henry Harrison (ca.1713-1766), merchant and former mayor of Philadelphia, and his wife, M...

Henry Paca MP (1778 - 1781)

Jaroslav Páca MP (1930 - 2006)

Johanna Giles (Paca) MP (1720 - 1805)

John Paca MP (deceased)

John Parker Paca MP (c.1712 - 1785)

Jose Paca MP (deceased)

Joseph Paca MP (1868 - 1916)

MACARIO PACA MP (deceased)

Marija Paca (Vasaraja) MP (deceased)

Martha Beaven (Paca) MP (c.1654 - c.1688)

Martha Paca (Phillips) MP (1679 - 1746)

Martha Paca (Phillips) MP (c.1674 - d.)

Martha Paca (Phillips) MP (1679 - 1746)

Martha Phillips (Paca) MP (deceased)

Martha Paca MP (c.1654 - c.1685)

Mary Galloway Galloway (Paca) MP (1697 - d.)

Mary Paca (Parker) MP (1634 - 1699)

Mary Paca MP (deceased)

nina paca MP (deceased)

Priscilla Paca MP (deceased)

Priscilla Smith (Paca) MP (deceased)

Privat Lackore (Paca) MP (deceased)

purita MP (1932 - d.)

Robert Paca MP (1630 - 1682)

Robert Paca MP (c.1631 - c.1682)

Robert PACA MP (c.1643 - 1681)

simon paca MP (deceased)

starlita paca MP (deceased)

Susannah Paca MP (deceased)

unk. Giles (Paca) MP (deceased)

Václav Páca MP (1884 - c.1943)

Václav Pača MP (deceased)