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Alice Williams (Pemberton) MP (1564 - 1634)

In her will she left £10 yearly, for twenty years, to her son, Roger, "now beyond the seas;" or, in case of his death, to his wife and daughter. She provided for the distribution of bread to the poor...

Anne Hart (Pemberton) MP (c.1753 - d.)

Catherine Pemberton (Stokes) MP (1531 - 1628)

Deborah Pemberton (Blake) MP (1643 - d.)

Deborah Pemberton (Hills) MP (1656 - 1662)

Deborah Kimball (Pemberton) MP (1667 - 1726)

Dorothea Lunford (Pemberton) MP (1596 - d.)

I Nicholas, m. the dau. of Pemberton of Birmingham. She remarried Stephen Lunford Sources The Nash Family: Or, Records of the Descendants of Thomas Nash, of New Haven, Connecticut, 1640 (Google e...

Edward Pemberton MP (1568 - 1617)

Elizabeth Rogers (Pemberton) MP (1681 - 1752)

Elizabeth Robinson (Pemberton) MP (1623 - 1715)

Elizabeth Robinson (Pemberton) MP (c.1623 - 1678)

Hannah Pemberton (Phillips) MP (1654 - c.1682)

sources Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States. Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths, 1630-1699 (A Report of the Record Commissioners). (Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States: R...

James Henry Leigh-Pemberton, Hon MP

James Henry Leigh-Pemberton CVO (born 1956) is a British banker and the incumbent Receiver-General for the Duchy of Cornwall. He currently serves as Executive Chairman of UK Financial Investments. ...

John Pemberton MP (1642 - c.1691)

John Stith Pemberton MP (1831 - 1888)

John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888) was a Confederate veteran who was wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia and an American druggist. He was best known for being the inventor o...

Joseph Despard Pemberton MP (1821 - 1893)

From (English) : PEMBERTON, JOSEPH DESPARD, engineer, surveyor, farmer, politician, jp, and businessman; b. 23 July 1821 near Dublin (Republic of Ireland), son of Joseph Pemberton and Ma...

Mary Dejarnette (Pemberton) MP (1722 - 1755)

Mary Ellen Crook (Pemberton) MP (1826 - d.)

There is a Pemberton family in Lancaster. James Pemberton and Sophia Robinson had the following children; Thomas b: 21 October 1825, christened: 27 November 1825 Lancaster, Lancashire Mary b: 182...

Polly Madison (Pemberton) MP (1705 - 1743)

Sarah Wright (Pemberton) MP (1684 - 1768)

Sarah Carney (Pemberton) MP (aft.1726 - aft.1816)

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Scollis Rowland (Pemberton) MP (c.1574 - c.1620)

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Scollis Pemberton Name: Scollis Pemberton Gender: Female Spouse Name: John Rowland Spouse Birth Place: En Number Pages: 1 Notes: Sou...

Sophie Pemberton MP (1869 - 1893)

From Wikipedia (English) : Sophia Theresa "Sophie" Pemberton (13 February 1869 - 31 October 1959) was a Canadian painter. Despite the social limitations placed on female artists at the time, she made...

Susan Ann Pemberton (Quarles) MP (deceased)

Thomas Pemberton MP (deceased)

Pemberton MP (1720 - 1767)

Mr. Pemberton, of Birmingham MP (c.1575 - d.)

I Nicholas, m. the dau. of Pemberton of Birmingham. She remarried Stephen Lunford Sources The Nash Family: Or, Records of the Descendants of Thomas Nash, of New Haven, Connecticut, 1640 (Google e...

Pemberton MP (deceased)

Pemberton MP (deceased)

(Sarah) Joanna Randall (Pemberton) MP (c.1780 - 1851)

.... Pemberton-Pigott (Fox) MP (deceased)

3rd Wife Pemberton MP (deceased)

? Pemberton MP (deceased)

? Pemberton MP (deceased)

Minister for 5 years in Brighton Adelaide in the 1920's

? pemberton MP (deceased)

? Pemberton (Lucash) MP (deceased)

? Pemberton (Lucash) MP (deceased)

?? Pemberton MP (deceased)

??? Pemberton MP (deceased)

??? Hughes (Pemberton) MP (deceased)

A Pemberton MP (deceased)

A Pemberton MP (deceased)

A.Y. Pemberton MP (deceased)

Abigail JENKINS (PEMBERTON) MP (1679 - 1750)

Abigail Etchells (Pemberton) MP (b. - c.1828)

Abisha Pemberton MP (b. - c.1798)

Abraham Pemberton MP (deceased)

Abraham Pemberton MP (deceased)

Velva Potter MP (1901 - 1992)

Excerpted from: ____________________________ Velva Potter's Testimony This document was found among Velva's papers after her decease. It was written in her personal hand. For the Funeral of Vel...

Ada Pemberton (Berry) MP (deceased)

Ada Pemberton MP (deceased)

Ada Lofthouse (Pemberton) MP (c.1866 - d.)

Ada Lofthouse (Pemberton) MP (deceased)

Ada Ellen Pemberton MP (deceased)

Ada Una Pemberton (Bowler) MP (1864 - d.)

Adam Pemberton MP (1775 - 1798)

Adam Pemberton MP (deceased)

Adam Pemberton MP (1614 - d.)

Adam de Pemberton MP (deceased)

Adam de Pemberton MP (c.1195 - bef.1247)

Sir Adam de Pemberton MP (bef.1248 - d.)

ID: I68283 Name: Adam de Pemberton Sex: M Death: AFT 1246 Father: Alan de Pemberton III Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Children Has Children William Pemberton

Addie Pemberton MP (1895 - d.)

Addison John Pemberton MP (deceased)

Adelaide Grace Craft (Pemberton) MP (1883 - d.)

Adelaide Grace Craft (Pemberton) MP (deceased)

Adele Christine Pemberton MP (1923 - 1928)

Adele Isabelle Sandfield Pemberton (MacDonald) MP (1853 - 1928)

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Adocia Amelia Pemberton (Wattles) MP (1797 - 1873)

Agatha Cason (Pemberton) MP (c.1745 - c.1821)

Agatha Pemberton MP (b. - aft.1811)

Agatha Pemberton MP (b. - aft.1811)

Agnes Pemberton MP (1875 - 1959)

Agnes Edith Pemberton MP (b. - 1987)

Agnes Hannah Pemberton MP (1837 - c.1910)

Agnes Pemberton MP (deceased)

Agnes Pemberton MP (deceased)

Agnes Pemberton (Williams) MP (1840 - 1900)

Agnes Blenkinsop Pemberton (Audas) MP (1886 - 1963)

Agnes Loretta Pemberton (Kirn) MP (1911 - 1982)

Agnes Pemberton MP (1893 - d.)

Aida Pemberton MP (c.1870 - d.)

Aidan Selwin Pemberton MP (b. - 2011)

Alan Desmond Frederick Pemberton-Pigott, CMG MP (1916 - 1972)

Alan John Keefe Pemberton-Piggott MP (deceased)

Alan de Pemberton MP (deceased)

Alan de Pemberton MP (b. - c.1197)

Alan de Pemberton MP (deceased)

Alban Pemberton MP (1904 - d.)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert Pemberton MP (1914 - 1988)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

albert pemberton MP (1872 - d.)

albert f pemberton MP (1899 - d.)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert Sidney Pemberton MP (1884 - 1939)

Albert Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert C Pemberton MP (deceased)

Albert Hamlin Franklin Pemberton MP (1861 - 1933)

Residence : 1870 - Iowa, United States* Residence : 1880 - Marietta, Marshall, Iowa, United States* Residence : 1895 - Clay, Iowa, United States* Residence : 1900 - ED 26 Clay & Lincoln Townships, Clay...