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Anna Maria Maclaine Pont MP (1916 - 1969)

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Anne du Pont-l'Abbé MP (1280 - 1320)

Annie (Nanna) Jessie Harper MP (c.1906 - c.1986)

Name: Miss Annie Jessie Harper Born: Monday 1st January 1906 Age: 6 years Last Residence: in London London England 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April ...

Benjamin Franklin du Pont MP

Benjamin Franklin duPont is an American businessman, and is best known for founding the company and yet2Ventures. He is a member of the prominent Du Pont family. Career Ben duPont began ...

Bernard "the Dane", viscount of Pont-Audemer MP (c.880 - 955)

Bernard the Dane (French - Bernard le Danois; c.880 - before 960), was a Viking jarl (earl) of Danish origins. He put himself in the service of another jarl, Rollo, to conquer and colonize what would...

Charles Louis du Pont MP (1486 - 1515)

Christine Madeleine du Pont, SM MP (1636 - 1686)

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717 m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

Dorcas Montgomery du Pont (Van Dyke) MP (1796 - d.)

================================== Winterthur library Charles Irènée du Pont, the son of Victor Marie and Gabrielle Josephine du Pont, was born in 1797. His first wife was Dorcas Montgomery Van Dyk...

Eleuthère du Pont MP

Eleuthère ("Thère") I. du Pont is an American business executive. He has been a director of DuPont since 2006. He is president of Wawa, president of the Longwood Foundation and was formerly a senior ...

Emma de Warenne (de Pont Audumer) MP (c.1020 - 1059)

ID: I8973 Name: Emma Sex: F Birth: ABT 1020 in Normandy, France Death: AFT 1074 Change Date: 5 AUG 1997 Marriage 1 Rodulph II DE WARENNE Children 1. Rodulph III DE WARENNE 2. Willia...

Emma de Pont de L'Arche MP (c.1126 - d.)

EMMA de Pont de l´Arche From Medlands: (-young). Her betrothal is noted in Domesday Descendants[501]. Betrothed to RICHARD de Reviers, son of BALDWIN de Reviers Earl of Devon & his wife Adelise -...

Eremberge, Dame de Briquebec MP (c.940 - 1003)

Ertembourge de Briquebec (Briquiobec) Daughter of Anslec (Lancelot) de Bastembourg, seigneur de Briquebec and Gilette 'the Dane' de Beaumont Wife of Torfe "the Rich" de Harcourt [only son and he...

Ester Du Rez Du Pont MP (1626 - 1652)


Eudon du Pont L Abbe, I MP (c.1058 - c.1178)

Eva Nourtier (du Pont) MP (c.1630 - 1676)

Eva Nourtier formerly du Pon aka du Pont Born 1638 in St Blaize, Pas-de-Calais, Francemap Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] [sibling(s) unknown] Wife of Jean Nourtier — marr...

Geffroy du Pont l'Abbe MP (1255 - 1328)

Henry Francis du Pont MP (1880 - 1969)

Henry Francis du Pont, was an American horticulturist, an expert and collector of early American furniture and decorative arts, particularly of Federal furniture, and a member of the Du Pont family. Wi...

Henry A. du Pont, U.S. Senator MP (1838 - 1926)

Henry Algernon du Pont (July 30, 1838 - December 31, 1926), known as "Colonel Henry", was an American soldier and politician from Winterthur, near Greenville, in New Castle County, Delaware. He was...

Hervé du Pont-L'Abbé, I MP (bef.1178 - aft.1233)

Hervé du Pont-l'Abbé, II MP (c.1210 - d.)

Hervé du Pont-l'Abbé, III MP (c.1240 - d.)

Hervé du Pont-l'Abbé, VII MP (1370 - 1414)

Hervé du Pont-l'Abbé, VIII MP (c.1400 - 1426)

Jean du Pont-l'Abbé MP (1425 - 1478)

(Source: Family tree, Ascendants and parents of Nicole Hallmann and Hubert Delcroix, delcroixhubert, Jean du Pont-l'Abbé Sosa/Ahnentafel # 491,756; Marguerite de Rostrenen, Sosa/Ahnen...

Jeanne du Pont-l'Abbé (de Malestroit) MP (1255 - d.)

Margaret Pont (Knox) MP (1567 - 1625)

Sister, possibly twin, of Martha Knox, who married Alexander Fairlie. Married Zachary Pont and had issue.

Mariscal Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont Díaz Angel y Méndez, Capitán General de Chile MP (1765 - 1819)

Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont Díaz Ángel y Méndez (Vigo, España; 1765 - † Luján, Argentina; 1819), hijo de Buenaventura Marcó del Pont y Juana Ángel y Méndez, fue un militar español y gobernador de...

Matilda de Pont De L'Arche MP (b. - c.1227)

Parentage uncertain--see MATILDA [Eva] de Pont de l´Arche (-after 1 Sep 1227). "William baron of Naas and Eva his wife" paid a fine for "having dower in the manor of Grene, which pertains to Eva of t...

Pierre Samuel du Pont MP (1739 - 1817)

Pierre Samuel du Pont (de Nemours was later added to his name) was born in Paris in 1739, the only son of Samuel (a watchmaker) and Anne Alexandrine de Montchanin du Pont. At his mother’s insistence, h...

Pierre S. du Pont MP (1870 - 1954)

Pierre Samuel du Pont (January 15, 1870 – April 4, 1954) was president of the E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company from 1915 to 1919, and served on its Board of Directors until 1940. He also managed ...

Pierre "Pete" Samuel du Pont, IV MP

Pierre Samuel "Pete" du Pont, IV (born January 22, 1935) is an American lawyer and politician from Rockland, in New Castle County, Delaware, near Wilmington. He is a member of the Republican Party, w...

Ruth Ellen Lord (du Pont) MP (1922 - 2014)

Ref: Genealogy of the Du Pont Family-pg 280 of 394 News Articles Ref: NY Times-1999 Ref: DelawareOnline-2014-Aug - a number of pictures.

Ruth du Pont (Wales) MP (1889 - d.)

Ref: Genealogy of the Du Pont Family - pg 279

Thorold, seigneur de Pont-Audemer MP (c.949 - c.1040)

Thorold, Touroude or Þóroldr d'Harcourt de Pontaudemar Parents: Torf and his wife Spouse: Wevia, Gunnor de Crépon's sister Children: 1. Honfroi who married Aubrey 2. Roger 3. (some repor...

Torf de Harcourt MP (aft.914 - bef.1003)

Torf "the Rich" Harcourt de Pont-Audemer SEIGNEURS de PONT-AUDEMER, SEIGNEUR de VIEILLES TORF, son of ---. m ---. The name of Torf's wife is not known. Torf & his wife had [two] children: 1. [d...

Zachary Pont, Min. of Bower MP (1565 - 1618)

Biographical Summary " Zachary Pont , younger son (by his first wife) of Robert P., min. of St Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, one of the Lords of Session, and brother of Timothy P., the topographer; educated...

Mercedes Fermina Marcó del Pont y Díaz de Vivar MP (1806 - d.)

(unk) du pont MP (deceased)

--- Pont MP (deceased)

? du Pont MP (deceased)

Abigail du Pont MP (bef.1667 - d.)

Abigaïl du Pont in Netherlands, Leiden Baptisms, 1600-1825 Baptism: Jan 9 1667 Leiden, Netherlands Father: Benoist du Pont Mother: Michel du Pont Witnesses: Julienne du Pont Françoise Cou...

Abraham Pont MP (1863 - d.)

Abraham II du Pont MP (c.1629 - 1707)

Abraham I du Pont MP (1572 - 1640)

Abraham du Pont MP (1658 - 1731)

Abraham du Pon (Pont, Dupont) (Pont (de Pont, Dupont),) MP (1755 - 1817)

Abraham du Pont MP (deceased)

Abraham du Pont MP (1862 - d.)

Bruidegom: Abraham du Pont Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 24 Beroep: venter Vader van de bruidegom: Izaak du Pont Geslacht: Man Beroep: boekbinder Moeder van de bruidegom: Roosje Bik...

Abraham du Pont MP (1917 - 1943)

Abraham Pont MP (1833 - d.)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 25 2018, 15:16:03 UTC

Abraham Pont MP (c.1793 - 1832)

Residence : Vloeddijk wijk 1 nr 368 Kampen** Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 25 2018, 15:27:13 UTC

Abraham Du Pon Pont (De Pont Dupont)) MP (1755 - 1817)

Residence : Havenstraat wijk 2 nr.548Leiden - May 19 1817** Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Mar 20 2018, 18:33:16 UTC

Adam James du Pont MP (deceased)

Adela Pastora Marcó del Pont MP (deceased)

Adelaide Camille Denise Zapffe (du Pont) MP (1915 - 2000)

Adelaïde Adèle Charlotte Maclaine Pont (Brugmans) MP (1924 - 2004)

adele du pont (unk) MP (deceased)

Adele Adelaide Charlotte Maclaine Pont (Brugmans) MP (1924 - 2004)

ds. Adriaan Ferdinand Christiaan Pont MP (1861 - 1927)

Adriana du Pont MP (1789 - 1866)

Adriana Cornelia du Pont MP (deceased)

Adriana Louise Pont (Jeanne) MP (c.1921 - c.1998)

Janus de Pont MP (1885 - 1968)

Adrianus du Pont MP (deceased)

Adrien du Pont MP (c.1641 - d.)

Adrienne Hamilton - Du Pont (Du Pont) MP (c.1875 - 1931)

Adrienne Hamilton - Du Pont (Du Pont) MP (c.1879 - 1931)

Agatha Elisabeth Wilhelmina Pont (Costerus) MP (1839 - 1926)

Agnes de Pont-Saint-Pierre MP (deceased)

Agneta Maria de Pont (Agricola) MP (1767 - d.)

Agueda Marcó del Pont y Mezquita MP (deceased)

Agustina María Rodríguez Larreta MP (deceased)

Agustín Marcó del Pont y Díaz de Vivar MP (deceased)

Agustin Marcó del Pont, hijo de Buenaventura, que casi un niño se unió al ejercito del general Belgrano, en la campaña al Alto Perú y allí se afincó.

Aileen Madelon du Pont MP (1893 - 1979)

Alain Dollo du Pont, Seigneur des Aubiers MP (deceased)

Albert Frederick Henry Pont MP (1895 - 1938)

Albert George James Pont MP (1901 - 1978)

albert pont MP (deceased)

Albert James Du Pont MP (1848 - 1896)

Albert de Pont MP (1838 - 1839)

Albert (Bert) Pont MP (deceased)

Albert Frederick Henry Pont MP (1895 - 1939)

Alberta Brinton du Pont MP (1907 - 2000)

Alberto Olivares Marco-del-Pont MP (deceased)

Alberto Marcó del Pont y Romero Carranza MP (1920 - d.)

Alberto Honorio Luis Marcó del Pont y Drago MP (deceased)

Alberto Casimiro Francisco Marcó del Pont Reyna MP (1854 - 1914)

Alberto Francisco Casimiro Marcó del Pont y Reyna MP (1854 - d.)

Albertus du Pont MP (1905 - 1954)

Aleida Gijsberta Joanna Maria Pont MP (1922 - 1946)

alejandro pereira pont MP (deceased)

alejandro pereira pont MP (deceased)

Aleksandra Carolina Sofia de Pont MP (1851 - 1861)

Alexander Falconer Pont MP (1815 - d.)

alexander pont MP (deceased)

Alexandrine du Pont MP (deceased)

Alexis Irénée du Pont (Dupont) MP (1816 - 1857)

Alexis Felix du Pont, Sr. MP (1879 - 1948)

Alexis Felix du Pont Sr. (1879–1948) was a member of the American du Pont family and helped found St. Andrew's School in Middletown, Delaware. His son, Alexis Felix du Pont, Jr., co-founded the All Ame...

Alexis Irenee du Pont MP (1909 - 1922)

Alexis Irenne du Pont MP (1928 - d.)