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Abiah Swaim (Shirley) MP (1805 - 1858)

On 3 Jan. 1842 Lyndon Swaim married Abiah Shirley Swaim, widow of his former employer William Swaim.  The only child born to this marriage died in infancy. Swaim’s step-daughter, Mary Jane Virginia, be...

Agnes Shirley (Walton) MP (c.1228 - d.)

Alice Shirley MP (1451 - d.)

Alice (source: visitation of Sussex) Links shirleyassociation... ;

Alma "Anne" Shirley (Shelley) MP (1481 - c.1525)

Alma Shelley born about 1490, daughter of John Shelly of Michelgrove, Sussex. Married as his 1st wife to Sir Richard Sherley of Wiston, died 1540. She died before 28 JUN 1525, the date of his 2nd marri...

Anne Shirley (Kempe) MP (c.1544 - c.1622)

MEM: Wiston, Sussex: Kneeling effigy Will Will of Dame Anne Sherley widow of Sir Thomas Sherley late of Wiston Sussex decd. 19 Feb 1622. To be buried in church of Wiston, to poor of St Giles in Fie...

Anne Tracy (Shirley) MP (deceased)

Anthony Sherley of Preston MP (c.1546 - 1624)

By an Act of Parliament passed in 1559 the Crown enforced an exchange of property with the bishop and Preston was amongst the manors ceded to Queen Elizabeth in 1561, when it was valued at £38 12s. 4d....

Beatrice Braye (Shirley) MP (1512 - 1558)

Beatrix Shirley (Braiose) MP (1365 - 1440)

Ragdale Hall Ragdale Hall (aka Rakedale Hall) was at one time the possession of Beatrix (aka Beatrice) and was passed to her son Sir Ralph. Abstracts of Ragdale explain the ownership of this property...

Beatrix Brome (Shirley) MP (1414 - 1483)

'Beatrix Shirley1,2 'F, d. 10 July 1483 Father Sir Ralph Shirley, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire1,3 b. 23 Apr 1391, d. c 1443 Mother Joan Basset1,3 b. c 1390, d. b 14 May 1419 ' Beatri...

Beatrix Bray (Shirley) MP (1480 - 1532)

Beatrice or Beatrix, dau. of Ralph Shirley of Wiston, Suss. & Jane Bellingham, wid. of Edward Elrington of London and Udimore, Suss., 2nd wife of Sir Edward BRAY of Vachery Park (Bef 1492-1558) Child...

Caroline Shirley MP (1818 - 1897)

Caroline Shirley - biography... ; An English Flower Transplanted to Italian Soil VICISSITUDES OF Sir Bernard Burke, LL.D.,Ulster King of Arms Published in London by Lon...

Lady Cecily Shirley, Baroness de la Warr MP (1581 - 1662)

Cecily Shirley West (1581 - 1662) , daughter of Thomas Shirley and Anne Kempe, was born 1581 at Westmeston, Sussex, England, and died at the age of 81 on 31 July 1662 at Wherwell, Hampshire, England. S...

David Burell Shirley MP (1755 - 1820)

Dorothy Dyer (Shirley) MP (1581 - 1644)

Alt birth date: 1595 Alt birth location: London, England Dorothy Shirley Born: 1581 Staunton, Harrold, Leicestershire, England Died: May 31, 1644 Wincanton, Somersets, [county], England *...

Eleanor Shirley (Willoughby) MP (1433 - 1487)

Elizabeth Shirley MP (c.1378 - d.)

Elizabeth Shirley (Washington) MP (1650 - 1693)

Elizabeth Hart (Shirley) MP (1607 - d.)

Elizabeth Shirley (Blount) MP (c.1422 - c.1450)

Elizabeth Blount1,2,3 F, #47259, b. circa 1416, d. before 1455 Father Sir John Blount4,2,3 b. c 1390 Elizabeth Blount was born circa 1416 at of Rock, Worcestershire, England. She married Ralph Sh...

Elizabeth Shirley (Guildford) MP (1488 - 1518)

Sir Richard Shirley married 2nd on 28 JUN 1525 to Elizabeth Guildford (she was the widow of either Isley or Stafford.) Daughter of Sir Richard Gifford of Sussex (No children by this marriage). Childr...

Elizabeth Compton (Shirley), Baroness de Ferrers MP (1694 - 1741)

Sir Henry Shirley, 2nd Baronet MP (c.1588 - 1633)

Sir Hugh Shirley, Kt., of Ettington MP (c.1351 - 1403)

Sir Hugh Shirley1 M, #116988, d. 1403 Last Edited=10 May 2008 Sir Hugh Shirley was the son of Sir Thomas Shirley and Isabel Basset.2 He married Beatrix de Braose, daughter of unknown de Braose.1 ...

Isabel Lyster (Shirley) MP (1486 - d.)

3. (v) Isabell m Sir John Dawtry of Southampton m 2nd Sir Richard Lyster of Wrestworth York. History books appear to incorrectly list Jane Sherley as the wife of Sir Richard Lyster, rather than corre...

Isabel Bate (Shirley) MP (c.1391 - 1459)

Isabel Shirley1,2,3,4 F, #84941, b. circa 1391, d. after 1459 Father Sir Hugh Shirley, Constable of High Ferrers Park & Donington Castle, Grand Falconer of Ireland1,2,3,4 b. c 1362, d. 22 Jul 1403 ...

Isabel de Walton (Shirley) MP (1244 - 1283)

James Shirley MP (1220 - 1278)

The visitation of the county of Leicester in the year 1619 (1870) Shirley. - Pg.25-27 Sewall son of Fulcher originall auncest'r of this family of Shirley. = ; ch: Henry, Fulcher Fulc...

James Burell Shirley MP (1795 - 1863)

James Shirley born about 1795 Darlington Co. SC. James was a school teacher and farmer. He was blonde, small of stature, a good student, especially of the Bible; While James Shirley was living with Win...

Jane Shirley MP (c.1571 - 1603)

The magnificient alabaster tomb is that of Sir John Shurly and his two wives, Jane and Dorothy. The nine childrens effeigies arranged in the front of the tomb are the echildren born to Jane and John Sh...

Jane Dawtrey (Shirley) MP (1484 - 1533)

3. (ii) Jane m [?Sir] John Dawtry of Petworth in Sussex Notes History books appear to incorrectly list Jane Sherley as the wife of Sir Richard Lyster, rather than correctly stating sister Isabell...

Joan Compton (Shirley) MP (1398 - 1440)

'Stemmata Shirleiana . . "Of Sir Thomas Shirley I find nothing memorable but his death, which happened before the 36th of Edward III. and that by Isabel, his wife, he had issue Hugh."* This Isabel ...

Joan Shirley (Bassett) MP (1394 - 1418)

Joan Basset1,2,3,4 F, #30984, b. circa 1390, d. before 14 May 1419 Father Thomas Basset2,3,4 b. c 1365 Mother Margery Meringe2,3,4 b. c 1367 Joan Basset was born circa 1390 at of Brailesford, D...

John Shirley, Esq. MP (c.1429 - 1485)

John Shirley, Esq.1,2,3,4,5 M, #85278, b. circa 1426, d. 18 May 1485 Father Ralph Shirley, Esq., Constable of Melbourne Castle1,6,7 b. c 1410, d. 26 Dec 1466 Mother Margaret Staunton1,6,7 b. c 14...

John Shirley MP (1728 - 1821)

Husband of Charity Shirley and father of Alice, Sarah, George, Richard, Ann Dorcas, and Charity Shirley. Veteran of the Indian & Revolutionary Wars. He served in Capt. Moses Chapline's Company in 1767 ...

Kittie Shirley (Franz) MP (c.1743 - d.)

Lucy Shirley (Ashton) MP (c.1393 - 1482)

Lucy Ashton1,2,3 F, #35422, d. 12 February 1482 Father Sir John Ashton1,2,3 Mother Jane Saville Lucy Ashton married Sir John Byron, son of Sir John Byron and Margaret Booth; Her 1st marriage. S...

Margaret Shirley (Staunton) MP (1413 - d.)

Margaret Staunton1,2,3 F, #85279, b. circa 1410, d. before 1435 Father John Staunton, Esq.1,2,3 b. c 1375 Mother Joan Meinhill1,2,3 b. c 1367 Margaret Staunton was born circa 1410 at of Staunto...

Margaret Shirley (Johnson) MP (deceased)

Mary Shirley (Isley) MP (1512 - 1596)

Notes Her mother was her father in law's second wife, it seems. MEM: Sundridge, Kent: brass figure on parents' tomb When he died with no sons in 1569, Richard Elrington left his property to his...

Mary Esther McGuire (Shirley) MP (1762 - 1845)

Mary Wilhoit (Shirley) MP (1755 - 1844)

Michael Shirley MP (1740 - 1784)

Myra Maybelle "Belle Starr" Starr (Shirley) MP (1848 - 1889)

Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr, better known as Belle Starr (February 5, 1848 – February 3, 1889), was a famous American female outlaw. Early life She was born Myra Maybelle Shirley (known as May...

Nicholaia Shirley MP (c.1386 - d.)

Patricia Anne Veazey (Shirley) MP (1938 - 2013)

Birth: Feb. 6, 1938 Death: Apr. 24, 2013 Patricia Anne Shirley Veazey was born in Clayton, Alabama to James Grady and Jane Spires Shirley on February 6, 1938 and died on April 24, 2013, after a cou...

Patricia Ann Veazey (Shirley) MP (1938 - 2013)

Birth: Feb. 6, 1938 Death: Apr. 24, 2013 Patricia Anne Shirley Veazey was born in Clayton, Alabama to James Grady and Jane Spires Shirley on February 6, 1938 and died on April 24, 2013, after a cou...

Prudence Shirley (Kelly) MP (1770 - 1855)

Ralph Shirley MP (1413 - 1466)

Ralph Shirley, Esq., Constable of Melbourne Castle1 M, b. circa 1410, d. 26 December 1466 Father Sir Ralph Shirley, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire2 b. 23 Apr 1391, d. c 1443 Mother Joan ...

Sir Ralph Shirley, Kt. MP (c.1392 - c.1443)

Sir Ralph Shirley, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire1,2 M, b. 23 April 1391, d. circa 1443 Father Sir Hugh Shirley, Constable of High Ferrers Park & Donington Castle, Grand Falconer of Irelan...

Ralph Shirley of Staunton Harold MP (1443 - 1504)

Ralph Shirley1 M, #283705, d. 1510 Last Edited=10 May 2008 Ralph Shirley was the son of Ralph Shirley and Elizabeth Blount.1 He married, secondly, Elizabeth Blount, daughter of Sir John Blount.1 ...

Rebecca Spencer (Shirley) MP (1751 - 1842)

Sir Richard Sherley of Wiston MP (c.1478 - 1540)

Richard Shirley M, b. circa 1478, d. 10 November 1540 Father Ralph Shirley b. c 1445, d. 1510 Mother Jane Bellingham b. c 1446 Richard Shirley was born circa 1478 at of Wiston, Sussex, England....

Robert Shirley MP (1673 - 1698)

Sir Robert Shirley, 4th Baronet MP (1623 - 1656)

Robert Shirley 1st Earl Ferrers MP (1650 - 1717)

Russell L Shirley MP (1964 - 1977)

Birth: Apr. 22, 1964 Death: May 15, 1977 Burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park Fort Smith Sebastian County Arkansas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Frances Allen Titsworth Record...

Ruth Shirley (Hiatt) MP (1756 - d.)

Selina Hastings (Shirley), Countess of Huntingdon MP (1707 - 1791)

Lady Selina Shirley was the daughter of Washington Shirley, 2nd Earl Ferrers and Mary Levinge.3 She married Theophilus Hastings, 9th Earl of Huntingdon, son of Theophilus Hastings, 7th Earl of Huntingd...

Sophia Whitehead (Shirley) MP (c.1830 - 1905)

Sophia July 18, 1835 Horsington Parish, Somerset Co. England, died Feb. 21, 1905 Dannevirke, NZ. Married James Stephen Whitehead Aug 3, 1854 St. Peters, Wellington, NZ. Nurse on electoral roll 1893 a...

Temperance Shirley (Keel) MP (deceased)

Sir Thomas Shirley, MP MP (1542 - 1612)

Thomas Shirley (died 1612) Sir Thomas Shirley (c.1542 – October 1612),[1] of Wiston in Sussex, was an English Member of Parliament, government official and courtier who is said to have suggested the ...

Thomas Sherley of West Grinstead MP (1484 - 1545)

3. (i) Thomas Shirley Jan 30, 1545 (He was the founder of the Shirleys of West Grinstead, Sussex Co). mentioned in father's 1509 Will. 2nd son Inherited West Grinstead Sussex. m Elizabeth Gorges co-hei...

William Shirley MP (c.1498 - 1551)

4. (xi) William Shirley b abt 1498 [ age 42 at time of father's death] d May 28, 1551. Buried in the chapel at Wiston. Will proved July 20, 1551 Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Heir of father in 1540 ...

William Shirley MP (c.1730 - c.1805)

Winifred S. Shirley (Johnston) MP (1803 - 1862)

Shirley MP (deceased)

Shirley MP (1929 - d.)

Shirley MP (1922 - 1977)

Shirley MP (1911 - 1986)

Shirley MP (deceased)

Shirley MP (deceased)

Shirley MP (c.1835 - d.)

Shirley MP (1858 - 1858)

Shirley MP (1864 - 1864)

Shirley MP (1873 - 1873)

Shirley MP (1887 - 1887)

Shirley MP (deceased)

Shirley (Scope) MP (deceased)

(Unk) Rick Shirley MP (deceased)

, Lucretia "creasy" Simmons (Shirley) MP (1893 - 1974)

- Shirley MP (deceased)

. Shirley MP (deceased)

. Anderson (Shirley) MP (deceased)

<private> Lando (Shirley) MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley (Hall) MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? (Shirley) MP (c.1845 - d.)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

? Shirley MP (c.1905 - c.1985)

? Shirley MP (deceased)

?? Shirley (Unknown) MP (c.1460 - d.)

?? Shirley MP (deceased)