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Ala Singh MP (1691 - 1765)

Claiming descent from Jaisal, founder of the State of Jaisalmer in 1156, the founder of this Sikh dynasty, Phul, was Chaudhri (Governor) of a country located at the south east of Dihli. Phul’s descenda...

Amar Singh MP (1748 - 1782)

Raja-i-Rajgan AMAR SINGH 1765/1781, born 6th June 1748, Raja-i-Rajgan [cr.1767], married (a) Rani Raj Kaur, (b) Mai Deso, his brothers widow, (c) Rani Khem Kaur died June 1821, and had issue. He died 5...

Bhupendra Singh MP (1891 - 1938)

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh,GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, GBE (Punjabi: ਭੁਪਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ; 12 October 1891, Patiala–23 March 1938, Patiala) was the ruling Maharaja of the princely state of Patiala from 1900 to 1938... mar...

Karam Singh MP (1797 - 1845)

Maharaja KARAM SINGH 1813/1845, born 12th October 1797, Maharaja [cr.1840], married and had issue. He died 23rd December 1845. Maharaja NARENDRA SINGH (qv) Maharajkumar Dip Singh, 1825-1862.

Maharaja Ajit Singh MP (1907 - 1978)

Maharaja Hanwant Singh MP (1923 - 1952)

Maharaja Jagat Singh II Singh of Jaipur MP (1786 - 1818)

Maharaja Sawai Jagat Singh ascended to the throne of Jaipur on 3rd August, 1803 at the age of 17. The early years of his reign were comparatively free from Maratha and Mughal inroads but a dispute with...

Maharaja Lokendra Singh MP (1927 - 1991)

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Maharaja Ranjit Singh MP (1780 - 1839)

Ranjit Singh took the title of Maharaja on April 12, 1801 (to coincide with Baisakhi day). Lahore served as his capital from 1799. In 1802 he took the holy city of Amritsar.The Samadhi of Emperor Ranji...

Maharaja Sardar Singh MP (1880 - 1911)

Educated privately in Jodhpur, at Mayo Coll, Ajmer, and with the Imperial Cadet Corps, Dehra Dun. Secretary to his uncle, Maharaja Sir Pertab Singh 1894-1895. Succeeded on the death of his father, 11th...

Maharaja Sujan Singh MP (1690 - 1735)

After the death of his brother Maharaja Saroop Singh, Maharaja Sujan Singh became the king of Bikaner. He remained in Deccan but when Aurangzeb died in 1707, he returned to Bikaner after some time. Mos...

Maharaja Sumair Singh MP (1898 - 1918)

Maharaja Takhat Singh MP (1819 - 1873)

Maharajadhiraja Maharaja Shri Takhtsinhji Karansinhji Sahib Bahadur, better known under his later style Shri Takht Singh was first the regent (1839-1841) and the final Maharaja of Ahmednagar 1841-1843 ...

Maharaja Umaid Singh MP (1903 - 1947)

Umaid Singh was Maharaja of Jodhpur from 1918 to his death. The second son of Maharaja Sir Sardar Singh, he succeeded his elder brother Maharaja Sir Sumair Singh upon his death in 1918; in 1922 he serv...

Maharana Fateh Singh MP (1849 - 1930)

Maharana Fateh Singh (1849–1930) ruled Mewar for 46 years from 1884 to 1930, with Udaipur as capital, and resided in the City Palace, Udaipur...

Maharana Kumbhakarna Singh MP (1427 - 1468)

Rana Kumbha [Maharana Kumbhakarna] was the ruler of Mewar, a state in western India, between AD 1433 and 1468. He was a Rajput belonging to the Sisodia clan. Kumbha was a son of Rana Mokal of Mewar by ...

Sawai Man Singh II MP (1912 - 1970)

Sawai Man Singh II was the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur belonging to Kachwaha clan of Rajputs. He ruled the princely state between 1922 and 1949, when the state acceded unto the Dominion of India. Th...

Raja Sur Singh MP (1594 - 1631)

Raja Sur Singh was installed as king of Bikaner in absence of his brother Maharaja Dalpat Singh in 1613 A.D. The Emperor of Delhi showed him every kindness, but the Bikaner territory dwindled down to 1...

Raja Udai Singh MP (1538 - 1595)

Rao Udai Singh (reigned 1583-95), also known by the sobriquet Mota Raja (the fat king) was the Rathore ruler of Marwar, which was later known as Jodhpur (in the present day Rajasthan state of India)

Rajadhiraj Sujan Singh MP (b. - 1658)

Founder of Shahpura. Sujjan Singh belongs to the Sisodia clan being a descendent of Amar Singh I.Shahpura came into existence in 1629 when Sujjan Sngh received the land as a reward for gallant services...

Rajinder Singh MP (1872 - 1900)

Maharaja Sir Rajinder Singh, GCSI (Punjabi: ਰਾਜਿੰਦਰ ਸਿੰਘ; 25 May 1872-8 November 1900) was Maharaja of the princely state of Patiala from 1876 to 1900, when he died following a riding accident. For his...

Rana Hammir Singh MP (1291 - 1364)

He was the forty-third ruler of the Mewar Dynasty (r. 1326-1364) and he succeeded Rawal RATAN SINGH I who died defending the Mewar capital in 1303. Hamir eventually ruled from Chittor. He was of the SI...

Rana Sanga of Chittor MP (1482 - 1528)

Sangram Singh I, Maharana (Sanga) (b. April 12, 1482-d. January 30, 1527, Kalpi) : He was the fiftieth ruler of the Mewar Dynasty (1509-1527) and the third son of Maharana RAIMAL and grandson of Mahara...

Dr. Sheila Theresa Singh Paul (Martin) MP (1916 - 2001)

. (Prof.) Sheila Singh Paul, MRCP, FRCP, DCH, DTM (12 September 1916 – 11 January 2001) was the Founder and Director of Kalawati Saran Children's Hospital, New Delhi.[1] She was the first Indian woman ...

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh MP (1876 - 1949)

Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh (b. Elveden Hall, 8 August 1876; d. Hilden Hall, Tylers Green, 22 August 1948) was a prominent suffragette in the United Kingdom. She is best remembered for her leading ro...

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Prince Victor Duleep Singh MP (1866 - 1918)

"Prince Victor Albert Jay Duleep Singh (10 July 1866- June 7, 1918) was the eldest son of Maharani Bamba Müller and Maharaja Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of Lahore, and of the Sikh Empire, and the g...

Wilmeth Sidat-Singh MP (1918 - 1943)

Sidat-Singh (February 13, 1918 in Washington DC - May 9, 1943 Lake Huron) was an African-American basketball and football player who was subject to segregation in college and professional sports in the...

Yadavendra Singh MP (1913 - 1974)

Maharajadhiraj Sir Yadavindra Singh Mahendra Bahadur, GCIE, GBE pronunciation (help·info) (Punjabi: ਯਾਦਾਵਿੰਦ੍ਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਮਹੇਨਦ੍ਰ ਬਹਾਦੁਰ; January 17, 1913, Patiala, Punjab – June 17, 1974, The Hague, Netherl...

Singh (deceased)

Singh (deceased)

Singh (deceased)

Devi Singh (deceased)

She was widowed at a very young age, and she inherited the house at Barh from her in-laws. She raised her sister's children (Bimla and Arun), as they were orphaned very young. She also adopted her niec...

singh (sharma) (deceased)

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Singh (deceased)

Singh (deceased)

Singh (deceased)

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Singh (deceased)

Singh (b. - c.2007)

"Baby Girl" Singh (1924 - 1924)

"Jindo" Singh (c.1900 - c.1904)

"Jodi" Sundar SIngh (1914 - 1946)

"Mother" (deceased)

"Nani" SIngh (b. - 1938)

"Sardar Sahib" Sardar Singh (deceased)

"Variyam" Sundar SIngh (1912 - 1961)

(___) Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

(Bhaboji) Singh (deceased)

(Bholee) Singh (deceased)

(Dial ?) Singh (deceased)

(First) (Wife) (Singh) (deceased)

(Get Grandma's name) Singh (deceased)

(married in Fatehpur) Singh (Khambapur) (deceased)

(married in Khairabad) Singh (Khambapur) (deceased)

(mother of Ram Nath) Singh (Rampur Kalan) (deceased)

(Not Known) Vaidya (Singh) (deceased)

(Not Known) Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

(Retd. majo.)V.R. Singh (deceased)

(Second) (Wife) (Singh) (deceased)

(Unknown) Singh (deceased)

(Unknown) Singh (deceased)

(Wife) Singh (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

** Deshraj (Singh) (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

* Singh (deceased)

- Singh (deceased)

. Singh Rathor (deceased)

. Singh Rathor (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

Singh - Durgi's father (deceased)

. Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

. Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

. (Bhan Singh's saali) (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. Singh (deceased)

. (Sant K's niece) Kaur (Singh) (deceased)

. (taiya) Singh (deceased)

. Singh Roy (deceased)

.. Singh (deceased)

... Singh (deceased)

... Bai Singh (deceased)

.... Singh (deceased)

..... Singh (deceased)

..... Singh (deceased)

1 Singh (deceased)

1 singh (deceased)

1 Singh (deceased)