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Ambrogio Spinola, I. marques de los Balbases MP (1569 - 1630)

See Wikipedia... Don Ambrogio Spinola Doria, 1st Marquis of the Balbases (1569 – September 25, 1630) was an Italian aristocrat, who, as a General in Spanish service, won a number of important battles...

Antonia Spínola (Unknown) MP (deceased)

Antónia Spínola Adorno MP (deceased)

António Spínola MP (deceased)

António Baptista Spínola MP (c.1553 - d.)

António Spínola de Carvalho MP (deceased)

Argentina Spinola MP (deceased)

Theodore I, Marquess of Montferrat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In 1307 he married a Genoese lady, Argentina Spinola, daughter of the lord of that city, Opicino Spinola. They had two child...

Battina Spinola MP (1522 - 1607)

Battista de Grigório Spinola MP (c.1412 - 1472)

He was a Genoese knight, who emigrated to Madeira. His ancestry is unknown but his descendants used the same coat of arms as the Genovese family Spinola. Background

Battista Spinola, XLVII doge di Genova MP (1472 - 1539)

Battista Spinola at Wikipedia

Federico Spinola, ammiraglio MP (1571 - 1603)


Filippo Spinola, II. marques de los Balbases MP (1594 - 1659)

Giovani de Grigório Spinola MP (c.1440 - 1512)

Isabel Spínola MP (c.1500 - d.)

João Spínola MP (c.1506 - d.)

Luca Spinola, LVII doge di Genova MP (1489 - 1579)

Luca Spinola at Wikipedia

Madona Prieta Spinola MP (deceased)

Maria Adão Spínola MP (deceased)

Maria Baptista Spinola MP (c.1542 - d.)

Miguel Baptista Spínola MP (c.1520 - d.)

Misel Eliani di Spínola MP (deceased)

Mécia de Spínola MP (c.1560 - d.)

Pedro Baptista Spínola MP (c.1567 - 1610)

Simone Spinola, LXVI doge di Genova MP (1497 - 1569)

Simone Spinola at Wikipedia

? Spínola MP (deceased)

? Spinola MP (deceased)

? Spinola MP (deceased)

? Spinola (?) MP (deceased)

? Spinola (Sforza) MP (deceased)

Abel Spínola MP (deceased)

Acácio Spínola Dias MP (1899 - 1947)

Adamo Spinola MP (deceased)

Adamo Spinola MP (deceased)

Adelino Spínola do Amaral MP (deceased)

Aderbal Spínola Dias MP (1908 - 1975)

Adolf Spinola MP (1870 - 1916)

Adriana Spinola (Pascariello) MP (deceased)

Adriano Spinola MP (deceased)

Adriano Spinola MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (c.1482 - 1537)

Agostino Spinola, marchese di Lerma MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (b. - 1565)

Agostino Spinola MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (b. - 1398)

Agostino Spinola MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (deceased)

Agostino Spinola MP (b. - 1429)

Agustina Spínola y Eraso MP (deceased)

Agustín de Spínola, chanciller mayor de Castilla MP (deceased)

Aiguinante Spinola MP (deceased)

Aimone Spinola MP (deceased)

Aires Fernando Spínola, (Sr.) MP (1918 - d.)

Aitone Spinola MP (deceased)

Alair da Silva Spínola MP (c.1915 - 2004)

Alair Moreira Spínola MP (1953 - 2013)

Alair da Silva Spinola (Alair da Silva Spínola), Sr. MP (2004 - 2004)

Alair da Silva Spínola MP (c.1915 - c.2005)

Alaona Spinola MP (deceased)

Alaone Spinola MP (deceased)

Alberto Spínola MP (deceased)

Alberto Spinola MP (deceased)

Alberto Spinola MP (1871 - 1916)

Alberto Spinola MP (deceased)

Albino Caetano Spínola Noronha MP (deceased)

Alda Spinola (NN) MP (deceased)

Alda Spinola MP (deceased)

1.7.4. Alda Spinola, married to Oberto Rapuzzo.

Alencar Spínola e Castro MP (1915 - d.)

Alessandro Spinola MP (deceased)

Alessandro Spinola MP (deceased)

Alfonso Martos Arizcun,conde de Heredia Spinola MP (deceased)

Alfredo Spínola MP (deceased)

Alfredo Spínola MP (deceased)

Alice Spinola MP (deceased)

Alino Spinola MP (1974 - 1993)

Alonso de Xénes y Spinola MP (b. - 1713)

Altacyr Da Silva Spinola, Sr. MP (deceased)

Alzira de Oliveira Spínola (de Oliveira) MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (b. - 1649)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (1368 - 1399)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (deceased)

Ambrogio Spinola MP (deceased)

Ambrosio Ignacio Spínola y Guzmán, arzobispo de Sevilla MP (1632 - 1684)

Amélia Gonçalves Leal Spínola e Castro MP (1866 - 1940)

Américo Spínola Dias MP (1903 - d.)

Ana Baptista Spínola MP (deceased)

Ana de Guzmán y Spínola MP (deceased)

Ana Spinola (Monteiro de Miranda) MP (1945 - 2010)

Ana Dominga Spínola y de la Cueva MP (c.1740 - d.)

Ana de Basurto Spínola de Villavicencio MP (deceased)

Ana Iolanda Renata Jesus da Costa Miranda e Spinola MP (c.1912 - d.)

Ana Joaquina Spinola MP (c.1795 - d.)

Ana Leonarda MACHADO SPíNOLA Y LUGO MP (deceased)

Ana Márcia Gonçalves Spínola e Castro (Leal) MP (1833 - 1908)

Ana Renata Iolanda Miranda Spínola MP (b. - 1976)

Andalo Spinola MP (deceased)

Andalo Spinola MP (deceased)