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Basilia Villariño Tantoco MP (1865 - 1925)

Basilia "Ilyang" Villariño Tantoco was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". During the Philippine Revolution, her uncle, father and 5 brothers were active in the Katipunan. She acted as a courier...

Maria Tiongson Tantoco MP (1869 - 1912)

Maria Tiongson Tantoco was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She was active in civic organizations like the Asociacion Femenista de Filipinas. More here:

Teresa Tiongson Tantoco MP (1867 - 1942)

Teresa "Esang" Tiongson Tantoco was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She was active in civic organizations like the Red Cross, the AFF, the Pariancillo committee, among others. More here:

Agripina Tantoco (Tanchoco) (deceased)

Fr. Agustin Tengco Tantoco (deceased)

Agustin Tengco Tantoco was a priest and coadjutor of Calumpit and Sta. Isabel. He was also the President of the Katipunan in Malolos and the surrounding towns.

Agustin Villariño Tantoco (deceased)

Alejandro Tantoco (deceased)

Amado Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Angel Tantoco (deceased)

Angel Tantoco (deceased)

Angelica Tantoco (deceased)

Angelilca Tantoco (deceased)

Anita Tiongson Tantoco (1897 - d.)

Antonia Valenzuela Tantoco (deceased)

antonio tantoco (deceased)

Antonio Villariño Tantoco (deceased)

araceli bolinas tantoco (deceased)

Aristeo T. Ycasiano (1916 - d.)

Bayani Tantoco (deceased)

Brigida Amarillo Tantoco (Suanes) (deceased)

Catalina Tengco Tantoco (deceased)

Catalina Reyes Tiongson (Tantoco Reyes) (1878 - 1957)

Catalina Tantoco Reyes (Tengco Tantoco) (deceased)

Cecilia Tantoco (Ople) (deceased)

Constantina Tantoco (Olarte) (deceased)

Consuelo Tantoco (deceased)

Dolores Dionicia Tantoco (deceased)

Domingo Tantoco (deceased)

Source: Domingo Tantoco and Gervacia Torralva's Marriage Register:

Don Hermogenes C. TANTOCO (deceased)

Dorothea Formoso (Viri-Tantoco) (deceased)

Doña Barbara R. SANTOS (deceased)

Encarnacion Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Engracia Valenzuela Tantoco (deceased)

Exequiel Villariño Tantoco (deceased)

Exequiel Tantoco (deceased)

Felicidad Tantoco (deceased)

Felicidad Gochoco (deceased)

Felipe Tengco Tantoco (deceased)

Francisca Tengco Tantoco (deceased)

Francisco Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Francisco Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Gabino Tantoco (deceased)

Gabino Buendia Tantoco (deceased)

Gabino Tantoco, Jr. (deceased)

Gabino Tantoco (deceased)

Gabino Tengco Tantoco, Sr. (b. - 1888)

Gabino Tengco Tantoco was a wealthy landowner in Malolos. He was a member of the KKK.

Gliceria Tantoco (deceased)

Gliceria Rustia Tantoco (deceased)

Gloria Mariano (Tantoco) (deceased)

Gregorio Jesus Tantoco (deceased)

Hermogenes Tengco Tantoco (deceased)

Irenea Tantoco (Sinlao) (deceased)

Irenea Tantoco (deceased)

Irenea Tantoco (Sinlao) (deceased)

Irinea Sinlao Tantoco (deceased)

Joaquin Buendia Tantoco (deceased)

Jose Tantoco (deceased)

Jose Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Jose Tantoco (deceased)

Jovita Tantoco (deceased)

Juan Villarino Tantoco (deceased)

Juan Villariño Tantoco (deceased)

Juan Tantoco (deceased)

Juanita Tantoco Lim (deceased)

Lagrimas Tantoco-Ycasiano (1985 - 1995)

Leonor Viri-Tantoco (deceased)

Lourdes Mendoza Tantoco (deceased)

Lucas Valenzuela Tantoco (deceased)

Luisa Buendia Tantoco (deceased)

Luisa Tantoco (Buendia) (deceased)

Ma Ladylen Tantoco (deceased)

Maria Tiongson Tantoco (deceased)

Maria Consuelo Tantoco (deceased)

Miguel Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Moises Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Olivia Vergara (Tantoco) (deceased)


Saturnino David Tantoco (deceased)

Silvino Torralba Tantoco (deceased)

Teodora Tiongson Tantoco (deceased)

Teodoro Ople (Tantoco) (1861 - 1971)

(Any sister, except Teresa) Tantoco (deceased)

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