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Gravin Adela Van Leuven in de Betuwe (van Teisterbant) MP (c.1023 - 1086)

Adelaide Adele Adele Countess of Orlamunda= = de Betowe Gansemond De LorraineBirth Date 1045 1023 Birth Location Orlamunda,France Picardy,Somme,,France Medlands: äische Stammtafeln[738] sh...

Ansfried in de Betuwe MP (c.810 - 846)

Baldéric I, bishop of Liège MP (b. - 959)

Bishop of Liège between 956-959[ ]Baldrick I was bishop of Liège and abbot of Lobbes from 955 until his death on 29 July 959.Balderic appears in a 943 charter made in his favour by his paternal uncle B...

Hildiward in de Betuwe MP (b. - aft.863)

HILDIWARD (-after 5 Oct 863). The Chronicon Laureshamense records the donation dated 5 Oct 863 by "Ansfridus comes…et Hildiwardus filius meus"

Nevelong (Nibelung), graaf van Betuwe MP (c.905 - 953)

. RUDOLF, son of [NIBELUNG Graaf van Betuwe & his wife --- de Hainaut] .Vanderkindere names "Baldéric I de Liège et Rodolphe" as the two sons of "Névelong" but he does not cite the corresponding primar...

Ricfried, graaf in de Betuwe MP (c.870 - bef.925)

RICFRIED [Dodo] (-before 950). The Memorial of "Ricfridus hoc nomine Dodo vocatus…comes" names "presul Baldricus…preses Rodolphus…rector Yrimfredus pariterque comes Nevelongus" as his children and "Her...

von Betuwe (911 - d.)

(Unk) De Louvaine (De Betuwe) (deceased)

Adele van de Betuwe (deceased)

Albertus van Betuwe (deceased)

Balderic (Boudewijn) van Betuwe, Graf in Betuwe (Teisterband) (b. - 846)

Balderic van Betuwe, bisschop van Utrecht (deceased)

Please see Medlands' Holland, Frisia, Gelre webpage. en.Wikipedia Balderich_von_Utrecht . Bishop of Utrecht from 918 to 975 Balderich (* around 897 in Oldenzaal , † December 27, 975 [1] ) was Bisho...

Baldericus van de Betuwe (deceased)

Berdina Van Betuwe (deceased)

Bernardina Tenger (van Betuwe) (1758 - 1825)

Bertha de Lens (van de Betuwe) (c.952 - d.)

Bertha van Loon (de Looz) (c.985 - c.1030)

Bertha of the Betuwe (940 - d.)

Bertha of the Betuwe (940 - d.)

Bertha van Betuwe (c.933 - c.983)

Cornelia van de Betuwe (deceased)

Count Ricfrid of Betuwe (c.885 - 950)

Ehrenfried van Betuwe (deceased)

Please see Medlands' Holland, Frisia, Gelre webpage.

Engertrude van Friuli Betuwe (c.780 - c.857)

Godizo, Graaf in de Betuwe (985 - c.1018)

Hamesindis (Hewesindis) von Betuwe (Delooz) (c.875 - d.)

Hawise of Betuwe (De Betuwe) (c.911 - 950)

Hendrika Pieternella van Betuwe (1794 - 1854)

Hereswint II van Betuwe Strijen (c.940 - d.)

Heresinda MP (c.865 - c.940)

980 as death year of Hereswint comes from here: it is much more likely that she died around 940.RICFRIED [Dodo] (-before 950). The Memorial of "Ricfridus hoc nomine Dodo vocatus…comes" names "presul Ba...

Nevelung Count in the Betuwe (918 - c.953)

Nevelung Count in the Betuwe (918 - c.953)

Nivelon van de Betuwe (deceased)

NN Betuwe (van de Betuwe) (c.890 - d.)

According to the most recent Medlands update of its Holland, Frisia, Gelre webpage, Ricfried might have had one daughter not named in a primary source. Betuwe 1 (890 -) She is the daughter...

Ricfried Count in the Betuwe (895 - 950)

Ricfried (Balderik) vande Betuwe (deceased)

Ricfried van de Betuwe (deceased)

Romania? Stefania? Betuwe? (deceased)

Rudolf I Osmomysl (deceased)

Wilhelmina van Betuwe (deceased)