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Adela van Leuven MP (c.1020 - 1083)

LAMBERT [Baldric] de Louvain, son of LAMBERT [I] "le Barbu" Comte de Louvain & his wife Gerberge of Lower Lotharingia [Carolingian] (-after 21 Sep 1062, bur Nivelles). The Vita Sanctæ Gudilæ records th...

Adélaïde de Brabant MP (aft.1072 - 1158)

Adelaide of Leuven From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, searchAdelaide of Leuven (died c. 1158) was the wife of Simon I, Duke of Lorraine (1076-1138). She was the daughter of Henr...

Adelicia of Louvain MP (c.1105 - c.1151)

From Wikipedia (English) :=Adeliza of Louvain, sometimes known in England as Adelicia of Louvain, also called Adela and Aleidis; (c. 1103 – 23 April 1151) was Queen of England from 1121 to 1135, as the...

Andries van Leuven MP (1705 - 1760)

Ae 55 Christening: 27 Jun 1705 Marbletown, Ulster, New York, USA* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via child Benjamin Van Leuven by SmartCopy : Apr 13 2015, 3:20:14 UTC Ae 55 Christening: 27 Jun 1705...

Andries Van Leuven MP (1755 - 1806)

Angenitje van Leuven (van Slyke) MP (deceased)

Annatje Van Leuven MP (deceased)

Anneke van Leuven (Osterhout) MP (1708 - 1775)

Annetje (named after Kryn’s mother), was baptized on June 20, 1708, married Andres Van Leuven, ca. 1730. They had nine children: Marytje; Peter; Diana; Margaret; Benjamin; Abraham; Theodosia; Anneke; ...

Catarina Davids (van Leuven) MP (1723 - d.)

Catherina Van Leuven MP (1759 - d.)

Daniel van Leuven MP (deceased)

Dina Simonson (van Leuven) MP (1712 - d.)

Elizabeth van Leuven MP (deceased)

Geertruy Dederick (Van Leuven) MP (1757 - 1846)

Godfrey I the Bearded, count of Louvain MP (1060 - 1139)

GODEFROI de Louvain= HENRI [II] Comte de Louvain & his wife Adela [Adelheid] in der Betuwe (-25 Jan 1139, bur Afflighem Abbey). Partners & Children m firstly ([1105]%29 IDA de Chinym secondly ([1125]) ...

Godfried van Leuven, III, Count of Brabant MP (1142 - 1190)

Godfrey became duke of Lorraine at about 1 years old. He took government in his own hands at about 1155. He expanded his realm and subjected competitors like the Grimbergen family. He was installed in ...

Hannah van Syckle (van Leuven) MP (1701 - d.)

Count Henry III of Leuven and Brussel MP (aft.1055 - 1095)

III van Leuven=--------------------------------------------- III, Count of Leuven From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Henry III of Leuven) Jump to: navigation, search Henry III Landg...

Ida de Hainaut (of Leuven) MP (1062 - 1139)

Baldwin II, Count of HainautFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaFamilyHe married Ida of Leuven (a daughter of Count Henry II of Leuven and sister of Godfrey I of Leuven, Duke of Lower Lotharingia) in ...

Ida van Leuven (de Chiny Namur) MP (c.1078 - 1125)

Field Main Profile Alternate DataFirst Name Ida Ida Ida Nn Ida D. Louvain, and Ida of Namur) (w. of Henry I, King of England) 1138 Unknown Ida Ide Ide de Chiny et Namur Of Ida Ida de Chi...

Ida van Leuven MP (c.820 - c.860)

Jannetje van Leuven (Bekker) MP (deceased)

Jannetjin van Leuven MP (deceased)

Johannes Van Leuven MP (deceased)

John van Leuven MP (1708 - bef.1791)

Lambert II 'the Belted', Count of Leuven and Brussels MP (c.992 - 1054)

II Baldéric de Louvain, dit le ceinturé, mort le 19 juin 1054. Il fut comte de Louvain et de Bruxelles de 1040 à 1054. Il était fils de Lambert Ier, comte de Louvain et de Bruxelles, et de Gerberge de ...

Lambert I, count of Louvain MP (952 - 1015)

Medlands tells us: The identity of "comitissa Hawidis/Hadegundis", and therefore the existence of Lambert, supposed brother of Reginar [V] Comte de Hainaut, is not certain. It is possible that Gerberga...

Lidia Rapelje (van Leuven) MP (1717 - d.)

Margaret Van Leuven MP (deceased)

Margaretha van Leuven (de Louvain) MP (bef.1015 - d.)

Margrietje van Leuven (Wood) MP (1683 - 1723)

From the Van Leuven Genealogy, Book I: Being the history of Andries van Leuven, immigrant of 1663, and one line of his descendants through Pieter, Andries, Benjamin, and John van Leuven in New York, Ca...

Maribah van Leuven MP (deceased)

Martinus Van Leuven MP (deceased)

Mary Cox (van Leuven) MP (1703 - d.)

Mathilde of Boulogne (de Louvain) MP (c.998 - c.1088)

(Mathilda Alisa) de LOUVAIN (LORRAINE) aka Mathilda of LENS; aka Mathilde von LOEWENBorn: abt. 1007Husband/Partner: Eustace I (Count) of BOULOGNE Children: Ida of BOULOGNE ; Eustace (Eustache) II (Coun...

Meribah van Leuven (Herker) MP (deceased)

Peter van Leuven MP (deceased)

Peter Van Leuven MP (deceased)

Pieter Andries van Leuven MP (c.1676 - 1757) - Peter Andries Van Leuven -- From the Van Leuven Genealogy, Book I: Being the history of Andries van Leuven, immigrant of 1663, and one line of his descendants through Pieter, An...

Pieter van Leuven MP (1714 - 1776)

DAR #A118357.

Rachel van Leuven MP (deceased)

Sarah Van Leuven MP (deceased)

Tjaatje Cornelisdr van Leuven MP (1596 - 1682)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-1681732659@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. === GEDCOM Source ===Ancestry Fa...

Zacharias Van Leuven MP (1760 - d.)

van Leuven van Lutterveld (1840 - 1840)

GEDCOM Source ===Gelders Archief === GEDCOM Source ===0207_3896 NN van Leuven van Lutterveld (1840) Overlijdingsakte 14 FEB 1840 GEDCOM Source ===Gelders Archief === GEDCOM Source ===0207_3896 NN van L...

van Leuven (deceased)

? van Leuven (Vergeer) (deceased)

? van Leuven (?) (b. - 940)

Aantje van Eck (van Leuven) (deceased)

Abraham Leuven (1698 - d.)

Abraham van Leuven (1743 - d.)

Achille Van Leuven (1870 - 1963)

Ada van Leuven (deceased)

Ada Long (Van Leuven) (1878 - d.)

Ada Jones (Van Leuven) (deceased)

Adam Van Leuven (c.1840 - d.)

Adela van Leuven (929 - 961)

Adelbert Van Leuven (c.1905 - 1980)

Adele van Leuven (929 - 961)

Adelheid van Leuven (1103 - 1151)

Adeline Van Leuven (1854 - d.)

Adolphe Van Leuven (1860 - 1909)

Adolphe Joseph Van Leuven (1890 - 1978)

Adriaan Van Leuven (b. - 1804)

Adriana Leuven (1675 - 1760)

Adriana Van Geenhoven (Van Leuven) (1760 - d.)

Adriana Leonarda van Leuven (1848 - d.)

Adrianos Van Leuven (b. - 1985)

Adrianus Frans Van Leuven (1763 - d.)

Adrianus Van Leuven (1770 - d.)

Adrianus Jacobus Leuven (c.1916 - 1974)

Aechtje Jans van Leuven (c.1640 - aft.1710)

Aernout Leuven (1624 - d.)

Aernout Johannes Gevers Leuven (1767 - 1826) ; * ging in exil in Engeland vanwege Napoleon

Agatha van Leuven (deceased)

Alberon van Leuven, bishop of Liège (1055 - 1128)

- d) ADALBERO de Louvain (-1 Jan 1128, bur Liège St Gilles). The Gesta abbatum Trudonensium names "frater ducis Godefridi Lovanii, Adelbero primicerius Mettis"[85]. Primicerius of Metz 1075. Bishop of...

Albert van Leuven (c.1166 - 1192)

Albuinus van Henegouwen van Leuven (van Maasgouw) (b. - c.1915)

Aldegonda Johanna Sophia van Leuven (deceased)

Aletta Leuven (1705 - d.)

Alexander Van Leuven (1811 - 1883)

Aleydis van Leuven (c.1194 - 1261)

From de Brabant (-[1261/67]). The Oude Kronik van Brabant names "Mariam, conthoralem Ottonis Quartus Romanorum imperatoris, Aleydam comitssam Auernie, Margaretam comitissam Gerardi comitis Ghelrie et M...

Alfons Van Leuven (1928 - 2011)

Alta Sarah Henderson (Van Leuven) (1890 - 1987)

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Amelberga Van Leuven (deceased)

Andrew Lewis Van Leuven (1876 - 1951)

Military service : Sep 12 1918 - Weiser, Washington, Idaho, United States** Updated from FamilySearch Family Tree via sister Fannie Rosella Van Leuven by SmartCopy : May 21 2015, 3:30:34 UTC * Updated ...

Andrew Van Leuven (deceased)

Andries Van Leuven (c.1770 - d.)

Andries Van Leuven (1726 - 1790)

Andries Van Leuven (deceased)

Andries Pieterse van Leuven (1649 - 1691)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants=== was the first van Leuven in America. The van Leuven family originated in Leuven in South Brabant in Netherlands (now Belgium).

Andries Andriesszen Van Leuven (1681 - 1772)

cool or kool family were residnets of roschester ny

Andries Van Leuven (1726 - 1776)

Angelina Van Leuven (1777 - d.)

Angeline Van Leuven (1725 - 1802)

Angenieta van Leuven (c.1784 - c.1859)

Angenita van Leuven (1784 - d.)

Ann Van Leuven (c.1857 - d.)

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Anna Lovina Van Leuven (1866 - 1868)

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Anna Van Leuven (deceased)